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  1. 2 hours ago, 7twenty said:

    Yes, but that's exactly what I think MX6 should be; Chromium + whatever the dev's think will make MX unique. There's no need to try and build almost everything from the ground up when you have a perfectly viable base kit to start from.

    I think exactly the same and I totally agree with what you say.

    With that dynamic (as others already have), you take a lot of work off your shoulders and focus on the "personal" implementations you want to bring to it from that particular vision.

    Also the cycles of updates and improvements, especially in the security issue would be, I think, shorter and would be on par with the competition (if we consider maxthon as a competition :-) 


    2 hours ago, 7twenty said:

    BUT the problem is there's not much left to stand out from the crowd. Chrome is Chrome, Edge is pushing privacy and not being Google, Brave is pushing privacy really hard, Vivaldi is all about customisation & user choice, almost all have screenshot tools, PiP is now a standard feature in chromium (albeit not as good as MX or Opera's implementation).

    I think that maxthon (that's why I'm still here) does have some things that stand out from the others you mention. 

    Others have screen captures, but as functional as maxthon's (there are some more that are of this type), capturing not only the web screen, but anything on the desktop.

    In the video theme, as you say, I still like more how maxthon has it implemented, not for the visualization but for the video download.

    The split screen that maxthon has, I don't know if with some extension you could have it in chromiun's

    The change of core (yes, it is already mounted by someone else)

    That's why I put as an example, because it seems to me that it has almost the best of both worlds. It has the chromiun base as we are talking about, but it has left the Pip, very similar to maxthon, the screen capture, the settings page is almost a copy of maxthon, etc.

    Maxthon lacks that detail, about the addons, flags etc, that the chromiun platform gives him, but leaving in his irterface, his PiP, current screen capture, etc.


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  2. 8 hours ago, Galileusz said:

    Jeff has posted such an entry on the Telegram



    Well, bitelf, it's another chromiun clone (and to my understanding, because of what I've played with it, quite a lot of crap with the LVT theme) and I think you can't get anything good out of it, apart from the whole addon theme and hopefully the flags

    By the way, the most updated version is a little newer than maxthon's, but quite old with respect to the rest of the browsers

    Core Version: Chromium 71.0.3578.80

    We'll see how all this ends (if it does :titter: )




    3 hours ago, 7twenty said:

    Others use Chromium as a base including UI which they modify either slightly or considerably, and all the behind the scenes code such as settings/error pages, behind the scenes goodies etc.

    Yes, I figured your comment was in that direction and it was about those kind of clones

  3. On 7/1/2020 at 9:11 PM, 7twenty said:

    But if they're working on MX6 being anything other than a chrome clone i think they barking up the wrong tree. They just need to make sure that it's unique enough that it stands out from all the other clones...


    Well, that most browsers have a chromiun core, does not automatically make them clones, everything depends on how they do other implementations, as is maxthon or even vivaldi itself, quite different from the "father".

    As for the path it should take, as you say depends on what users want, which will be those who use the browser.

    I think it has already been commented here, but for example, , has practically the same appearance of mathon (settings included), but supports chrome extensions 

    Now I'm playing with it a little bit. I may have found the browser jump I needed, too bad many things are in Chinese :)

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  4. 44 minutes ago, Dan said:

    Perhaps Maxthon can still become this efficient...

    I don't know if the current maxthon will be efficient (I doubt it), but what is clear is that with the chrome 69 kernel, it has all the vulnerabilities that exist to date (current versions are between 79 and 80)

    In my case, I still use it in some websites, like other browsers, but for serious things (banks, government administrations, work, studies, etc...), I end up pulling the "big ones"



  5. 4 hours ago, Tony said:

    and the core to MX5 is well over a year old

    The current core of the last stable version is over a year old. (chrome 69) :titter:

    5 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    The dev team is developing the Maxthon 6, so we stop the Maxthon 5 update temporarily.

    So much effort was required to have left this statement somehow in the face of so many questions during these months?

    Or is it that you only haven it in mind and there is no development plan yet, I don't know, I think we are entitled to this kind of information, why so much obscurantism?, here we are to help in a disinterested way, I don't think it is too much to ask to the people who are supporting you in a disinterested way.

    I think that your behavior, far from representing a serious company, leaves much to be desired.

    Still, I hope, as you say, that there really is a version 6 of maxthon and that it is not something to silence the masses (less and less masses).

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  6. 8 hours ago, -ody- said:

    since there was no update in a while, my guess is that you're working on maxthon 6

    when is it scheduled ? it would be a great Xmas gift !

    What Christmas we are talking about? :titter:

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  7. 1 hour ago, A.S. said:

    the community and every your user. Come on!

    As an addition to what Toni says, which I affirm

    Community? but is there a community?

    If these forums, which could be the basis of your representation, do not have any movement to be able to be called, "community".

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  8. 8 hours ago, stifani said:

    EDIT: just tried out this new version of maxthon. I want to be honest with you guys. I had to switch back to the oldest version because after opening 6 or 7 tabs, maxthon began to glitch and to slow down and crashed dwm.exe (Like seriously ????). That's ridiculous. It's unstable. And this problem is still there!!

    Don't worry, in a month or so, they release version Beta, to fix this stable version :p

    As for version 6, in my humble opinion (I hope I'm wrong, seriously), I don't think it's going to be built, it's hard enough for them to get versions and fixes of these last ones, as to dedicate time to start a new project.

    What's more, the big support has always come from this community, where is it?, then in better places, obviously :(


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  9. 4 hours ago, Desberx said:

    Hmmm, something does not come back, to reinstall me it does reinstall, but then the extension continues to be, say, absent ... maybe it would be better to first uninstall it and then reinstall it again. How do you proceed to uninstall an extension?


  10. Did you deactivate the extension, or stopped blocking the page you mentioned?

    To activate it again, from settings / functions and addons
    To re-block the page, from the extension itself (red icon, top right)

  11. First, I think you should upgrade to some newer stable version. Since version that you have been quite stable versions.

    Locate within your profile de maxthon, the \AdBlock\ folder, with closed maxthon, delete it or better rename it.

    In theory, you will only see a single list, with which you will have to reconfigure it.

  12. 2 minutes ago, BugSir006 said:

    Mostly this issue happens on the bank website, we surely don't have those bank accounts to reproduce. So the dev team debugs and troubleshoots this issue on the users' device. That is the reason I cannot give you screenshots or video. The dev team is writing the certificate and setting up the environment to debug again.

    If you talk to me about banks, surely we are, again, talking about different things.
    In my country, Spain, (although I just had a quick look at some Frances), as far as I know, no bank uses a digital certificate for login, they are only used by state administrations and autonomous communities for negotiations with the public.

    I went through the forum in Spain to see if there was movement, and to be able to throw a question there as a test. It would not be too much for you to propose in that forum, that they will refuel you if they have errors with digital certificates of the fnmt, or any compatible and they will show you their results.

  13. 8 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    We have had connected some users having the similar issue and solved this bug. In the internal test version, we released the changelog regarding the certificate issue. I totally don't have any reason to cheat you here and just want to help every user solve their issue. If you still experience the issue and don't available to use the TeamViewer, we will continue contacting other users having this issue and solve it again. 

    I take it for granted that you are not deceiving me, of course, but I have not seen any evidence that what you say has worked (on the contrary, I have provided evidence to the contrary), and that is what I am asking.

    Reading the thread, until very recently, you did not understand what we were talking about when talking about a digital certificate, later not even the dev team seemed to have any to try these configurations, as you will understand, the fact that you have solved, as you say , the problems to some users, does not guarantee the fact that it is what has been fixed, and more without those tests that I ask (captures, videos, etc.), because we may be talking about different things again, isto what happened throughout this post

    And as I told you, if by users, we understand different machines, I already told you that in which I manage does NOT work as it should, neither in current OS like win10, neither in win8.1, nor in win7 (with different configurations, different installed programs, newly installed OS, etc, and always from the maxthon series, with clean maxthon installations.

    Sincerely, I do not know the development team, has come to perform as many tests as I do in this 4 months in different machines, seriously, I only ask you, those tests that work for you, if not, I can not believe you, I'm sorry. (I know what I see, and you have also seen the same, but I have not seen anything that you tell me)

  14. 2 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    Have checked and tested with others users...


    I understand that you have tested them too with other users, is that true?

    Can you put the screenshots or videos of how it works correctly what I said above?

    Because I'm putting in this thread a lot of info commenting on the error, but I do not see that after that statement you have put something that tells me otherwise.

    Does your digital certificate have a passwd for use when the browser accesses this certificate? Can you confirm this last?

  15. 42 minutes ago, BugSir006 said:

    This issue has been fixed in the version, now you still experience it, so our engineers hope to solve it for you. If you are not available, we will try to contact other users who have the similar issue.

    Sorry to disappoint the development team, but it has NOT been corrected, I'm sorry for you (I manage a lot of machines with different OS and configurations and the same thing happens in all of them)

    As it is said here, it is not a good idea to sell the milk before having the cow.

    The truth is that after many months with this problem I am already tired of lending my time and desire, seriously, and more seeing that I think they do not even test what is indicated and how they are indicated. Because one thing is that they do not know how to fix it, I would understand it, but another is that even if they do not know what they are talking about, what makes them think

  16. 6 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    Can we check this issue via TeamViewer? If you are available please send the TeamViewer ID and password to me. :)

    I, (neither my machine or configuration), we have no problem :)

    Feeling it a lot is not going to be possible. On the one hand the wifi connection that I have (3 mg down / 1 mg up) "barely" gives for web browsing, and on the other the issue of digital certificates is sensitive enough to allow support on that same issue via remote control.

    You just have to check it (as it has been repeated throughout all these previous months), with the series (and previous series), and you will quickly see what is happening (which you probably already know too well, but not how to fix it)