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  1. MX corrupts downloads

    Thanks to a new MxDownloader.dll that @BugSir006 has sent me, it seems that now I do not have the errors downloading files that seem to be redirects. I have tried with the platform, the unzipped and read pdfs with the addons mentioned above, etc .. for now it seems that it is going well.
  2. MX corrupts downloads

    Office online video with some excel ( Portable version , (CLEAN ) officeonline.mp4 And I repeat, it only happens with the last stable version, not even with the last 1000 RC If at some point you change the engine (from blink to IE and vice versa), it seems that the download could be done correctly
  3. MX corrupts downloads

    !!! Portable version , (CLEAN) on dos PC diferents !!!
  4. MX corrupts downloads

    Please, have you read what I have put in the pdf and the "addons" mentioned? Try the addons that I comment and check if you can save it
  5. MX corrupts downloads

    Correct, I was referring to office online (here is also sometimes called office365, sorry) more data that there is a problem with the downloads. I used the pdf.js viewer addons for the pdf. when downloading a pdf, for example: In the address bar we will see this: mxaddon-pkg: // {d0e723de-bdd9-4c64-95c6-c1dc9ce289f1} /window.html?pdfLink= And if we want to save it, it gives an error. This does not happen with previous versions, including the last 1000.RC
  6. MX corrupts downloads

    If you have a Microsoft account (outlook, hotmail, live etc ..), you can check it. I think with the catches above it's already clear, right?
  7. MX corrupts downloads

    In the online platform of my studies, the mentioned errors also occur Back to the RC
  8. MX corrupts downloads

    It seems that from the office365 platform, the same thing happens :-( I just "save" in xlsx and ods format, and it generates the same "html" file In my case, it happens with the chrome engine, but not with the IE engine
  9. Maxthon now update automatically?

    As far as I know, the portable version does not have any autoupdate module. You may have mixed versions (a portable version on top of an installation version)
  10. Another thing is what you can do with them :-) It is true that any encryption can be broken, as long as you have time and resources, and depend on the encryption you have, which takes a few minutes or several years and many resources And as it says @7twenty, so that bother to have lock at home, or in the car, if total, all can be opened. I think at least you can put a master pass
  11. Is this a new feature or virus?

    Version portable
    1. pantantrollo


      I do not belong to the staff, I'm just a simple user.

      The best thing is that you ask your questions in the forum itself, so someone else can read them and also answer them.

      Even so, a few days ago, I made this comment on the thread of another issue, it 


  12. Translator

    Speaking of that translation window. It happens to me that when a second navigation window opens (no tab), and it tries to translate with it, it jumps to the first browser window, and stays there. Does it happen to someone else? Portable and Rc 5.2.6.x Edit: It is erratic with the behavior of which browser window is anchored, but if it occurs
  13. Audio Download Problem

    For my part is resolved, the user agent I had, it seems that was the problem: Mozilla / 5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; IA64; en) AppleWebKit / 599.0 + (KHTML, like Gecko) Maxthon / 5.2.6 Chrome / 70.0.3538.110 QupZilla / 2.2.6 it did not work with those pages. If i deactivate works ok Edit: I think it's the tuncated version for windows 10 of this thread It seems that the normal version for windows 10 of that thread, if it works with those pages
  14. Audio Download Problem

    It seems that I also have some error downloading audio with RC version, but not with the last stable In my case if I download these pages of TEST, but the files are not what is expected, if not a text file explaining the error. With the stable version With RC version Pages where i downloaded: Text that comes in the file that is downloaded: "Bad Request Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand."