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  1. They do not fit the screen boundary at the top, it looks like there are a lines of one or two pixels Version portable V
  2. The problem of downloading

    I was going to tell you that, sometimes it has happened to me with the subject of the host file, which I have edited.
  3. It's more common than you imagine :-) At least in the EU area, and in particular is spain (which is what I know). For any procedure with the public administration, you need a digital certificate (if you do not want to endure long queues and lose time). With the same universities, with medical services, financial institutions, ect .. Is that we are not talking about a "feature" that defines a browser, we are talking about the management of that browser with the pages that ask for an electronic certificate. NO browser that has tested has that problem, because as I mentioned it is not a lack of a feature, but a failure in the development of a browser-specific function (to give you a similar example, it's as if in a browser update, it did do not manage encrypted SSL connections with the web in https:// ) I am clear that it is not a feature not implemented, but a tremendous failure of implementation and a lack of response (on the part of support and development) of the company that develops it, either due to lack of resources or ignorance (seen the last comments on the matter). But the advertising in the browser, that's not missing, especially with the cryptocurrency theme :-(
  4. Invalid Certificate?

    Do you mean the use of a personal certificate for access to a website? , or to the SSL / TLS connection certificate (https), of the website? If you refer to the first case, since the series v5.2.xx, personal certificates with the core blink do not work (if they work with core IE)
  5. Youtube?

    It is rare. Then later I'll try a less powerful laptop, to know if the hardware has anything to do with all this Anyway, if you do not have the corresponding flash dll, and you can watch videos on YouTube, it is clear that if it is compatible
  6. Youtube?

    With portable version v. (the series v5.2.x, I still can not use it), I have this capture. Well, I just tried it with portable version v., unzipped and clean, and the capture is the same as I put above. see if you have any extension that modifies the result. Or maybe it's related to the hardware you have (this is a guess, nothing more)
  7. Does adblock actually work?

    From the versiones (I do not remember exactly) it stopped adding this extension (at least in the portable version, but I think in the installable too). Download it as any extension
  8. Youtube?

    Youtube does not need flash player
  9. Stop MX5 open PDF files

    In the thread that I emphasize above, the answer you put is already stated, but that is not the problem (let alone the solution) The thread would not be so long and not so documented if it were so easy
  10. Stop MX5 open PDF files

    This was the topic, but for a change, the thread was closed, and no solution was taken.
  11. We continue the same as 2 months ago !!! , digital certificates with core blink do not work. Maxthon v portable
  12. So maybe this is a time to MaxthonJeff?

    Do not worry, while we wait, we are getting more publicity
  13. Thanks for the "hack", But I refuse to have to "upload" my passwords to be able to export them later. We should have that option without resorting to an account with maxthon.
  14. latest beta asks for flash install

    That file is the correct adobe flash (last version) signed by adobe on April 29, should not give you any problem. Place it where they have indicated you. Even so, I would recommend, uninstall maxthon in its entirety (previous backup of your data %appdata%\maxthon5 , and install the portable version, once unzipped, place the file pepflashplayer.dll, as you have been told. Go to the page. and check that you have it working.
  15. I must do something wrong, because from that url I can not access (I do not ask for a certificate (neither with maxthon, nor with other browsers), but from this url, it looks fast if it fails or not (if ask for the certificate) No need to register, with the icon of the "certificate", it is checked whether the request to use the certificate is skipped or not. But the problem remains the same, if the maxthon development team does not have a personal digital certificate, they will not be able to prove anything