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  1. In the internal beta 1200, crash error too
  2. Maxthon's MaxSnap strange PNG format

    I use (regardless of the theme of images), clipjump
  3. Send it to me too v5.2.3.6000, follow crash error
  4. Maxthon's MaxSnap strange PNG format

    After doing some tests with some image capturers, then I quote them, I have to admit that the problem seems to be associated with the "photos" program and how the png file should be encoded when it is captured. I have tried, from the very capture utility of maxthon to capture, like a pair of them of the same style (screenshot.exe and SnapShot.exe, unique capture files, approximately between 700 kb and 955 kb). I have also used the irfanview, xnview and picpick capturers and only the files of the latter (picpick) seem unaffected by the "blur" that occurs when viewing the images with the program "photos" of Microsoft. Comment that any previous file looks normal with any utility i have tried (irfanview, xnvies, imagine (plug totalcmd) etc.) I upload a gif with the same area captured with the different capturers and reproduced in the app "photos", you notice a slight blur just after you change from one image to another, it is slight but it is there.
  5. Maxthon's MaxSnap strange PNG format

    To leave doubts, use any other image viewer (recommended irfanview, although any other could be worth)
  6. Well, it seems that there is movement in the issue of digital certificate login, although it does not work :-) Portable versions V and V new installations
  7. Uptobox website

  8. Malicious website in

    The problem with this is that by deactivating that check, also the ssl licitas connections are shown in red, with what for a neophyte can lead to confusion. In fact, the possibility of checking the valid certificate of said connection is disabled :-(
  9. Bookmarks problem

    Certainly, like some other things, but ...
  10. Seriously !!!, in bad place you are leaving a development team, if the "problem" is not having or getting a personal digital certificate, seriously I hallucinate in colors thx , gudkov, because this (about the development team) already scratches the paranormal (and just need to explain it with apples)
  11. Bookmarks problem

    So it happens, but there is no a "why"
  12. With all my respect to the maxhon team, we've been doing this for almost 5 months, since the first, I think that in software issues, it's a long time.
  13. We remain the same, nothing on the horizon. I do not know why you want people to give you feedback with the problems they are encountering, if you do not want (or do not know how) to solve them later. From pissed I have gone to disappointed (or vice versa, I do not know) with your "company"