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  1. Parallel Beta Versions?

    Maxthon is built with blink core (chromiun) The current branch 5.2.7.x has 61.x and the 5.3.8.x has 69.x
  2. Bug multiple folders in maxnote (favorites)

    I understand, as in any file system, to be able to create folders with the same name, it is obvious, but having a folder with the same name, INSIDE the same branch of the tree, is not only not logical, it is not functional. In the example of the image above, where everything hangs from the same branch, how do you know where the tests I am looking for are? Looking at all the test_1 folders one by one? File trees prevent this type of case, precisely because it would be chaos to have many folders with the same name within the same branch, not only for the user, but for the system itself.
  3. your default browser is at risk maxthon

    It's more windows problem, especially windows 10.
  4. Web page sign in issues

    Of course not. Just be aware of what faults you could assume. I, for example, continue with the .2000, well, actually, with the .2100, which behaves almost the same, at least in the way I work. I test betas, if I see that I can work with them and there are no functionalities that bother me, I continue with them, at least until something fails, and I go back in version.
  5. Web page sign in issues is a beta version
  6. Right, there are also your passwords saved
  7. maxthon support needed

    It may also be a problem attributable to IDM and its integration. Try to see if the same thing happens with any of the portable versions of the series, which have a more modern chrome core.
  8. Problem (Solved)

    That's okay As I said in general it works, but sometimes it fails. You just have to hit the cross to close the banner, possibly next time it will not come out :-)
  9. The matter is quite serious. In addition, and already commented here in the past, all those URLs are sent to the maxthon servers (without knowing exactly what they do with them), If we have checked the box "Enable secure URL scan.This helps protect the browser and local machine against unsafe websites ", that basically we have to have it activated, because if not, we can not see the ssl certificates of the web that we visited, with what we are almost" forced "to have it activated. I already asked in a comment that this be separated, but there is no way they want or understand this. I repeat, @BugSir006, why to see the ssl certificates that any other browser offers me, I have to Yes or YES, activate this option in maxthon about the sending of URLs in the options?
  10. Problem (Solved)

    That happens because the core of maxthon is already something old, 61.x. For example with the latest beta version of maxthon of the series 5.3.8.x, that notice will not appear, since this version has nucleus 69.x (if I remember correctly. To partially solve this warning, as you have done, is editing the User-Agent. In this thread below you will have the right one.
  11. netflix not working again

    About the screenshot of maxthon, (which together with the user / passwd that are in maxthon), what is still retaining me in this browser (and the way of working, everything has to be said :-)) Ucbrowser: It takes almost a clone (or not better) screen grabber. Cent_browser: It also has a utility similar to that of maxhon "screenshot.exe" (958 kb). I use it as an alternative to maxthon. Mye9: Another that carries a utility of the same style as the previous ones, "SnapShot.exe" (706 kb) These are the ones that I have found and capture panatalla "outside" the browser, like maxthon. What they are implementing in the other browsers, at least until what I have seen, they only capture inside the window of the navigator, which does not work for me. For the rest, I agree on the subject of vivaldi as an alternative and Opera (its vpn and the flow attract me quite a lot). And of mathon, I would miss, apart from the screenshot, the related to the management of the video playback
  12. I did a browser security test.

    Totally agree, In my case, the same, for web in the relations with the public administration, regulated training and financial entities, I no longer use maxthon, in some cases, as I have already commented, why it fails, (version yes, version no) its management with the electronic certificates, with what I finish tired of being trying. In other cases, because I do not know what kind of security is being resolved, if we have old blink kernels with respect to the competition of at least 6 months to a year You do not have the possibility of having some of the most famous extensions, both in chrome nuclei, such as quatum (or gecko), with which at the end maxthon limps again And I could continue with the theme of its development, slow, bad, without paying attention to who is dedicating free time (those present here) to try to improve both the corrections and the implementations of features that would make it more appropriate against others competitors Sincerely I foresee (I imagine as many), the disappearance of maxthon, in fact every time these forums are less and less traveled by those who previously roamed here , a pity
  13. I did a browser security test.

    If at any time they decided to support the extensions of chrome and its "flags", we could have it easier.
  14. I did a browser security test.

    Put the links at least, so we do not have to be looking I have tried with some other browser, and they have practically the same results. In the end it all depends on the type of extensions you add, so you can change "Something", but not much. For example, firefox without protections, only with the own configuration Vivaldi, for choosing another blink engine
  15. Browsers Does not work or works badly: Maxthon, and .2300 Browsers YES it works: Maxthon and 2100, and Latest Versions of: Opera, Vivaldi, Edge Dev, Edge Canary, Edge (official), Avast Browser, IEeplorer 11, Chromiun,