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  1. Well I tell you how the story ends ... (from my point of view) .. one day you realize that your time is also important (or more than the time of technical support), and you are gradually changing to other forums of other browsers, where you can make good feedback ..., you end up distributing your time in several places, when from the beginning you would have dedicated it to this ... basically what is called "wear"
  2. I think it was not "broken", all the others have been working for us. Nothing to blame maxthon. As indicated above, you are asked, as everyone before to address a problem (which you attribute to maxthon), a generic information that others can corraborrar. Nothing that any website you visit can extract. For the rest, I respect the people who voluntarily spend their time answering in this forum.
  3. Annoying "abnormal icon" warning

    Portable versions. Icons in taskbar you can have what you want.
  4. It would not be too much, for future versions, to be able to access the flags of the chrome core. chrome: // flags
  5. Favourites Sidebar

    With Maxnote it does not happen, yes it happens with the sidebar since it is the same as the favorites button.
  6. Favourites Sidebar

    Also here, from the favorites button, the video shows that no tab opens mx_fav.avi
  7. and Favorites Bar

    In previous versions to the current stable,, something of that style also happened, but in the latter it had been solved
  8. I think that this should also be @@||^$document
  9. Field focus
  10. Facebook full screen videos

    Youtube works well in full screen (check your third-party extensions) In my case, a single click for it.
  11. Cannot open a .html file from desktop.

    I think that what you are commenting is done with the "shortcut of a tab" to the desktop and the way it is built (something is commented above about it), but it does not have to do with the opening of a local file through from a shortcut to that file, I sincerely believe that they are different things
  12. Import option in the installation

    And so I do it, since binarily the portable and installable version are identical. What does not prevent to test also the installables (we know that in them they come more fircheros than in the portable version). Right, a notice with a checlist would be enough
  13. Import option in the installation

    And they are the ones I use, I do not understand the answer In fact, to use a portable version, in a machine with the configuration that I detailed above, creates the problem that I pose
  14. Tested with the latest beta Portable, clean installation (nothing is imported from other installations), default configuration. Just opened, do not show the bugs in the favorites from the link that we talked about above. I deleted the favorites, I cleaned the trash, I closed and reopened, and I deleted temporary with ctrl+shift+supr. I have imported a couple of links from the IExplorer, deleted again (trash included), close and open maxthon. And this video is the result. Maxthon Beta.webm
  15. New Tab Closing Requires Two Clicks

    Can you do the same test without third party extensions?