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  1. No problem, v. Portable, windows 10
  2. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    I think it's pretty clear from the 3rd post
  3. I can not find the post now, but I think it was something like that
  4. my profile

    If you have not already done so, you could try another machine with a portable version, log in to the maxthon account, and see what happens, if those extensions really appear If nothing happens, you have a problem with the local machine. Do the same in that local machine, but with different windows profiles (some new ones for example), and at least you will limit the problem
  5. my profile

    I think, I understood, that @-ody- has already explained that he has done clean installations (I do not know if any on a version portable), but that the problem is not local, but online. The extensions that are installed must come from the online account.
  6. Which Version Is coming soon ?

    It was a sarcasm
  7. Which Version Is coming soon ?

    I think it will bring great news, among the most outstanding and requested .... a new fund selector, which will be added a third line with 4 new colors
  8. GDPR

    ok, thanks, I see it
  9. GDPR

    It is not enough to say "maxthon will never collect information that can identify the identity". Maxthon as a company and provider of services in the EU, must comply with what the GDPR says. For now, it has not been sent, at least I have not received, an email with the measures and agreements by the provider (maxthon), how they will treat the data they have, and who is responsible (collector) of said data, so that it is known who is responsible for the custody of such data. Neither has been informed of the tools available to us as users of these services in order to cancel, modify etc our data in their possession. Services such as forums or, there is no possibility to delete the account and in this last service, there is also no possibility to delete the backup of the data you synchronize. As for the privacy of the url I visit, if I want to deactivate this feature in the browser settings, it no longer shows me the digital certificates of the SSL connection (https; //) of the web page, with what I see forced to have to activate its check box of " Enable secure URL scan" (without knowing what they do with this information) In summary, (and without being any expert in this matter, by the way) there are quite a few gaps in terms of compliance with the EU's GDPR.
  10. Closing Explorer closes Maxthon

    As you say@7twenty , better from the process tab, restart
  11. Facing Problem while accessing Wikipedia?

    Nor here with the portable version
  12. And at least one file (or online), of help with the configuration elements well explained (or explained, because there are things that are not even explained)
    1. pantantrollo


      I do not belong to the staff, I'm just a simple user.

      The best thing is that you ask your questions in the forum itself, so someone else can read them and also answer them.

      Even so, a few days ago, I made this comment on the thread of another issue, it