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  1. Have you tried to see if the same thing happens to you with the portable version?
  2. MX 5.1.4.x & Maxnote problem

    I confirm here also in beta v.2400. I have tried some of them, and those that I have marked in red have the problem exposed
  3. Request: handle many tabs better

    True, and that is the biggest problem of Maxthon, the clipping of personalization (with respect to older versions), which is coupled with the fact that chrome extensions can not be used (which will fix some customization) Of the best that Maxthon has :-). Now other browsers are including it, (Opera, Vivaldi, Firefox etc), but ONLY for captures of the browser itself, not all the UI of the environment
  4. Yes, it's the animated background. (last beta v.2400 Portable)
  5. MX 5.1.4.x & Maxnote problem

    This video is unavailable. :-(
  6. No problem here with v.2100 (portable)
  7. Request: handle many tabs better

    I would prefer to group them, either by domain, or as the user wishes. The Opera browser at least in old versions allowed it, and it was very much like when you had many tabs. If you mean that when a tab is fixed, it is shortened in width, yes, the truth would be fine
  8. - some elements too small

    Particularly to me what misleads me is the fact that the icons of the address bar and the icons of the extensions do not differ. It may seem silly, but I was used to quickly locating the translator which I use a lot (those who read me will see that my English is bad)
  9. Website freezes Maxthon

    I have navigated several links, with both engines, and no problem. Portable version of last beta 2100
  10. In my case, I can activate / deactivate the sound icon, both in foreground and background tabs (I would put a video capture (but I'm looking for a tool to do it )
  11. No sound at all, no restoring of locked tabs

    No problem here I can listen to sound on youtube The blocked tabs are restored (in the form of open tabs) and the rest as a list to be restored
  12. - address bar

    Sorry, I explained bad (my English in bad) Upload picture From there, it is faster than entering options / etc ...