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  1. I use this page: It is the best ;)
  2. Ok, there is hope with the 5.2.x series. So I wait for a new 5.2.x which has also fixed the bug snap tool like Hurry up !!!
  3. This problem has existed for a long time as a recognized bug. After months and months an months of waiting, it was solved by the first version based on chromium 61 core ( Now, it is back in the latest versions, for example It's a very important big bug and it's incredible that you can not solve it permanently !!! Please provide !
  4. Big LAG cutting screenshot

    I confirm. With last official release no more lags !
  5. Big LAG cutting screenshot

    Good work Sergey_K ! In my case lag is even more evident.
  6. Big LAG cutting screenshot

    Are you studying this bug?
  7. Big LAG cutting screenshot

    Yes, snap tool. I have two similar pc with windows 7 64 bit. Both work good with With next versions, one pc works good and one LAGS very very much
  8. In recent versions (last 3-4...), when a partial cut of the screen is made, the LAG is extreme...

    There is no hope for us that we do not know how to change the code.
  10. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    This topic was important. It always updated the skin for the tabs on bottom, function useful for many people. Unfortunately I'm not able to do it.
  11. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Does anyone create the skin for new versions ?
  12. There is a new, official skin, for tabs on bottom on 4.9.2 and later ? Thanks