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  1. I tested the thing with Photoshop CS2 and CS5. As you said, if the file is renamed from .bmp to .png it is opened correctly. So it's a .png, you're right. I would like a .bmp (because uncompressed) as well as created by "save as... image" Maxthon's function... !
  2. Even if you change the order, the last favorite you create is always up and not as the last item.
  3. I have a similar problem with the various videos posted by friends in Facebook. With the versions after the V (that is perfect), sometimes a few videos only make sound and video remains black. or
  4. Yes, all .bmp open in Photoshop. Even Maxthon's "save as... image" .bpm works. Only Maxthon's screenshot does not open.
  5. Sometimes videos on facebook are black, only audio plays This happens from V to V to , the previous stable (V is ok. Did any of you have this kind of bug? Thanks
  6. Yes, I konw, but not in photoshop, since Maxthon V4
  7. Partial screenshot saved in .BMP picture cannot open with Photoshop. Attached image for example. SAVE TOTAL PAGE AS... IMAGE it's OK, partial screenshot NO.
  8. I use tablet version on smartphone because it has pc style tabs...., normal version has tabs chrome style.
  9. No V5 update for tablet version ? I love it because it has tab like pc version, standard version NO !
  10. How can I disable password generator without disabling magic fill ?
  11. There is a new, official skin, for tabs on bottom on 4.9.2 and later ? Thanks