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  1. Youtube stopped working

    This is becoming a bit of a joke really. I expect IE to have all manner of issues, not Maxthon. I think it is time I go back to a stable browser that does not fail randomly and then run a whole host of test because of flaky developers. P.S. Already ran through those tests before coming on the forum, thanks for the none help.
  2. Everything working fine then all of a sudden YouTube videos are now displaying the 'An error occured. Please try again later' error. Everything working fine in Firefox and Opera. Any help would be appreciated. P.S. Maxthon is broken. Maxthon 4 is working fine.
  3. Twitter Youtube videos not working

    Well done Team Maxthon, videos are now working in Twitter after the update. Thank you for your hard work.
  4. Twitter Youtube videos not working

    Already tried it over two weeks ago and the same problem still exists with YouTube videos on Twitter still have 'Media could not be played'.
  5. Twitter Youtube videos not working

    COUGH! How long do your two days last, is it a summertime in the Arctic 'Day', or one that is roughly 24 hours?
  6. Twitter Youtube videos not working

    Tried the temp fix, did not work here I'm sorry to say. This really needs to be fixed asap, I'm not a social media addict but I know that it is a major part of some peoples live. Personally Opera has come to the rescue (funnily I moved over to Maxthon because Opera was having major issues, now the boot is on the other foot). It has been well over a week now, surely there must be a move to rectify this inconvenience in the very near future? I might give the BETA a try and see if it is remedied via that path. Will report back if that is successful.
  7. Twitter Youtube videos not working

    @7twenty,They were working one second and then the videos all turned black and haven't worked since. Youtube videos work find on youtube and sometimes when they are retweets/posted like this but not always as there is a video, a couple of places back, that will not work and is in the same format. So most of the time they are broken but a few work. Like I said I have uninstalled MX5, removing all personal data. Made a vanilla install but the problem persists.
  8. Hi all, I'm having a rather annoying problem with Maxthon On twitter any youtube video will turn up as a black screen with 'The media could not be played'. I have tried clearing all, uninstalled and reinstalled MX5, but the problem persists. Any help would be gratefully received.
  9. Twitter stuck in mobile mode

    Well Maxthon 5 has fixed the Twitter issue, and I have to say pages seem to be much cleaner and rendered far better. The Quick Dial is absolutely abysmal, ugly and useless, overall though some good changes. But Naughty Maxthon Team, QuickDial was a winner. :wags finger at screen:
  10. RT Discussion board not displayed

    Thank you BugMiss.
  11. Twitter stuck in mobile mode

    PC I don't use any mobile device. That is why this is very annoying.
  12. I did a silly thing and clicked on the little lightning symbol to see if the videos would work better and now I cannot get out of mobile mode for twitter. I can force my way back to desktop mode, but as soon as I follow a link to twitter it goes straight back to mobile mode!!!! I have cleared cache, retried and still the same annoyance. Please help.
  13. RT Discussion board not displayed

    Hi, if you read my OP you will see that yes I did. So yes, I have tried before login into the new account browser and the same thing happens. edit: Given that is not clear, but yes I have tried with Maxthon logged in and not to experience the same problem. Yes, I tried it before logging into Maxthon the first time I made a totally clean install. Sorry if the previous post sounds rude, that was not what I intended.
  14. RT Discussion board not displayed

    There is no reason to post an image as there is nothing to see, that is the problem. I cannot take part in the discussion because it does not show up on Maxthon. I can take part in the discussion with Firefox or Opera. I am not using the 4.9 iteration of Maxthon as it is a shambles with no push to cloud on right click (unless it is now an option, if not it is one of the main reasons I use Maxthon). I will take screenshot if necessary but they will be what I am explaining :- In Maxthon there is no discussion at the bottom of the page. The same with 4.9. In Opera or Firefox I have access to the discussion. If you really need to see images I will do it, but that is the case and I do not see how me showing images of it not working will help me or you. Baaaah! Here you go, gives me a chance to use my super fast internet I had upgraded yesterday. P.P.S I should say it was working perfectly before I upgraded to 4.9, but has not worked since going back to 4.4. I have removed every part of the browser using Revo Uninstall and Ccleaner. So it is very unlikely anything was left after that.
  15. If you go to and want to reply to the discussions (though sometimes it is not advisable, for health reasons), you find you cannot as they are not showing up in Maxthon. I have tried the usual, Retro/Ultra, sign out of cloud, clear everything, uninstall Maxthon completely and re-install most up to date, turn ABP off, No Proxy, but still no chat at the bottom of pages. Any help would be very much appreciated. P.S. Their site was updated recently, maybe that has caused the issue. RT chat works on Opera/Firefox, not tried the others nasties.