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  1. Official translator on Crowdin

    Hi Ices, I added your name to the list now. Please forgive me this time This list is made from a screenshot of Crowdin translators offered by my colleague who is in charge of Crowdin at that time, but as you know, there are many translators for each project, and we don't have an editable list for all translators. That's why there are some missings. So now, I have an idea that maybe we could collect a sheet for all translators for Maxthon. With this sheet, we could know clearly who are translators for certain project. For this language, if other projects are lacking in translators, we could contact the translators for help. What do you think about that? Let me know. Jelly
  2. Official translator on Crowdin

    Hi Roxana, Your name has been listed now. I'm sorry for the mistake. But of course I know you are our translator on Crowdin, and if I didn't remember wrong, you are translating at least two languages? Jelly
  3. Page is Crashing in MX5

    Hi Daniel, I'm really sorry for the inconvenience caused. But could you please let me know whether this error happened on only a certain website, or for all pages using MX5? If it is the former, a url will be highly appreciated! Thank you for your support for Maxthon, and please don't worry. @BugSir006 will follow up this ticket to help you until it is solved!
  4. Hi Maxers & our dear translators on Crowdin, Have you noticed that we added a new project on Crowdin for Maxthon official website (www.maxthon.com)? You should if you haven't...because it's a good chance to "leave your words" on Maxthon official website!!! Imagine that someday when you open Maxthon website, you can speak to your friends, (or even your children when you age) that this page was translated by you! It's cool, right??? So join us today, to help Maxthon's website speak your language and known by all your people! Here's the link:https://crowdin.com/project/maxthon-website-translation Any question, please feel free to reply this thread or contact me directly! Jelly
  5. Export passwords

    7twenty is right. Neither MX4 nor MX5 supports exporting passwords while you can export the bookmarks saved in Maxthon browser. Well, could I know why you want to move to other browsers? Your feedback will be highly appreciated to help us improve our products. Why not give your Maxthon browser another chance?
  6. Problems with facebook

    Hi Roger, Has this problem been solved after you update the browser version? I couldn't confirm exactly the problem from your description, but given that you were using v4.9.2.1000, which is an old version, I guess it may be similar with this question in this thread. There's a video in above thread. You can check it and if you were referring to the same problem, I agree with 7twenty and suggest you to update your browser to the latest version:, because that bug has been fixed in v4.9.4.1100 Looking forward your feedback. Jelly
  7. Huge use of RAM !!! 1.5 GB ??

    Hi federacer, I'm sorry for bringing you inconvenience and the late reply. The situation you encountered is unusual. My OS is same as yours but the RAM consumption is much lower, so I think it may be related to some other usage environment. Could you please help create full dump and send back to us for reference? It will help us identify the cause and which part and which process it is that eats RAM. Attached is a tool to create full dump, and an animation picture to show how to use this software to create full dump. (The software, procexp, is a tool developed by Microsoft. It's safe and light, only 2.7MB. You can click it to use without installation.) Any other question, please feel free to let us know. Regards! Jelly procexp.exe
  8. Android version Language problem

    Hi Mikefon, I'm sorry for late reply because of just coming back from the Chinese holiday Today I stressed the language problem again with the product manager, and this issue will be treated ASAP to avoid more and more dissatisfaction caused by that... I'm also glad that you agree to join our translator team You can start the translation step by step as follows: 1. Sign up on our translation platform Crowdin (https://crowdin.com) if you don't have a Crowdin account 2. Go to Maxthon's homepage on Crowdin https://crowdin.com/projects/Maxthon 3. Enter one project, and select the language you preferred 4. Then there will be a notification asking you to "Join". Click that button and you will send an application to us on this platform. After we approve it from our end, you will be able to start the translation for that project in that language. (We have many managers for our projects, so it will not cost much time for approval;) 5. You can join translation for other projects by same procedure as above. Currently we have following projects that are in urgent requirement, and you can go based on this order: Maxthon for Windows Version 5.0 Maxthon for Andriod Version 5.0 Maxthon for iOS Version 5.0 Maxthon for Mac Version 5.0 Maxthon App Store&Google Play Maxthon Website Translation Any problem, please feel free to contact me. Jelly
  9. Android version Language problem

    Hi Mikefon, Thanks for your feedback. You really help us confirm a mistake. The language you saw is Venetian language(vec-it), used in part of Italy. Translation work for Italian(it-it) has not been finished so actually the right language on your device should be totally English, but the developing team didn't find Venetian. That's why you are experiencing a wrong Italian language for your MX5. We have submitted this problem to the developing team, and they agreed that in next updated version, Venetian will not be applied to Italian Andriod system. Btw, if you have interest, welcome to our translation community on Crowdin, and we can work together to accomplish Italian language. Regards! Jelly
  10. Hi there, Are you waiting for Chinese Traditional version for MX5? Same with us! We are also trying our best to boost the translation work of MX5 project, but now there are only a few translators for this project. So today we bring this issue here again and if some of you are native speaker for Chinese Traditional language, please feel free to join our translation team at Crowdin(https://crowdin.com/). If you have registered on Crowdin, you can search our project name for Chinese Traditional translation which is named "Maxthon Chinese Traditional Project"(or click this link directly https://crowdin.com/project/maxthon-5-settings-extension), and click "join" for an application, and then we will receive notification and approve your application. Any questions, please feel free to contact me ;) Regards! Maxthon Team
  11. MX5 New Official release

    Hi klu, thank you for your feedback. For project windows 5.0 version, there were not so many proofreaders before. That's why there's some delay. Thanks to your kind remind, today we selected another two proofreaders according to the overall rating, and your friend @6c6c6 is also included. I think the proofreading work will speed up and you will have Ukrainian language in your MX5 in soonest future! Any problem, please feel free to contact me at any time;D
  12. Hi mesmer, I'm sorry I couldn't understand your point quite clearly. Could you have a screenshot for a clearer explanation? Jelly
  13. Black screen with

    I think you are right in this case. Actually for MX4, our test team once tried more than 300 tabs running at the same time without problems hhhh.
  14. <video> tag preload attribute handling

    It has been confirmed as a bug, and will be fixed in future ;D
  15. Yes... Actually Russian translation will be finished very quickly every time, much more quickly than browser version update, so that's why there are always some delay. But don't worry. As I mentioned before, I'll push them!!!