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  1. Hi Rob, as you see on Crowdin, QA are in a different system with the framework of PC browser, so the development of QA and its update are not along with browser version like v5.1.0.1700, 1900... I noticed that you had finished the translation of Quick Access.ini, and I have downloaded your translation. But there was no update plan recently so I think I can wait for more other QA localization files and send them together to the QA dev team before they compile a new version. Hope you can understand it.
  2. translations not updated

    Android language file of en-gb was only finished at the end of June, and I have updated them the latest file. Unfortunately, at that time they had been ready for the next release so there was no time to add my latest files. Please be patient.
  3. translations not updated

    This string will be updated in both en-us and en-gb version in the coming release version. I'm sorry for the previous mistake. The space issue couldn't be solved within the language file, but could only be fixed by the dev team manually. We have reported bug here, but obviously they didn't make it correctly. We will follow up and push them, again! Please look forward to the coming release version.
  4. MX5 Android - Ukranian laguage

    Mobile project approved. Would you like to help translate the Windows project?
  5. translations not updated

    Hi 7twenty, which version are you using with these problems?
  6. MX5 Android - Ukranian laguage

    Gooooooood job! We'll check and approve and apply them ASAP.
  7.         V

    * Added support for double-finger-scaling webpage feature * Once copied a URL, you can choose to open the URL directly * Added a share to Maxnote feature after select text content in other applications * Added a notice for restoring the backup data in Passkeeper * Fixed an issue where certain websites were not fully displayed in non-full-screen status * Fixed the problem of abnormal access to a Russian website http://xn--80adxbwkcj6a4cc.xn--p1ai/
  8. iOS/android smart image display

    Yes. I agree with you that both Android and iOS should use the same terminology. I'll transfer the suggestion to these two teams.
  9. MX5 Android - Ukranian laguage

    Request accepted
  10. MX5 Android - Ukranian laguage

    Hi klu, I'm sorry for the inconvenience but Ukrainian translation hasn't been finished on Crowdin...See the attachement. Feel free to join us!
  11. iOS/android smart image display

    Can't agree more than Crowdin isn't a good platform for following up the tickets... That's right and also what I mean in my comment. There are two kinds of strings about it: one for the name, another for a state. I understand your point and have revised accordingly on the source file of iOS, except that I use uppercase for the name always, like "Smart Image Display". Besides, I also have no idea why there's no "state-like" strings in Android, so we don't have "Smart Image Display on" and "Smart Image Display off" in Android. I think that's also why you failed to add the comments under the correct strings.
  12. Hi 7twenty, let me explain the "older translations" question. The rotation strings were added to the source file as new added strings on 5.22, but as you have seen some of these new added en-US source strings are not very native, just like"vertical/horizontal". You pointed them out and I have updated them on Crowdin. But these corrections have not been sent to the dev team because I'm not sure how many else similar mistakes to be corrected given that the en-UK file has not been finished. Today I noticed that you had finished en-UK file and pointed out some more mistakes on Crowdin. I will deal with them and give a feedback ASAP.
  13. Basque Language for Android MX5

    Hi, today they told me Basque would be included in the next beta version for Android, which will be released on Google Play around this Thursday. But since this version is only a beta version instead of official release, only users who have joined Maxthon beta plan on Google Play will receive this beta update. It's just like this notification as attached.
  14. Basque Language for Android MX5

    Hi, yes I received your message on Crowdin, and have reported that issue to the dev team of Andriod. Now they have confirmed it as a bug because the language file was submitted to them on January and updated on May. I will follow up this issue and keep you posted about the new development.