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  1. MX address and icons bars

    Right. Clicking this icon opens only the download manager but in Mx4 you have straight the download progress bar once you start downloading a file.
  2. Hello! Being using MX4 for long time I am becoming more and more fan of MX 5 specially Maxnote. Thanks to the developers. But still some MX4 features like the download progress bar (see 1. Download progress bar in Mx4.jpg image). This small download bar was a great help in Mx4 because I had not to open all the time the download manager window to check the downloading progress. 1. Download progress bar in Mx4.jpg 2. I noticed that the address bar is not the same for the Guest account and Login account (2. Google search in Guest.jpg and 3. No google search in login.jpg images). Am I missing something? Thank you in advance for your replies. Jus
  3. 1. Hi! I am using Maxthon V5.0.5.3031 in my tablet Acer A20 android 4.1 but I discovered that the passport is not working properly. I mean when I logout from my account, next time I want to use it again the program is not asking the passport. It just connects. Means that guest account and private account is accessible without any problem. This is not good for the privacy. 2. It is impossible to import bookmarks. Many folders and sites are missing during the process. Maybe the sync process have some problem to retrieve bookmarks from the cloud? 3. I chose the landscape mode but when I start the program it starts always in portrait mode than landscape. There is a little instability. Thank in advance for your help. Jus
  4. Maxthon V5.0.5.3031

    Hi! Chantao. Before I was so sceptic to use MX5. I was using both MX4 and MX5 in my tablet and slowly I move only to MX5. Note: For my PC I prefer the portable versions so I can keep a copy of my user data in safe place in case that there is some bugs. So I think you can get both versions on your tablet as I did and try to be familiar to MX5. I advice you this move because I am sure, even though I am not a developer, that the developers of Mx will continue updating more often MX5 than MX4. Which is already the case. And maybe in the future they will just stop some day to develop MX4. I think you will loose nothing to try this new version.
  5. MX address and icons bars

    Thank you 7twenty I followed you advice for the search bar and everything is fine now. For the download progress icon let us only hope that it will come back again some day.
  6. Maxthon V5.0.5.3031

    It was just a question. I am the only person to use my tablet. So it is not a problem for me. I was just a little bit confused and thought that it was a bug but now I understood the raison why they did not implement it. So now I got an answer to my confusion. Thank very much. Jus
  7. Maxthon V5.0.5.3031

    Thank you for your support. Waiting for the next version
  8. Maxthon V5.0.5.3031

    Thank you for your help. I have not idea how many entries I have but I have many and for sure some of them are so old and can be deleted. I think it is time to clean my browser :-)
  9. Maxthon V5.0.5.3031

    Thank you for quick answer. For the 1 question, your answer is really what I was thinking: " Maxthon Android version should have an option like "remember password" or "auto sign in next time" like PC version, so your account won't auto login with one click on it. " Exactly Thank very much for advice concerning the bookmarks. I think the problem is about having a lot of bookmarks. I will try to clean a bit. Thank a lot. Jus
  10. Extnesions icons in tool bar

    Hello, Taking MX4 as model, I want to suggest the developpers to give the choice to the user to decide which icons will be visible or hidden in the tool bar without deleting them.In my opinion same icons extensions are necessary to be visible. Some of them the are both in side bar and tool bar. Thank you for your support Jus