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  1. Thanks to all of your replies. i hope the developers will do something. Jus
  2. Hello! I noticed that Status bar display indicator information has some problems on "no user account" MX When I set information (see attached image Info_1.png below) through the "Customize UI" buttom, next time or some days later some information just disappeared from the status bar only "System info" remained. If I click on Menu all the Information are unchecked (see attached image Info_2.png below). Same also when I check information from the "Menu" I have the same problem. In the "account user", I don't have such problem. Thank in advance for your help. Jus
  3. Thank you for your reply. When I said "user account" or "guest account" and "register account", I am referring to MX accounts not the computer accounts. I am sorry if this created some confusion. Thank you. Jus
  4. Extnesions icons in tool bar

    Hello, Taking MX4 as model, I want to suggest the developpers to give the choice to the user to decide which icons will be visible or hidden in the tool bar without deleting them.In my opinion same icons extensions are necessary to be visible. Some of them the are both in side bar and tool bar. Thank you for your support Jus