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  1. MX5 Crash

    Trying to move the folder "MaxthonCrashData" located in C:\Users\Your Name\AppData\Local\Temp\MaxthonCrashData folder to another location for instance C:\Temp maybe solve the problem.
  2. I noticed that many people are having some issues with the new QA with animation. Can I suggest the developers to remove the animation and go back what was before?
  3. For those among us who use the portable version, how can they make a clean installation to sole this problem?
  4. I confirm that the new background create also the same problem for me. Besides the fact the animation is consuming more memories.
  5. I tried this method but I noticed that only working when I log in my "Account". In this way Mx5_5.0.4.2000 version portable remembers the settings next time I log in again but for the "Guest" account Mx5 is not keeping the settings. It is bringing back the animation background which is consuming more memories.
  6. With pleasure. Thanks to the developers for their effort. Let us work together to make Maxthon a better browser. Jus
  7. Hello! I want to thank the developers for their work. I think the new version MX5 Android release is better. I am happy to work with this version. The only problem I noticed is that one button when I tried to exit the program is showing an exit window with something like "@android:string/annuler" at the left and "Confimer" at the right. I think the left button has a display problem. Instead of displaying only "Annuler" which means "Cancel" in English, the program is adding something else. The right display will be "Annuler" at the left and "Confimer" at the left. I do not know if the English version has this problem but French version does. Thank you advance for your reply. Jus
  8. Thank you for reply. I use "French language" as default on my tablet 10" Acer A210. See the joint file for more details. I hope the image will be fine. Thank once more. Jus
  9. I am using the latest version maxthon_portable_5.0.4.800-beta. So what it happened is this sometime I was working with Mx5 then I switch to another program like Libre office or thunderbird without closing Mx so after some minutes I received a window error of crashing from Mx. It is not link to specific sites. Maybe Mx is using a lot memory then other program that is why the system is shutting it. So here my problem. Anyway I wrote already to the developers. I hope they will reply soon. Jus.
  10. I notice also that Mx5 is crashing a lot then Mx4. Maybe developers should do something. Jus
  11. Extnesions icons in tool bar

    Hello, Taking MX4 as model, I want to suggest the developpers to give the choice to the user to decide which icons will be visible or hidden in the tool bar without deleting them.In my opinion same icons extensions are necessary to be visible. Some of them the are both in side bar and tool bar. Thank you for your support Jus