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  1. Hello, Someone can tell me if it is possible to hide some extensions that I do not use frequently from the tab bar (see image). Some of these are in two places (tab bar and side bar). The more I add extensions the shorter the URL space box and search box are becoming. I try to hide them with "Hide" function but next time when I open the browser almost all of them are again visible. Any ideas? I am using MX portable. Thank you. Jus.
  2. Hide extensions in the tab bar

    Thank you 7twenty for your answer. I have tried what you advice me unfortunately it did not work. I think even thought I am not a developer that the problems might come with the extensions themselves. Maybe there are conflicts between extensions and the program.
  3. Hide extensions in the tab bar

    I know it but when I open again the browser next time everything is back as before. The hide function is working only for a while. So all the time I have to hide again one by one.
  4. Hello! Could you bring the icon of the geust user and account users in the right top as it was until now. For me I like very much to know if I am using the guest account or my user account. And it was nice. Thank you in advance. Jus
  5. Suggestion - avatar on main UI

    Alright I understood. Thank you very much.
  6. Suggestion - avatar on main UI

    I am sorry but sometimes it is also convenient that developers listen to the users of the program. If they introduce something in the program or remove something they have also to listen the reaction of the users. If some people like something in the program I do undersatnd why they should not consider bring it back. I think that is why they introduced the forum.
  7. Suggestion - avatar on main UI

    Sorry guys. I join some pictures to explain what I mean when I am talk about about the avatars. Please see the pictures. Thank you
  8. Hello! I am using the version It is a good version but I am asking why developers put the same fonctions "Maxnote, Passkeeper, login, UUmail" in two or three different plases? Why not to have them in one place. It is confusing. Thank you for your help. Jus
  9. Same fonctions in many places

    Thank for your answer
  10. Extnesions icons in tool bar

    Hello, Taking MX4 as model, I want to suggest the developpers to give the choice to the user to decide which icons will be visible or hidden in the tool bar without deleting them.In my opinion same icons extensions are necessary to be visible. Some of them the are both in side bar and tool bar. Thank you for your support Jus