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  1. WhatsApp in Maxthon 4

    For me is QA in MX4 more better then in MX5.In MX4 in QA I have everything divided into section such as work, database, cars, games, etc., but the new QA does not organize this way, everything is on one page and must be scrolled. When I make a group, its display is also small, and if it is in a group of multiple pages, it must scroll and search again. In the QA, I could move from one section to the other by moving the mouse wheel. This feature is also missing when changing individual bookmarks (as was the case in MYIE 2), but now only when the right mouse button is pressed, which is quite uncomfortable. For me, the new QA in this form is meaningless, I would welcome either a combination of a new and old QA or a choice of QA (new or old) that will be better suited. I attach a screenshot of my new QA. That's why I'm still staying with MX4.
  2. I am sorry but I still hate "new quick access" (it chaotic). It's the only reason why I staying at version 4.9
  3. AdminH replied at 2015-2-24 22:42 Hi there, I just printed a couple of pages with barcodes in ultra and retro modes and the quality o ... Try print some page to PDF at the core Blink - text can not be selected, quality is low and the resulting file is much bigger than from Firefox or Chrome. On paper text has no good quality Problem is that Maxthon before printing generates webpage like image, therefore not possible to select text a quality is low than from Firefox or Chrome. This problem is reported years.
  4. loooping8 replied at 2015-2-11 05:10 Adblock Plus works even blocks my yahoo mail and many other things from websites I need,personal I d ... Me too, Now, I'm using Adblock Plus only with my own filters. I do not use other filters. Annoys me that Adblock Plus can not block the body background image like Ad-Hunter
  5. How to block body background image with AdBlock Plus on site IDNES - ??? In Ad-Hunter it was easy, but in AdBlock Plus i do not know how? I would like the opportunity to choose whether to use AdBlock Plus or Ad-Hunter.
  6. Print to PDF

    rick.lane replied at 2015-1-14 17:11 I just printed this page to PDF using the Foxit Reader PDF printer as my printer option. Worked just ... I also prints in PDFCreator, but at the core Blink text can not be selected, quality is low and the resulting file is much bigger than from Firefox or Chrome.
  7. Print to PDF

    7twenty replied at 2015-1-14 14:05 I don't think there is a lot going on in that area... but anything can happen. This is a pity, and I think that not only I often store (save, print) websites to PDF, and therefore I am forced to switch to the core Trident or I need to use Firefox. This is basically one matters that annoy me on Maxthon much.
  8. Print to PDF

    odyssee replied at 2015-1-14 13:13 it's the first time I hear about print to pdf in maxthon.. Did I miss something ? This is only a reaction to the this older thread http://forum.maxthon.com/forum.php?mod=redirect&goto=findpost&ptid=9792&pid=53446&fromuid=5546027
  9. Hi, Is there any news about what stage of development is print to PDF files in Maxthon? I mean, print in Blink core, where text can be selected. note I know that I can print to PDF for example using "PDF Creator" and the "Trident" core.
  10. I do not like ABP, because it is confusing. Ad-Hunter was clear, for each domain was easily track what is blocking. Blocking rules in ABP is in one confused sheet