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  1. There are a lot of dynamics in the QA page, also the option to have a animated background. I am quite sure there is JS there. Also, for such a page, it is quite normal and maybe essential to have JS running. However, as far as the QA page and the need to sync between devices, I should say this has little to do with the decision the page is hosted "in the cloud" or put another way - on Maxthon's servers. The truth is this page has to be offline and always on the user's device, so it is loaded fast and even without connectivity. Especially when we use Maxnote and Passkeeper (which may be used even if you want to access the stored info for other needs) - then many times you won't even need connectivity. But why wait loading some page from a distant server (we are not all in China, right?!). The best way IMHO to sync the content is to have a small DB with the names, settings etc. of the QA page and sync that DB when needed (that is, when a change occurs). Also, those hundreds of blocks of URLs down the page are quite useless, nobody scrolls there. You either use the first screen or bookmarks (yes, we still use those, although Maxthon keeps making it harder). Adding to that, my QA is not synced to my Android phone and it never got synced to my iPhone. So, what is the use for this sync talk and this online storage? What happened with the cloud browser anyway and the ability to "continue on another device"? Microsoft implemented it in their Android shell and in Windows 10, but Maxthon some way forgot about it. Where is my cloud push? It was a perfect feature, now not available in MX5.
  2. Maxthon's MaxSnap strange PNG format

    Hi, what I was trying to explain is your case is untestable. The reason is that Maxthon is not copying images to the clipboard and copying files is another thing. See below. OK, I did that test too. The results are the same. I will try to describe. When you copy an image from Maxthon to the clipboard or you MaxSnap an area and copy it to the clipboard, the data in the clipboard is a URL (file link) to the file on your disk where Maxthon stored the image. Here is my avatar from this page as a "copy image" from Maxthon, then pasted in Viber: file:///C:/Users/*******/AppData/Local/Temp/mxcp_1534837121264_56a099da7631d_GreenDragonAvatar.jpg.7dc9e7db9d93195de6429fdf29c1c445.thumb.jpg.27c5201b809a8fded0388c4d1d2d52e6.jpg The same happens when you MaxSnap: file:///C:/Users/*******/AppData/Local/Temp/snap_screen_20180821104021.png Now, the same behaviour when you copy an image file to the clipboard - it gets pasted as a link: file:///**********/Desktop/IMG_11022015_115649.png What happens when you capture your screen with the default Windows method - PrintScreen? Well, it gets pasted as an image. You can see the difference in the attached images. My conclusion is - Maxthon does not copy images to the clipboard, but instead saves the image to disk and puts the link to that file in the clipboard. Yes, this has nothing to do with the blurrines, which appears to be another problem probably of Photos. However, initially I suspected the problems were related, hence they are both mentioned in the same thread. Still, the MaxSnap PNG format is strange (the heading) in some way in respect to the clipboard, as it is only a link. So, is there a possibility that Maxthon will insert images in the clipboard, as Windows does (other programs too)?
  3. Maxthon's MaxSnap strange PNG format

    Hi, thanks for this, not sure if it would help, probably if I tweak with it a little. I need to see the contents of the system clipboard, unchanged.
  4. Maxthon's MaxSnap strange PNG format

    Hi 7twenty, First of all, thank you for your time and research, I appreciate it. Exactly the same. And I agree with you on the processing. OK, funny thing here. Actually I tried that then it came to my mind that we have some specifics here. Viber can send images in two ways - 1. by pasting the image directly (with CTRL+V) and 2. by dragging an image (file) to the Viber window (where you can send it as original or with reduced quality for instant delivery). I suppose the paste option works as the instant delivery option, and the other is to send the image as a file. So, I recalled that the problem here (sending Maxthon captured images with Viber) was not with the quality or something else, that prevents the image to be sent, but that you cannot paste the image as such and it gets pasted as though you have copied a file - as a file link: file:///D:/.... When doing that with other images, they get pasted as images. When pasting the same image in Skype, it gets pasted as an image (probably because Skype interprets the file link and opens it). So, I guess no solution here if Maxthon does not change the way it stores the data in clipboard. However, I don't have currently a program to see the clipboard contents. The other funny thing is, that when I was testing with those files, I captured an area of my desktop with ShareX and guess - it opened and then blurred in Photos. So, I suppose it has nothing to do with the DPI info, but has to do with the image dimensions and the processing done by Photos after opening. Thanks again, I hope this thread helps someone. If possible, I would be happy if the guys at Maxthon can review their clipboard method. Viber definitely rejected to search for a solution to that. Maybe if we know more, we can urge them too.
  5. Maxthon's MaxSnap strange PNG format

    ShareX, which also creates video recordings of the screen, also creates PNG files which don't blur after opening.* Otherwise the effect is the same - the image gets blurred almost instantly. But it is obvious that the image itself is OK and there is something in the encoding, because the image opens fine at first. * Edit: another test proofed that any image can get blurred depending on the dimensions, as noted by 7twenty. So I guess an image made with picpick would get blurred too under some circumstances.
  6. This is the place for your avatar, seems you don't have one, so probably it displays some message instead.
  7. Maxthon's MaxSnap strange PNG format

    Hi again, If you say this because you look at the size of those images - they are both just random regions captured by two different programs. First, how do you expect them to "show" the issue if you don't open the image "locally" using Photos. And, only one of them is expected to show the issues. The problem might be Photos, however, why the problem shows only on PNG images captured with Maxthon and on each such image and not on images captured another way? Also, why do I have problems sending/pasting images in Viber when captured with MaxSnap and I don't have problems with other means. Please test and confirm yourself. Image size (dimensions) in pixels and resolution (in pixels per inch / ppi) are different things. You can have any image with any size. The resolution also doesn't and shouldn't influence the display. Please see the attached image for the snap information - the resolution is the standard 72 ppi. And this resolution depends on Maxthon itself. Again, there may be a problem with Photos and I may be able to solve it with reinstalling, although I hope you understand that the program is updated with at least each major update of Windows 10. You suggestion to use another viewer (which may be more advanced and fix any problems in the PNG if there are such) will not solve the problem with the format of the images and the fact is the problem is with this format only and not others. It's possible that Maxthon uses an extended PNG format to be able to add some extra settings to it. If only I have this problem, then it maybe also connected with the video (Intel CPU), monitor, color profile etc. Let's just find out what it is. I will test myself with other computers.
  8. I posted this just to inform the developers to fix this. I'm not bothered at all, however, if they are trying to acquire more users, it's better those characters don't show up.
  9. Please add the possibility to choose a new option "Never for this site" in answer to the question "Do you want to update the stored password for this site?" in addition to the current two options "Change" and "Not now". After choosing this option, it should be saved in Passkeeper that it should never be aksed again to update the password for this site. This choice/option is needed for sites that use two-factor authentication and the password consists of two parts - a fixed/static (that is saved in Passkeeper) and a dynamic (which should not be saved to allow easy entering of the dynamic part in the password field after the saved part). Thank you!
  10. Hi, some time ago I noticed that Snap Region captures with MaxSnap (as the snap feature is called) cannot be sent through Viber. There were no problem pasting the image in Skype. I opened a ticket with Viber and they refused to have anything to do with this problem claiming it's not them. Then I tested and saw that with other means (Windows, ShareX) the image can be pasted without problem. Recently, I noticed that when opening PNG images in Windows 10 Photos app, the image is opened and the slightly blurred (becomes out of focus). Obviously, again, it happens only with PNG images saved from Maxthon. Please see attached images from the Photos app with two snapshots of the same region made with Maxthon and with ShareX. Older apps do not behave in this way with Maxthon's PNG, this so far (per my tests) applies only to Windows 10 Photos. Please check what is the specific of these PNG files and why they can't be pasted in Viber and why do the appear blurred after opening in Photos. Thank you!
  11. When starting Maxthon, while loading the New Tab, the title briefly changes to some Chineese text and then reverts back to the New Tab (in selected language). This does not seem to happen when opening a new tab from the browser, however it happens much more faster and there's no guarantee.
  12. The shortcut for Form fill doesn't work in IE mode in the new version. Upgraded from the previous stable. The form can be filled in IE mode with mouse double click, but not with the shortcut. No problems in Ultra mode, on the same sites (the site doesn't matter, it is not site related). To test, I have changed the shortcut and it works/not works the same way, so it is not shortcut related.
  13. How do I check a site's certificate?

    Hi, both sites of FIBank and Unicredit ask for a client certificate prior to opening the page. You can skip it and the page opens, but no lock icon. I think this is the reason. @joemax: Nice suggestion, but it appears not to be the problem, check https://my.fibank.bg/Logon- this is another site of First Investment Bank.
  14. How do I check a site's certificate?

    Hi, here is another site, hope it has better speed. You can switch to English in the top right corner.
  15. How do I check a site's certificate?

    Hi, this issue is not resolved and is still present in currently latest final Test site: https://online.bulbank.bg Certificate info: https://trustsealinfo.websecurity.norton.com/splash?form_file=fdf/splash.fdf&dn=online.bulbank.bg&lang=en P.S. The lock icon (certificate information) is not displayed even when switching to Retro Mode, not displayed when switching back to Ultra mode.