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  1. An option to enroll as a "tester" should unlock the possibility to upgrade to either non-public final or beta, then. However I don't see the point of marking a version as final, if it still needs testing. This, of course, is a topic for software development, but if you need it this way, then make every version introducing new features an "alpha" as a testing version, a bug-check version a "beta" (corresponding to the untested final now) and a stable version for public release will then be the final. It would be somewhat like the Debian releases, but I believe that not introducing new features in the beta would be of great benefit for stability.
  2. Hi, even if you are not "pushing" and update and no pop-ups are displayed, when someone goes to About, the browser checks for a new version and if there is a new one, like in this case, it shouldn't say "Your browser is up to date". Even if there is no link to the update, it should at least say that there is a newer version available (and it would be very easy to give the version number). Since is supposed to be a "final release", I don't think the "beta" issue applies here. I don't see a "check for beta versions" check box in the settings. Please note that this problem is not something new, so it is obviously something you designed this way on purpose or continue to ignore. Please give us some more info on the topic.
  3. How do I check a site's certificate?

    Hi, both sites of FIBank and Unicredit ask for a client certificate prior to opening the page. You can skip it and the page opens, but no lock icon. I think this is the reason. @joemax: Nice suggestion, but it appears not to be the problem, check https://my.fibank.bg/Logon- this is another site of First Investment Bank.
  4. How do I check a site's certificate?

    Hi, here is another site, hope it has better speed. You can switch to English in the top right corner.
  5. How do I check a site's certificate?

    Hi, this issue is not resolved and is still present in currently latest final Test site: https://online.bulbank.bg Certificate info: https://trustsealinfo.websecurity.norton.com/splash?form_file=fdf/splash.fdf&dn=online.bulbank.bg&lang=en P.S. The lock icon (certificate information) is not displayed even when switching to Retro Mode, not displayed when switching back to Ultra mode.