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  1. I cannot mute sound from one tab to listen to sound from another in beta portable. The tab mute buttons are missing from tabs in this version. And I have cchecked Settings for any option to display/hide the mute button on tabs and found nothing. RESTORE THE TAB MUTE button, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !IMPORTANT Making it a display option for tabs is OK; that meets the need. <<SL>> EDIT: Problem SOLVED
  2. Missing Mute bbutton on tabs in

    Yes, but some consider 7 pm-3 am an unusual schedule And it turns out a clean run solved the missing tab mute button on MARK SOLVED
  3. While testing a problem I had (in another thread here) I tried disabling the UserData copied forward from *.500 portable and running a "clean run) of *.600. When I tried (3X) to log into my account, the login failed with the message "This is not registered" below the password field. I was very careful entering the UID and PW to avoid typos. I returned to the old UserData and was logged in automatically with the same user credentials. <<SL>> PROBLEM SOLVED
  4. Missing Mute bbutton on tabs in

    I confirm your observation for YouTube (when playing a video) but the problem still exists on this site's live stream (with Brightcove streaming): EWTN Multimedia - Live I may be running this site up to 24/7 and frequently want to silence it to listen to something else. Maybe you can determine why the audio from this site is not detected so that the tab mute button is displayed. <<SL>>
  5. I have two-step username/password combus save - originally done in Mx4, but it wurks in Mx5;s Passkeeper. I think a technique to save your multistep username/PW1/PW2 could be to enter the info for the first form, then right-click one of the fields and user "Save Form" BEFORE pressing RETURN. Repeat for suceeding forms. I don't know if the later forms will auto-fill, but right-click in a data field and choosing "Fill Form should walk you yhrough the logon. That's my theurt. Let me know if it works or not. <<sl>>
  6. wrong download location PDF

    @Ody,Sorry, but I'm unable to confirm your observation. However, I wonder if the sites permitted a straight download (bringing up Mx Download Manager, or if you had to open the PDFs in Mxx and then Save or Save as...? The site I used did not permit direct download; I could only Save as.. the HTML page wth the link to the PDF or open the PDF and then save it. I used Save as... and the location dialog (Win7) was pointing to the last used download location as expected. That's what I've found. <<SL>>
  7. Youtube rendering...

    I normally visit YouTube from QA without being loged into YT. When you come into YT using Google Apps, I think you will be loged-in. So,are you kogging into YT when you enter it with a bookmark or typing in the assressbar? There is a difference between loged-in and not states of YT. <<SL>>
  8. I have gone back through Maxthon versions from the current beta 300 to Mx is the last version tested that would load PDF pages/documents. This function disappeared in amd all later versions. WHAT IN HADES HAPPENED? PLEASE TRSTORE THIS FUNCTION!!! I have also discovered a bug in the file type management panel when I tried checking PDF to open by default in Mx & 2000. The panel closed when I clocked OK. But when I re-opened the panel after finding that didn't help, there was no checkmark by PDF. I tried SELECT ALL, closed and re-opened the filetype manager and it was blank - no checkmarks were saved. It seems the filetype manager is non-functional. I haven't explored how far back this problem goes, but some users will be very miffed by this not working. For me getting PDF pages to open in Maxthon iis the main priority though correcting non-working feature is a close second. <<SL>>
  9. There's noWindows Guest account on this computer. I have a user account and there are some admin accounts including mine (currently expired). So, in short, I'm using a normal Windows user account. <<SL>>
  10. BINGO! PDF problem solved. Thanks for pointing that out. Some of my UserData folders have different settings for that, reason unknown now. Your question abount account, I was using my account not Guest mode when I encountered the problem about retention of filetype settings. But your screenshot is not the Maxthon filetype settings pane; it looks like you may be in Windows filetype associations dialog - not sure since I've never used it that I recall. I expect Maxthon's dialog would control Maxthon operations not change system settings. Does that clarify or raise more questions? <<SL>>
  11. This is what I get after a clean install/syncing of portable The only thing missing in the screenshot are the words "has been disabled" under the plugin icon. I have no clue what plugin it means, The last versions that work for me are and .2000-rc. But the kick out an error message saying something is wrong in my account and asking me to login again. If I do that, the PDFs no longer work. If I copy UserData from 1200 or 2000-rc into the current and ignore the error message, PDFs loas fine. So, one question: Do you know what plugin, and more inportant, where it is located? <<SL>>
  12. No 'forward' button in browser

    I am running portable version now and the forward button works as it should. OS os Win7x64 Enterprise. I had some experience using Logitech mice on a Mac. Have you verified the kep mapping for your mouse, if it has this capacity? <<SL>>
  13. I have no such problem; all my icons are present and working. I running the portable version with UserData copied from a prior version. <<SL>>
  14. Thanks for clarifying. I have known about the Flash Updater for a long time, but have normally done updating manually. However, I think the missing plugin is MX's PDF plugin. I was clicking a link to what happens to be a PDF page in Ultra mode and the error "Plugin disabled" appearedinstead. IswitchedtoIEmodeand thePDFdisplays normally. I don't know why, but it works. <<SL>>
  15. Is the Maxthon Flash updater a part of the portable versions? I've not seen it at all even with no plugins folder nor pepflashplayer.dll present in the core folder. <<SL>>
  16. Maxthon 5 Favourites Broken

    cAN NOT CONFIRM; my Favorites are working normally. <<SL>>
  17. No 'forward' button in browser

    I have no difficulty going FOEWARD to a page in Mx5, but this is only uperative for pages previously visited in the same sessionof ANY browser. The forward button has no record of a page not visited in the current session. For such pages you must click a link after which you will be able to return to it with the forward or backward buttons depending on where the current page falls in the current session's pages sequence. <<SL>>
  18. Ihavetoagreewith taeserecentcomments concerningoffline QA. Thestatement ofbeing"toodifficult"iscontradictedby theOFFLINE QA in Guestmode. Now, if we want a QA that works offline but also permits syncing at the user's command, there may be some problems. There does seem to be a way (a kludgy way) around this; add an opyion in Import user data, to import from the Mx5 account user data to the Guest account and vice versa. This would permit syncing, but in a mre complicated way that may confuse users. I have also tested without an Internet connection at launch. I got the security dialog saying thebrowser is abnormal, and asking me "Lonin again. I click Later. AND QA loads locally. I had testedths a reported it here #18 in this thread. I restored the Internet connection and as long as nothingis changed in QA I won;have any problem. Since Maxthon "thinks" I'm not logged into my account, it shouldn't call the server during this session. <<SL>>
  19. SIMPLICITY skin (support 5.2.6 version)

    @Subgoku: Any chanceyou might update this to 5.2.5.x/5.2.6.x? <<SL>>
  20. Is there a way to import/copy the Passport account data into theGuestaccount(withoutjustre-creatingitall)?Thiswouldstoptheaccessingthenewpageserverand all userdatawouldbelocal. <<SL>>
  21. I just tested the new option for syncing the QA page. I turned OFF sync for QA and turned OFF the Internet connection. I quit and relauched Mx5.2.6.200. The QA page loaded very quickly with a slight delay (IMO) from the local disk. I only got a complaint that my account was inaccessible asking with options for Logon & Later. But I was in my local account profile, not Guest mode. So we are already half-way there. We just need an option that disables sync & the server call whether connected to the nternet or not. @BugSir006: Can we get the devs to complete the server disconnect opyion?
  22. Has anyone successfully logged onto the Chinese Forum with the new logon containing a gesture capcham including dialog text, I have been able to try getting past tha capcha with NO SUCCESS. Is there a way past it?? <<SL>>
  23. I would like to add that Flash is approaching its End-of-Life in a little under 440 days, Dec. 31, 2019, when Adobe is pulling the plug and ceasing support. YouTube has moved to HTML5. Some commercial stations that previously used Flash are now using HLS for streaming videos. Maxthon stopped including a Flash player in Maxthon in response toAdobe's formal request. I have never encountered a "missing Flash" download warning for any video I wanted to watch. So sitesI may visit haveaccomadated to the Flash EoL. @judgedredd007, you might try disabling tha FlashPlayer extension by renaming it (aadd some latters to the beginning/end so they're easyto remove.) <<SL>>
  24. Error 2 of mx5.2.5.1000 version

    I don't see whay I think you are describing, but Ijust get BLANK white pages, no web page content at all displayed. No error message occurs either. And REFRESH does not correct the blank page. <<SL>>
  25. Beside the broken translate selection, there are a couple missing features in the new translate selection dialog. They did add the Google Translate language list resyoring some languages I frequently use. But the new dialog lacks spoken text for both sides (which I frequently use) and voice input (which I haven't used, but may find useful). As it is, I can't use the selection translator tool; I have to use Google translate to get all the featurs I want available. Too bad. On the other side the new page translation feature works very well for the Chinese Forum when I go there, even translating dialog drop-down lists and remembering to do it automatically. That'sgood and a reason I'll not disable the Translate tool. I do wish they'd straighten out this mixed bag. <<SL>>