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  1. Win7 x64 Enterprise - NEVER have had this oroblem using portable versions thru I'm satisfied on this concern if not on other problems with video episode playback on some TV station sites. Have you tried the portable version after a total uninstall of any instal versions and clearing (or disabling by renaming) any userdata? <<SL>>
  2. Right-click on the undesired Maxthon icon on the Taskbar and select "Unpin this program from Taskbar." And STOP using the installer version; the portabled does none of this faldarall. <<SL>>
  3. Annoying Top

    Well I can say that I have,-2000,-3000,-4000,-5000,, & -6000 prrtable version folders, all with the 2000-rc UserData folder copied in and not one of them shows the banner. One exception is that along this way at one version, I did try renaming the 2000-rc folder and letting the version create a new UserData. When I ran that nrwly formed version I did see the banner. However I recall it being a little different from the original version; it had a "Never show again" checkbox next to the "X" which I did use. I am quite happy without ever seeing this banner ... no fuss, no muss, no stoerm-und-drang. <<SL>>
  4. Annoying Top

    You did a clean install or ran a claen portable version. CLICK THE CLOSE "X" at the top right and it's gone until you do another clean insstall or run. For me it's permanently gone since I avoid clean runs of portable versions. But when I may have to do a clean run it's trivial to send it packin'. <<SL>>
  5. Well I have tried with ABP enabled using EasyList or SQList or both and disabled ABP and disabled ALL extensions AND Guest mode and get the same error in ALL those modeson and I don't know of an American or English EasyList; I think the default list is that list. works fine with and earlier; 3000 broke the videos. CBS has been broken for many versions and just yesterday got worse breaking Firefoc Nightlt, FF Quantum beta, and Chrome 65. <<SL>>
  6. I add videos on and do not play in this version, but does play with has failed for some versions now.. This is with and without ABP enabled. However no longer plays in Firefox (with and without uBlock or AdGuard extension enabled) and in Chrome without an adblocker. It was working in Firefox until last evening -- something changed. At present onlt IE11 without any ad blocker works AND displays no ads - strange Permissions do not permit installations of extensions in IE or Chrome. I post this all as supplemental info, but really want Mx5 fixed to play videos on any commercial channel's website, which for me includes abc, cbs, nbc and syfy. <<SL>>
  7. crash

    @tony & @ody, strange I have not had any crashes/freezes in some time .. not since 5.2.0 or so. Browser version currently portable; UserData continued from 5.2.0.x; Win7 Enterprise (64bit). Before that I have had rare occurrences of a Maxthon process left behind when shutting Mx down -- had to use task manage to clear it in those instances to permit a normal Mx launch. All I can say is don't jinx it or "fix what ain't broke." <<SL>>
  8. It depends on FOCUS. If the YT PAGE has focus , the Page Bottom and Page Top gestures do what they say. But if a video has focus, the same gestures go to the END or the BEGINNING of the video. Perfectly logical. <<SL>>
  9. MX UI issues... let's make a list!

    Click yhe CLOSE "X" in the top right corner. Once done it stays done, though it might come back if you do a complete clean install. <<SL>>
  10. So those 15 entries are not duplicates and for security reasons should have different PWs if you need that much access in your work. <<SL>>
  11. PDF open on MX

    Firefox does not open a PDF automaticly when a PDF link is clicked (as I do frequently at work). It opens a dialog that has two radio button options, Open In: and Save File. The Open In option has a dropdowm menu showing all the programs installed on the system yhat can display a PDF file. Typically this is set to Adobe Acrobat, but it stays where it eas last set. There is also a checkbox that, when checked makes it do the same thing every time. If that is checked this dialog is bypassed and either the file opens in Acrobat or the Save File dialog appears. I don't check it because I might want to do te other action from time to time AND I don't know how to uncheck it once checked since that dialog no longer would appear. I'm perfectly content to have that dialog appear every time I click a PDF link and I think it would be a better addition for Maxthon, provided the Open In option included a program selector that listed Maxthon and other available programs even for the portable version. <<SL>> PS: I see now )after scrolling farther up thread) that my description is a morror of 7twenty's description.
  12. Passkeeper reset

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're good to go. <<SL>>
  13. You're trying to do this backwords. We also have to change our passwords to various systems every 60 or 90 days. Do not chage the stored passwords directly/ Change the system passwords one by one. And after each ststem change, log into the system with your browser but replace the auto-filled password with the new one, click the button to login AND immediately go to the dialog that offers to update your stored password and click UPDATE (or whatever is equivalent in the dialog, So you keep your stored passwords up to date as the change-password dates for each system come up. Maxthon does offer an update dialog when a different password for a stored login is entered. Re: multiple entries for the same URL - do these entries represent the same access or different access (e.g., different folder hiearchies on one server)? If they are duplicates, don't keep them; delete all but one. I've had to do this in Maxthon prior versions with MagicFill, but haven't checked Passkeeper for duplicates. <<SL>>
  14. Passkeeper reset

    @Chantao: I think the OP saying "reset" actually meant "change" the password for Passkeeper (which is the same as for Maxthon itself). "Change" meams editing one particular password. But as you say "reset" means clearing all passwords one by one. I don't know if it's even possible to delete the Maxthon password. Dale
  15. Annoying Shortcut Error Window

    To me that sounds like a Windows errer message even if Mx was open and active. When you click (or double-click) a destop icon, Windows jumps in to dispach a call to the appropriate application. Does the icon have anything to do with Maxthon? If not Mx should be silent. I don't know if Mx would see an error that Windows didn't. <<SL>>
  16. Favourites Sidebar

    , It works here for me (Win7 x64; Mx5.2.0.1200). I don't confirm. I can't think of any reason to suggest; sorry. <<SL>>
  17. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Re: Normal? Yes it has always been possible that the skin might fail on a later version due to changes and new features. You're using, bit the skin is for I don't know whether such changes occured between these versions. If you didn't backup or rename UIMain.dat and UIHuge.dat and if you used it) the start folder im Maxthon (or Maxthon_Portable\bin\, then you'll have to re-install (or re-unzip) to recover those files and folder. If you have backups, just replace those files from your backups. <<SL>>
  18. Both of these show up in Global filters and each one separately in and domains. I deleat themwhenever they happen to reappear, usually noticed after several updates. <<SL>>
  19. adguard

    I am puzzled by Adguard adblocker extension ... specifically how does one ad a custom filter subscription. There is a substantial listing of variations of EasyList and of other specialized list, but I cannot find and where to ad a subscription other than the ones listed. There is provision to add custom rules one by one. Surely there must be a way to add whole lists by subscription. Any help? <<SL>>
  20. Arowana skin

    If I read Zork correctly, Arowana skin is Snapper adapted for MX5 with lessons learned from Snapper. @Zork, did I read you correctly? It's not identical of course because MX4 * MX4 are different. I like it but I want tabs under the navbar & favbar. But I can do that trivial change. <<SL>>
  21. BlackOut extension for YouTube in maxthon v.

    Yes, seeing that the title makes sense. Is the extension on the extension center? I thought the OPer had forgotten a link (I overlooked extension center then). It's like Lights Out on steroids <<SL>>
  22. BlackOut extension for YouTube in maxthon v.

    Extention or skin??? I don't know which ... and the title doesn't seem proper; there's no "blackout" on YT, only on Maxthon . <<SL>>
  23. How to change skins on maxthon5

    Maybe (untested) the max tab width parameter skin.ini is overriding the constant. Try changing both.but don't forget the skin.ini parameter has two values (without and with padding). BTW, I left you a PM about how you got Firefox to be one bar (tab+nav bar.. Since then I found the Mozilla Labs "OneLine" addon, but decided not to try it since it's identified by them as experimental, opens up FF and its data, and one comment about how to revert. Not my cup of tea for now. Is this what you're using? <<SL>>
  24. How to change skins on maxthon5

    Change this in constants.css in UIMain: Tabs */ @const TAB_MAX_WIDTH: 184dip; One shot does it all. BTW that width is 1.92 inches on a PC regardless of screen size.resolution. For me it may too big. But determine how wide you want the tabs in inches and multiply by 96 to get width in dip. <<SL>>
  25. How to change skins on maxthon5

    I think the settings in skin.ini may be outer bounds for tabs. The actual settings for the tabbar are in UImain/main/tabbar/index.css and for the tabs themselves in UImain/main/tabbar/container.css. The constants used are in constants.css or skin_c_dark.css. You can ignore the latter two files and just insert you color choices in container.css or tabbar/index.css directly. Hope this gets you started ... <<SL>>