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  1. New UI design in

    I read this as click+hold in the tab background to drag the entire window around the desktop -- this has been a feature for ages of ages and a day. I think but haven't confirmed it that this is because the tabbar has always been in the caption area of the frame. <<SL>>
  2. ghost tabs

    @BugSir006 - to reproduce follow my directions here (#3): This is on Win7 with portable Mx beta. <<SL>>
  3. ghost tabs

    Correction; I found a recipe to produce this "ghost" effect: 1. Set up a sequence of tabs like this: | New tab | Maxthon tab | Maxthon tab | New tab | nMaxthon Tab | YouTube tab | 2. Now close the tabs from right to left noting what happens when tab 4 (New tab) is closed. 3. The New tab QA jumps to the 3rd tab. Clicking back and forth between tabs 2 and 3 does nothing. 4. However, clicking tab1 (New tab) followed by tab 3 restores the web page. Note this is consistant with closing the New tab. So the problem is confirmed. <<SL>> .
  4. ghost tabs

    @Ody - I can't reproduce this in my portable version. Are you using the installer version? What's the recpe for making it occur? <<SL>>
  5. Suggestion - avatar on main UI

    I don't know why, but my avatar does not display on the QA page. There'a blank white square where I think it should be. It displays fine in MainMenu. <<SL>>
  6. Same fonctions in many places

    Not confusing at all. Wherever you are these functions are close at hand. Just decide which location you want to use and forget the others. I ignore Maxnote and Notes, but haven't definitely decided between navbar and sidebar favorites, while tening toward the navbar. <<SL>>
  7. - address bar

    OK, I knew that one. Just misunderstood and was search for something else. <<SL>>
  8. - address bar

    The right button in the searchbox only executes a search. The left button has the list of search engins, but there's no "search on top frame" option. I'm puzzled; did I misunderstand what you meant? <<SL>>
  9. - some elements too small

    The tabbar is 32dip high as is the wincontrols div; the navbar height and its button item height is 34dip; the statusbar height is a calculated min-intrinsic height (based on its contents); the font size is 11dip but the icon size is 14dip, so the statusbar cannot be less than 14dip high, probably ~16dip (1/6 inch). The statusbar heighht is finally right even with vision problems. <<SL>>
  10. New tab is slow loading

    OK, thanks for the video clip. I see the arrow you're refering to, but it's just for the QA / NewTab not webpages. Not really vay significant since there are many other ways availably for all tabs not only NewTabs. <<SL>>
  11. - some elements too small

    I have vision problems too AMD (with one eye peripheral-only and the other held in stasis) so I sympathize. However I have long felt that tabbar,navbar abd statuebar were too tall. Finally the status bar is right height. The sidebar has also reached acceptable width. Now my focus is on reducing the tabbar and navbar heights. I am hoping that full skins with an easy loading function like Mx4 had return with this framework refinement. That would make it easier for accomadating the MX5 UI to various vision needs. <<SL>>

    Same for me ... no problems on YT. @22518361: You mentioned "clean update." Did you dp a clean install? Big difference sometimes, maybe this time. <<SL>>
  13. New tab is slow loading

    What arrow? I don't see any arrow in the UI framework when the sidebar is hidden. Maybe you should provide a screenshot to show the arrow. <<SL>>
  14. MX5 Quick Access and New Tab behavior

    Not confirmed here. The QA searchbar (in the portable has the full list of search engines and I can freely change them. Perhaps the installer version has a problem that the portable does not. Sorry I don't have any troubleshooting ideas now. <<SL>>
  15. - address bar

    The addressbar retains its search function for me, but you're right that we cannot switch search engins in it. However you can switch engine in the Settings, searchbax, and the QA searchbox. So switching search engines in the addressbar only makes the function quadruplly redundant, It appears that aliases may work, thpugh the ones listed are full words not abbreviations. <<SL>>
  16. mx QA

    I don't see the scroll effect because I keep my QA sites grouped in folders so I see them all without scrolling. I don't see any sense in having multiple NewTabs open but know that some like to have them. My problem is that the NewTabs are not "USED" to open the selected website page; they instead act like a launcher for the page in another tab. Come to think about that, NewTab acting as a page launcher eliminates any need for multiple new tabs since now you always have one NewTab available to launch as many web sites as you want without duplication. <<SL>>
  17. MX5 Quick Access and New Tab behavior

    I have another behavior that should be corrected. A "New Tab" is not replaced by the webpage selected from the QA or entered in the aggressbar. Instead another tab with the page opens to the right of the active New Tab. Consequently all NewTabs are left behind unless closed manually. However, caution is needed when fixing this that a webpage you opened does not close when you click on one of its links to open in a new page. <<SL>>
  18. Skin/theme for branch - maybe

    I have sometimes resorted to specifying min-height, max-height, and height to the same value to avoid the relative priorities of these parameters: max-height overrides a greater height and min-height overrides a lower height or max-height. I guesss that's the best reason min-heights are specified. But specing all three should clamp the height to what you set. I do notice a nice little touch in your skin (using only UIMain.dat); you've left a nince 2px gully between the tab tops and the navbar bottom border. Something me to check. <<SL>>
  19. Skin/theme for branch - maybe

    That plays well with whay I found in toolbar.css in UIMain/base.toolbar.css: .toolbar{ flow: horizontal; width: 100%%; min-height: 22dip; } I always wonder "Why min-height when you're actually trying to limit the max-height. I think I've found that one can't reduce the height without dealling with every content of the navbar; just one doesn't do it. I've played that game. And the QuickTools buttons have some additional positioning problems due o differing in height from the nav-buttons. <<SL>>
  20. Skin/theme for branch - maybe

    I have a question from my study. What is the containing box that defines the "100%% height of the navbar; 100% of what? <<SL>>
  21. Skin/theme for branch - maybe

    I agree and even better it's a great learning tool if you unpack it and study tony's and Wilser's mods. They are distinguishable if you've done the same with Wilsers skins, though tony's comments and notes help. Thanks tony. <<SL>>
  22. Skin/theme for branch - maybe

    Good - interested !!! as I said. <<SL>>
  23. Skin/theme for branch - maybe

    I'm interested, but wonder it you meant "" or "" based on some of the screenshots which suggest ""? <<SL>>
  24. new tab

    I'm not sure whether the OP is asking for multiple "New TABS" or want something like Mx4 where you could have multiple QAs open. This is possible in Mx 4.4.8 and earlier (not sure about 4.9.x) and in Firefox and Chrome and IE and many other browsers. I would support such a feature as "nice to have" feature but it may not be possible with the current QA. However I don't see any practical reason for it. <<SL>>
  25. How can I hide "notes" buton?

    There is no option to hide the Notes button (I did check). So a mod is the way to hide it. <<SL>>