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  1. That error sounds familiar. In the last few versions of portable Maxthon, when using a prior UserData, I wouls see an error message dialog with that error and "LOGON: and "LATER" buttons. At first I hesitated, thinking it might ve a virus. But eventually, I ignored the dialog, but renamed UserData as a backup and did a clean run with a new login and sync. That ckeared the dialog and it hasn't occurred again. However, I didn't connect this message with a proxy, which is "Use IE setting". <<SL>>
  2. Reader mode

    Not all websites have reader mode content. Trh reader mode icon appears when a website has such content. It can only be activated on a case-by-case basis so far as I know. The above comment pertains to the Feed Reader (RSS feeds) not not speaking a site's content for vision impaired people. <<SL>>
  3. Agreed!! I never thought it a solution;it's just a description of my test. <<SL>>
  4. OK my test did not reveal the drop-down menu; I judy clicked "Clear History" and everything was gone. But "Clear Invalid" wouldn't work because I didn't have any invalid entries. <<SL>>
  5. Likewise. I do not confirm. However I wonder if you meat the download dialog (where you select the download path) instead of the download manager itself? That I haven't tested at this time. <<SL>>
  6. Download Dropdown

    OK, I neo let you change it or nit thever noticed that; I always use the "Browse" link to the right of the path field. It always opens a windows dialog with the last-used path selected and lets you change it or hit the "Save" (now renamed) button. <<SL>>
  7. I wonder if the devs used "px" instead of "dip" in sizing these elements? <<SL>>
  8. Download Dropdown

    Whay version (installorportable)are you using? I usetheportable now and do not see anydropdown in the download dialog. It has a link yhat calls the Windows savedialog to change location if that's different from the last used lovation already showing in the download dialog. Are you downloading a file or saving the current webpageoraPDF? These operations arenot "download" operations, since the objects are already on your computer. Anyway,I'mpuzzled ... <<SL>>
  9. Missing Mute bbutton on tabs in

    Yes, but some consider 7 pm-3 am an unusual schedule And it turns out a clean run solved the missing tab mute button on MARK SOLVED
  10. While testing a problem I had (in another thread here) I tried disabling the UserData copied forward from *.500 portable and running a "clean run) of *.600. When I tried (3X) to log into my account, the login failed with the message "This is not registered" below the password field. I was very careful entering the UID and PW to avoid typos. I returned to the old UserData and was logged in automatically with the same user credentials. <<SL>> PROBLEM SOLVED
  11. Missing Mute bbutton on tabs in

    I confirm your observation for YouTube (when playing a video) but the problem still exists on this site's live stream (with Brightcove streaming): EWTN Multimedia - Live I may be running this site up to 24/7 and frequently want to silence it to listen to something else. Maybe you can determine why the audio from this site is not detected so that the tab mute button is displayed. <<SL>>
  12. I cannot mute sound from one tab to listen to sound from another in beta portable. The tab mute buttons are missing from tabs in this version. And I have cchecked Settings for any option to display/hide the mute button on tabs and found nothing. RESTORE THE TAB MUTE button, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !IMPORTANT Making it a display option for tabs is OK; that meets the need. <<SL>> EDIT: Problem SOLVED
  13. I have two-step username/password combus save - originally done in Mx4, but it wurks in Mx5;s Passkeeper. I think a technique to save your multistep username/PW1/PW2 could be to enter the info for the first form, then right-click one of the fields and user "Save Form" BEFORE pressing RETURN. Repeat for suceeding forms. I don't know if the later forms will auto-fill, but right-click in a data field and choosing "Fill Form should walk you yhrough the logon. That's my theurt. Let me know if it works or not. <<sl>>
  14. wrong download location PDF

    @Ody,Sorry, but I'm unable to confirm your observation. However, I wonder if the sites permitted a straight download (bringing up Mx Download Manager, or if you had to open the PDFs in Mxx and then Save or Save as...? The site I used did not permit direct download; I could only Save as.. the HTML page wth the link to the PDF or open the PDF and then save it. I used Save as... and the location dialog (Win7) was pointing to the last used download location as expected. That's what I've found. <<SL>>
  15. Youtube rendering...

    I normally visit YouTube from QA without being loged into YT. When you come into YT using Google Apps, I think you will be loged-in. So,are you kogging into YT when you enter it with a bookmark or typing in the assressbar? There is a difference between loged-in and not states of YT. <<SL>>