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  1. mx5.0.2.1600-beta - First Impressions

    Well I never use Maxnote for anything but bookmarks. And the Snap tool alwats has worked for me and let's me rename the file to whatever I find memorable and. by default) puts it in My Pictures (whicch is good). CNTL-F1 and CNTL-F2 also work. I'm satisfied with Snap as it is and never thought of Snapshot till you thread made me curious. And I won't think of it any more. <<SL>>
  2. No, does not permit loading your own custom images for its QA like you could in Mx4. It has a selection of images built in and the request to add this feature has been made. <<SL>>
  3. Why sit with version 18 if nrwer versions will work in XP? The version in release is My Win7 has 24 as current version. I don't know at what version it would fail, but it's worth trying. <<SL>>
  4. Want To Remove Google CSE

    Did you also remove the Search extension from Settings > Functions & Addons? I can't give you a screen shot to show in which of the 3 sections of that page you would find it. I deleted it long, long ago and don't remember where it eas. So just search all 3 sections. If you find it, disable or delete it It should remain disabled/deleted through future updates. The go back and delete Google cSE (aka "Google Searcch") from the search engine list as described previously above. It has never come back for me since I deleted it. <<SL>>
  5. Help w/ MX5 skin - where is Main Menu called?

    You can't now unless you make your own skin. The Skin Center has not been enabled. They have promised to bring skins back. In the meantime you might find some dark MX5 skins on the Chinese Forum. <<SL>>
  6. Win 10 PC using Maxthon> Next Step?

    Of corse it can if you set it to auto-login just like the "Remember password" from MX4. <<SL>>
  7. Help w/ MX5 skin - where is Main Menu called?

    Thanks. It worked, but left me puzzled why the same addition in UIMain/main/skin.css did not work and still left the question where Main Menu was called. So did some further exploration and found several things: 1. The skin.css files were commented out in the css_list.css files in both UIMain.dat and UIHuge.dat. So they didn'load and so sisn't work. They do work when loaded. 2. I found that I was overlooking the fact that the toolbar flow is horizontal, left to right. Cosequently I didn't look far enough in UIMain/navbar/buttons_right.htm and missed where Main Menu is called from UIHuge.dat. Thanks agin for kick-starting more exploration. <<SL>>
  8. I have a problem doing a skin in MX5, The goal is to reproduce the Under skin pattern fr om MX4. This pattern has the navbar at the top of the window and the tabbar second row. I can easily move the tabbar in the layout sequence and remove the reserved space on the tabbar for the winControls (min/resyore, max, & closr). However I cannot establish reserved space on the navbar for the winControls. I have tried: .navbar { margin-right: 120dip; } and .navbar { padding-right: 120dip; } but they do nothing to the navbar The problem seems to be the Main Menu. I am trying to find where it is called to load. It's reference in UIMaun.dat's index.htm is commented out. I can't find any other call to load it, but it dues load and soes so following the loadinf of the winControls in the body of the UI. Where is the call for Main Menu?? I want to make it move to the left of the winControls along with the navbar right end. <<SL>>
  9. Favorites page can not oganize favorities

    Thank you! Always nice to learn something new, Version? = portable. <<SL>>
  10. MX 5 0.1.3000 can't hide sidebar

    *.nxskin files are skin files (packaged file/folder hierarchies) which override the built-in ui design, Yes, they are the skin files which MX 3 & 4 (& 2 ???) supported. My "*.mx5skin" was just my recognition that it might be necessary to use a different extenbion for MX5 skin files. If not necessary, then don't do it. They will be distinguish in the description. BTW *.mxskin files aren't limited to user-designed skins. BTW: I also hope that when the skin Center is re-enabled that a function present in MX3 but lost in MX4 will return - the skin selecter SKIN_MENU and I asssume its companiob SKIN_LIST. Both of these are present in the MX5 Skin Center code and were also in the MX4 code. They are just hidden, I know there may be some background code needed to support thse functions, but do restore them. <<SL>>
  11. Favorites page can not oganize favorities

    I certainly hope the new version provides ;ocal (offline) storage of the QA. I am glad to hear about the Send to ...QA function. That has bugged me by its absence, but I neglected to raise the issue myself. <<SL>>
  12. Multiple rows of tabs addon

    Why don't you try the Translate fubction built into MX5. It works well for me (well as well as a computer translator can be wxpected to work.) <<SL>>
  13. How to change skins on maxthon5

    It is as simple as renaming the files, but I think you flipped the names: 0.dat > UIMain.dat and 1.dat > UIHuge/dat. But be aware that things are chabging so things may not continue to work in later versions. [@tony I know you know this, but all don't.] <<SL>>
  14. New tab creation and tab handling bugs

    It doesn't quite work that way. I created a large number of tabs something rediculous, over 20, and got some in the dropdown. The tabs in the dropdown are sort-off draggable, BUT ONLY AFTER YOU CLICK THEM TO GIVE THE TAB FOCUS, My "sort off" comes from the fact that giving a tab in the dropdown focus immediately moves it to the right end of the visible tabs fromwhere you can continue to drag it. In short you can't drag an unfocused tab and a focused tab can only be a visible tab. The upshot is that you cannot reorder tabs in the dropdown by dragging within the dropdown. <<SL>>
  15. MX5 PC beta release

    Exactly what happened in my case. Basically I "learned" how Maxthon works without critique or expectation. So "normal" for you and me aren't the same. Now the question is should it work that way? I haven't decided. Have to ponder this some more. <<SL>>