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  1. Small fonts on some pages

    There was a new option added in MainMenu>Settings>Advanced>Web Page Display called Page Font Size. The default is "Medium but theree's a problem with recognition of this setting initially, so pages display ultra-tiny (fonts and images). You can correct it by changing "Medium" from that to another setting and back to Medium. Easier is to click "Set to Default" button. I think this is good for a Mx5 session, but may need repeating each time you launch until a fix is made - inconvenient to be sure. <<SL>>
  2. MX5 PC Beta Release

    No such problemhere on Win7 Enterprise. Dale
  3. ??? whats up with MX5 on youtube ???

    I have no problem with YouTube videos in Mx5 Connecting from Verizon FIOS in the Eastern time zone USA if that makes a difference. <<SL>>
  4. Small fonts on some pages

    Perhaps you missed the update in settings adding font size oreference in MainMenu>settings>Advanced>Fonts. It is in the Change Log. I did recall that when I ran into extremely tiny fonts on Clicking "Reset to Default" clears the problem and it has been permanent since then. <<SL>>
  5. V, bad loading

    It's not the first timbar works.e they weren't hyperlinked. But copy/paste to addressbar works. <<SL>>
  6. Font size

    Although I have poor eyesight due to AMD, thesceney look much the same in readability. But it would have been better to compare the same sceane with the same background. Even with the reduced contrast in the Maxthon shot the letters and numbers are readable, though maybe a bit closer spaced. <<SL>>
  7. Download mp4 video BUTTON on youtube

    YouTube Center is discontiued and no longer works with YT's new interface. <<SL>>
  8. Font size

    One way is to increase the magnification of the page in Maxthon. The control is at the right side of the status bar. But I think it applies only to the ccontent. Or you could use Windows Magnifier to magnify everything, content and UI. <<SL>>
  9. Maxthon 5 favourities

    With a lot of Favorites, opening from the toolbar star will display top-to-bottom as far as possible then continue left to right as needed. That's whaat makes sense of his description to me, but it is an assumption. <<SL>>
  10. Adblocker?

    Neither did I have to install ABP in, but i did not restart clean, just copied UserData from I wonder if they would have been sued if they had continued with AdHunter? Mabey now is the time to get UBlock Origin and AdGuard to do *.mxaddons.
  11. MX UI issues... let's make a list!

    Click yhe CLOSE "X" in the top right corner. Once done it stays done, though it might come back if you do a complete clean install. <<SL>>
  12. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Re: Normal? Yes it has always been possible that the skin might fail on a later version due to changes and new features. You're using, bit the skin is for I don't know whether such changes occured between these versions. If you didn't backup or rename UIMain.dat and UIHuge.dat and if you used it) the start folder im Maxthon (or Maxthon_Portable\bin\, then you'll have to re-install (or re-unzip) to recover those files and folder. If you have backups, just replace those files from your backups. <<SL>>
  13. Both of these show up in Global filters and each one separately in and domains. I deleat themwhenever they happen to reappear, usually noticed after several updates. <<SL>>
  14. adguard

    I am puzzled by Adguard adblocker extension ... specifically how does one ad a custom filter subscription. There is a substantial listing of variations of EasyList and of other specialized list, but I cannot find and where to ad a subscription other than the ones listed. There is provision to add custom rules one by one. Surely there must be a way to add whole lists by subscription. Any help? <<SL>>
  15. Arowana skin

    If I read Zork correctly, Arowana skin is Snapper adapted for MX5 with lessons learned from Snapper. @Zork, did I read you correctly? It's not identical of course because MX4 * MX4 are different. I like it but I want tabs under the navbar & favbar. But I can do that trivial change. <<SL>>