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  1. Very soon customizable skins for mx5!

    I like the two ideas above, not the "Nitro" one so much.. I hope your count reaches threshold when some of your skins are ready. Welcome back. BTW, pleasecheck your IM for an off-topic request. <<SL>>
  2. mx5.0.2.1600-beta - First Impressions

    Well I never use Maxnote for anything but bookmarks. And the Snap tool alwats has worked for me and let's me rename the file to whatever I find memorable and. by default) puts it in My Pictures (whicch is good). CNTL-F1 and CNTL-F2 also work. I'm satisfied with Snap as it is and never thought of Snapshot till you thread made me curious. And I won't think of it any more. <<SL>>
  3. No, does not permit loading your own custom images for its QA like you could in Mx4. It has a selection of images built in and the request to add this feature has been made. <<SL>>
  4. Why sit with version 18 if nrwer versions will work in XP? The version in release is My Win7 has 24 as current version. I don't know at what version it would fail, but it's worth trying. <<SL>>
  5. Help w/ MX5 skin - where is Main Menu called?

    You can't now unless you make your own skin. The Skin Center has not been enabled. They have promised to bring skins back. In the meantime you might find some dark MX5 skins on the Chinese Forum. <<SL>>
  6. Help w/ MX5 skin - where is Main Menu called?

    Thanks. It worked, but left me puzzled why the same addition in UIMain/main/skin.css did not work and still left the question where Main Menu was called. So did some further exploration and found several things: 1. The skin.css files were commented out in the css_list.css files in both UIMain.dat and UIHuge.dat. So they didn'load and so sisn't work. They do work when loaded. 2. I found that I was overlooking the fact that the toolbar flow is horizontal, left to right. Cosequently I didn't look far enough in UIMain/navbar/buttons_right.htm and missed where Main Menu is called from UIHuge.dat. Thanks agin for kick-starting more exploration. <<SL>>
  7. I have a problem doing a skin in MX5, The goal is to reproduce the Under skin pattern fr om MX4. This pattern has the navbar at the top of the window and the tabbar second row. I can easily move the tabbar in the layout sequence and remove the reserved space on the tabbar for the winControls (min/resyore, max, & closr). However I cannot establish reserved space on the navbar for the winControls. I have tried: .navbar { margin-right: 120dip; } and .navbar { padding-right: 120dip; } but they do nothing to the navbar The problem seems to be the Main Menu. I am trying to find where it is called to load. It's reference in UIMaun.dat's index.htm is commented out. I can't find any other call to load it, but it dues load and soes so following the loadinf of the winControls in the body of the UI. Where is the call for Main Menu?? I want to make it move to the left of the winControls along with the navbar right end. <<SL>>
  8. Multiple rows of tabs addon

    Why don't you try the Translate fubction built into MX5. It works well for me (well as well as a computer translator can be wxpected to work.) <<SL>>
  9. How to change skins on maxthon5

    It is as simple as renaming the files, but I think you flipped the names: 0.dat > UIMain.dat and 1.dat > UIHuge/dat. But be aware that things are chabging so things may not continue to work in later versions. [@tony I know you know this, but all don't.] <<SL>>
  10. Useless Popup

    Not any more. It now works for Flash andd HTML5. It can't handle Silverlight though. <<SL>>
  11. google maps - big freezes

    I just tested google Maps with Mx in Ultra mode. I do not find any problems. Pressed left mouse button and panned around; very smooth; no problems. Zoomed in with Satellite view (aka Earth view). No problems panning around. Went to specific address. No problems panning or zooming. So i short, cannot confirm with the last release. Did I miss something? Oh, yes, this is in Win7 x64. <<SL>>
  12. I've run into a problem on the Forum in the General Support and Bug Support boards under Bug Tracker. It is in several parts. 1. Mark as Read button within either board does not appearr to work. I click it; there is a screen refresh; but when I exit the board to the Forum level, the icon for that boar has not grayed out. I do check the board again for any unread threads, but find none. 2. The icons next to the board names do not work like the iccons next to the board names in all other parts of the Forum except But Tracker. In other sections clicking the icons is another way to Mark the board as read. Clcking does nothing. And last of all, I have a wuestion. I recall discovering on one of the boards a way to sort the threads, including Most Recent posting. This seemed to be the default setting, so that all recent newly posted threads would be displaed on the first page and if necessary continue onto the second. I have forgotten wheer I found it, and I very much want to use it in the Bug Tracker group of boards. Can someone tell me where/how to find this option or droptdown? SORRY, found the dropdown after posting. But it is missing a ""Most Recent Response" choice, so I'll have to make do with the ones given. PS: I'm using Mx <<SL>> R
  13. RT Discussion board not displayed

    You mention that Cloud Push is one of the main reasons for using Maxxthon. So that brings up my question. After you did the uninstall and cleaning, did you try accessing the site with or without logging into Passport? The relevance is that loogging in and allowing things to sync could bring back possibly problematic user data, ruining your uninstall and cleaning. <<SL>>
  14. beta issues

    Not necessarily. On my Dell laptop, the two trakpad buttons pressed together can by seen as "dmiddle button" and at the same time, the touchpad's scroll regin can be used. It's a little less convenient than a mouse with a middle wheel with button, but it can work. Of course, the driver has to offere the options, so not all laptops may be equal. <<SL>>
  15. Updated User Agent

    There is an error in the Chrome version in these new UA strings. There is an extra "0" before the final number. It should be Chrome/51.0.2704.84 . <<SL>>