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  1. How to change skins on maxthon5

    Maybe (untested) the max tab width parameter skin.ini is overriding the constant. Try changing both.but don't forget the skin.ini parameter has two values (without and with padding). BTW, I left you a PM about how you got Firefox to be one bar (tab+nav bar.. Since then I found the Mozilla Labs "OneLine" addon, but decided not to try it since it's identified by them as experimental, opens up FF and its data, and one comment about how to revert. Not my cup of tea for now. Is this what you're using? <<SL>>
  2. How to change skins on maxthon5

    Change this in constants.css in UIMain: Tabs */ @const TAB_MAX_WIDTH: 184dip; One shot does it all. BTW that width is 1.92 inches on a PC regardless of screen size.resolution. For me it may too big. But determine how wide you want the tabs in inches and multiply by 96 to get width in dip. <<SL>>
  3. Is this normal ? Password

    It is "normal" IF you have set (or left set) the option for auto-login. This applies to loging into your Maxthon account. It is also normal for any site for which you have saved your username & password and have configured Maxthon to auto-fill the user info. It looks like this is your case for Facebppk. <<SL>>
  4. How to change skins on maxthon5

    I think the settings in skin.ini may be outer bounds for tabs. The actual settings for the tabbar are in UImain/main/tabbar/index.css and for the tabs themselves in UImain/main/tabbar/container.css. The constants used are in constants.css or skin_c_dark.css. You can ignore the latter two files and just insert you color choices in container.css or tabbar/index.css directly. Hope this gets you started ... <<SL>>
  5. How to change skins on maxthon5

    I sympathize (no "empathize") with you. I've wanted a return of the way *.mxskin files could be loaded in Mx4/ I made some mods to suit my desires. But my inclination was to reduce the heights of the tabbar and navbar and the widths of the tabs ... sometimes as little as 3/4' (72 dip compared to the 232px they have by defaault). I've been told that making it so that *.mxskin (full skin not theme) can be loaded. But a new core is higher priority at present. After that the devs may work on implementing skin loading. I hope they follow through on their discussions. We shall see. <<SL>>
  6. Are you using the portable version? I use only that and didn't do a clean install of it either. However I do not know if CPU Usage and global Mute were enabled before I updated (overwrote) with But they were not enabled after so I tried turning them both ON, then tried separately. In all trials Mute enabled but CPU Usage did not. I'll do some more variations ans report back. EDIT: I tried as a clean i nstall. Start AND sync were surprisingly fast. I did nt have difficulty with CPU Usage however the deal-breaker was I could not log into the forum because it said my browser did not accept cookies and they were required to login. But Cookies were enabled. I tried turning them off and back on quiting and relaunching Mx5 in between each action. No help. So I have to revert to the old UserData which works for all sites but won't enable CPU Usage. <<SL>>
  7. I can confirm that SOME statusbar items do not display. By default Split screen, Full Screen, and Zoom do display. But if I add Mute and CPU Usage, only Mute displays. If I add only CPU Usage it doesn't display; only the defaults display. This is in on Win7 x64. <<SL>>
  8. MX5 and YouTube

    I cannot see this when I connect to YouTube ( [ Mx]. You failed to provide any information about how this happens to you. Remember to include the YouTube link you use in case there's a regional difference to be considered. <<SL>>
  9. Moving the address bar to the first row

    See this. It's just moving the navbar (navbuttons, addressbax, quicktools, main menu to the tabbar and disabling some navbuttons in favor of gestures. Have a look: Yoyoako+1bar.mxskin <<SL>> PS: I once used to be automatically logged onto the Chinese Forum when I used the link to it in the old Forum. But those links never were added to this forum and I can't log into my old account because I can't translate the security questions in the drop-down list.SL
  10. Moving the address bar to the first row

    The Chinese Forum skin section has a couple Yoyoako Summary posts, the most recent for 9/27/2017. The posts include all of her skins relesed prior to its date. But the 1bar post is from 2014 prior to MX5 and it doesn't work in Mx5 as is. (not surprising). There's another skin called OneBar, but I don't knoe the author and it may not be updated to Mx5. As Tony mentions you may have to DIY (Do It Yourself).. <<SL>>
  11. Moving the address bar to the first row

    It's possible to do um has done such a One-Bar skin in Mx4 and I believe she has one for Mx5that with some knowledge of css and HTML coding. I know that a skin maker on the Chinese Maxthon Forum, Look for skins by Yoyoako. The old skin was named Yoyoako-1bar. Of course you want her Mx5 skins. No one here has done one like this. In any case it's not as simple as Firefix's or Safari's drag-n-drop configuring; it take coding changes. <<SL>>
  12. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    @Wilser: I've run into a problem with the new UserBar, or rather returning FROM it. I am running Mx on Win7 Enterprise 64-bit. I just re-downloaded the skin today, just in case. Displaying the Userbar is normal. But when I return from it to what should be my QA, I see solid brown (using the built-in brown theme, 3rd skin on the second row of the Skin Center): However if I take a screenshot it shows the QA not the obscuring background. There is one more fact - this does NOT happen on an actual web page such as this message page I'm on. It seems it may be focused on the QA page. I've not explored other actual pages yet. REFRESH does not clear it; RELOAD LAST PAGE takes me to a different tab without the problem. Quiting and re-launching Mx5 brings things back to normal. For someone who doesn't use the Userbar, not a problem; for ones who do, a big inconvenience. First operational glitch I've encountered in your skins. <<SL>>
  13. For some omline help try the "MX5 "Guidelines & Tips" sub-section at the top of this forum. And for troubleshooting remember the "Maxthon Troubleshooting & Tips and Tricks" thread pinned near the top of this forum. Unfortunately I don't know of any offline help files. But I'm also not aware of any such for my other browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. <<SL>>
  14. Strange Icon in IMDb?

    I see th4 same (normal) screen as above on Win7 Enterprise (64-bit). I'm running portable. <<SL>>
  15. I didn't think of checking for that. Since the problem seems to have reslved itself, I'll keep that idea in mind for the future. <<SL>>