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  1. Confirmed although System Info mains without the checkmark and relaunching MX5 restores all until the bug is fixed. <<SL>>
  2. Passkeeper Organization

    Acyually Mx4 could save 2-page logins; it saved the same account twice, one had username filled and the other had just the pw saved. That worked. Froma message else on the forum I understand that the similar feature in Mx5 may be broken but to be fixed. <<SL>>
  3. Sorry, I haven't actually needed to edit a username in any browser, though I have sometimes missed a Update entries dialog and then just edited the saved password to make it current. I was assuming any of the fields could be edited. Apparently a wrong assumption. <<SL>>
  4. Passkeeper Organization

    Two ways around that unless the site detects and blocks stored passwords: 1. Go to site; username is entered automatically; enter password without pressing RETURN yet; right-click on dialog and "Save Form". 2. Open and log intp Passkeeper; find the site link with missing password; click Edit 9the closed eye icon); enter password; EXIT Passkeeper. Either way if successful should automatically log you onto the site at your next visit. Beware, login is 2-step (2 different pages) this may not work due to a bug in 2-step support. <<SL>>
  5. If I were in your situation, I'd simply go into Passkeeper , choose Edit for the appropriate link, and enter the username, and cose Passkeeper. However you're right that a properly designed Passkeeper would save ALL the data on the login dialog. <<SL>>
  6. Is Maxthon still using Silverlight?

    Well, then try maim_menu > Settings > Advanced > Customize UserAgent string and check mark that. You entered "user agent" instead of "useragent" The item is at the bottom of the page. <<SL>>
  7. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    Re: Normal? Yes it has always been possible that the skin might fail on a later version due to changes and new features. You're using, bit the skin is for I don't know whether such changes occured between these versions. If you didn't backup or rename UIMain.dat and UIHuge.dat and if you used it) the start folder im Maxthon (or Maxthon_Portable\bin\, then you'll have to re-install (or re-unzip) to recover those files and folder. If you have backups, just replace those files from your backups. <<SL>>
  8. Is Maxthon still using Silverlight?

    Check MainMenu > Settings > Advanced > scroll to the bottom <<SL>>
  9. Is This Ad by Maxthon?

    No you can't it's there to let you add new tiles. It might be superluous if other ways for adding to QA work without it. It doesn't bother me since it's nostly offscreen. <<SL>>
  10. Both of these show up in Global filters and each one separately in and domains. I deleat themwhenever they happen to reappear, usually noticed after several updates. <<SL>>
  11. Is This Ad by Maxthon?

    Curiously, I dd nothing but close the ad with its close "X" and restart the browse. That left the hanging "cion" and "pull-string". After another restart of MX5 (portable it's all gone. Nothing in ABP. However I trust that the ABP fix s good if effectively applied. I'll see if it comes back with the next beta/official release. <<SL>>
  12. Cannot copy address bar segment

    Works fine here ... copied videp ID segment of your sample video from the addressbbar to Notepad. PORTABLE on Win7 x64 ... use portable ,,, 'tis better IMO <<SL>>
  13. Is This Ad by Maxthon?

    I had a similar ad on a pertable version ( this afternoon. I clicked the "Close" X and it went away except for the pull-string. Then I quit and restarted with and it's gone ... no remainder. This is the second time it's happened. <<SL>>
  14. Cannot copy address bar segment

    I succeeded in selecting just the video ID, did Cntl-C and when paste I get ... nada/nothing. So I confirm this glitch/bug but in beta. <<SL>>I
  15. Facebook full screen videos

    I don't know; the Facebook video goes "full screen" with one click, except that Facebook's "full screen" includes stuff other than the video image. And the second click restores the video to what it was originally - it does not increase the size of the video image. I am using Mx OH ... on second check, the video does go "full-screeen, but the video's aspect ratio leaves stuff on the sdes in the black fill areas for the square (not $:3 or 16:9. I would'not want to see the distortion if the square were stretched to foll mr computer screen. Is the square aspect ratio typical for Facebook? I think I've seen other aspect ratio videos on FB. <<SL>>