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  1. my profile

    I think you may be missing my point; instead of removing the extensions, disable them first, then close & relaunch to see if they remain disabled. If they do, then try removing them. There was an undesirable extension in the past in Maxthon that was only removable by disabling it. <<SL>>
  2. my profile

    @Ody, you may have tried this,but instead of removing the extensions, disable them. Close browser. Relaunch it. Are they enabled or disabled? If they remain disabled, then quit again and do a clean install. [I'd do this in a portable version; it's easier and you can keep the old UserData as backup. The same can also be done with the %AppData%\Roaming\Maxthon5 folder.] Now relaunch. Do the extensions remain disabled or are they gone? If gone, you're home free. If not gone, but still disabled, remove them, quit, then relaunch. Did they remain removed? If not, but disabled, I'm out of any more steps; but they are just disabled clutter. I got this idea from recalling some years ago (don't remember whether Mx4 or Mx 4.9, or Mx5) there was an undesirable extension which could be removed only by disabling it. Then it wouldn't sync again. I hope this resolves your problem at least partially. <<SL>>
  3. Which Version Is coming soon ?

    @Chantao: Where is this in Mx I'm running the portable version, if that is significant. Thanks in advance <<SL>>
  4. Which Version Is coming soon ?

    Well I've been waiting for some time for completion of full mx5skin support. It's half-done at this point. However, I don't have any hints that it's likely the next version. To answer the original post, the next version should be 5.2.7.x, where x > 100. <<SL>>
  5. my profile

    I've often wondered when does syncung in Mx5 happen? 10 Immediately afterachage ismade? 2) Or when the browser closes? 3) Or both? WillMx5 "up-sync" after a change is made and one opens Maxnote and clicks the Sync button? <<SL>>
  6. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    Yhereis already an option which I have enabled but have forgotten, that keeps the browser open when I close the last tab. It just presents "Newtab", which is QA in my case. I can still mistakenly close the last tab I'm using, but it's easily recovered with "Reopen recently closed sites"button. No more effort to correct a mistake than to agree/disagree with a confirmation notice. <<SL>>
  7. I'm disappointed

    Thak you! <<SL>>
  8. I'm disappointed

    Why not post and pin the 'skin file' in this board so all interested can try their hand? Just wondering what's the holdup? <<SL>>
  9. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    yES, i DID NOT SEE ANY HINT OF REQUESTING AN INDIVIDUAL "bolse tab" confirmation similar to the "do you want to close all tabs?" confirmation when you close the browser with Multiple open tabs. tHANKS FOR THHE CLARIFICATION. <<sl>>
  10. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    Why not use the Close button ('X' icon) on the tab you want to close. Or you can go to MainMenu>Settings>General>Close Tab amd choose double-click or right-click to close the tab you want closed. Further, if you want the ACTIVE tab closed, there is a gesture to close it. With all these ways why add yet another way? Hope this helps you set up a way that works in your use of Maxthon. <<SL>>
  11. Hello NaxthonJeff and a happy new year.

    I have been wondering two things about *.mx5skins:

    1) Isn't it time to post the mx5skin SDK tutorial in the public Skin Forum here, so that others can make use of it?


    2) How about finishing the skin maker so that mods can be made to both UIMain.dat and UIHuge.dat (and even page.dat for some skin makers)?  I'd be OK with just UIMain/UIHuge mods, since I've not ventured into page.dat mods, though I have used some in Mx4 days.

    That's it for now.  I really hope to see complete mx5skin support finished.

    Have a good day,


  12. Hi MaxthonFan,

    I've been wondering if it's not time to post the *.mx5skin tool kit and tutorial in the public Skin Forum?  Are further developments in the works ?

    I know some skin makers (e.g., Yoyoako) in yhe Chinese Forum have made some, but I don't see any tutorial updates other than a title change and a replacement tutorial on that forum.

    Unfortunately, I've not been able to successfully log onto their new 3/4-part authetification scheme; I can't pass the captcha step. 

    Let me know what you think, please.

    Thanks for any feedback.

    Have a happy New Year.


    1. No.1MaxthonFan


      I don't know it it is really worth it.  Remember the one guy we had doing skins? He got so bombed out by people just keeping asking for small changes to his skins and then insulting him when they didn't get what they wanted and Maxthon changing everything so that all his efforts didn't work anymore. I guess if the instructions were a little bit easier, more people could do their own skins but people now-a-days want just a couple of clicks to change things and since that isn't going to happen they get tired of asking.

      If the skin makers over in the Chinese forum would post their skins here so that we could just download and install that would be fantastic, but I don't think they will.  We can ask the Bugs and see what they say.

  13. Downloading data from my account

    Thanks, BugSir006, you confirm (unfortunatly) that I had not missed more efficient way(s). I do wish that support for wxport of Passkeeper and QA would be provided. But even more I want to see *.mx5skin suport for UIHuge.dat mods be finished; half-baked support is not good enough for full skins. <<SL>>
  14. Downloading data from my account

    @BugSir006: I have the inverse question; how do I import user account data into my Guest account? Is there a way? Mainly I'm concerned with Passkeeper, QA, and Favorites. I'm hoping for some way shorter than re-entering everything manually. <<SL>>
  15. That error sounds familiar. In the last few versions of portable Maxthon, when using a prior UserData, I wouls see an error message dialog with that error and "LOGON: and "LATER" buttons. At first I hesitated, thinking it might ve a virus. But eventually, I ignored the dialog, but renamed UserData as a backup and did a clean run with a new login and sync. That ckeared the dialog and it hasn't occurred again. However, I didn't connect this message with a proxy, which is "Use IE setting". <<SL>>