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  1. I just tested the new option for syncing the QA page. I turned OFF sync for QA and turned OFF the Internet connection. I quit and relauched Mx5.2.6.200. The QA page loaded very quickly with a slight delay (IMO) from the local disk. I only got a complaint that my account was inaccessible asking with options for Logon & Later. But I was in my local account profile, not Guest mode. So we are already half-way there. We just need an option that disables sync & the server call whether connected to the nternet or not. @BugSir006: Can we get the devs to complete the server disconnect opyion?
  2. Has anyone successfully logged onto the Chinese Forum with the new logon containing a gesture capcham including dialog text, I have been able to try getting past tha capcha with NO SUCCESS. Is there a way past it?? <<SL>>
  3. I would like to add that Flash is approaching its End-of-Life in a little under 440 days, Dec. 31, 2019, when Adobe is pulling the plug and ceasing support. YouTube has moved to HTML5. Some commercial stations that previously used Flash are now using HLS for streaming videos. Maxthon stopped including a Flash player in Maxthon in response toAdobe's formal request. I have never encountered a "missing Flash" download warning for any video I wanted to watch. So sitesI may visit haveaccomadated to the Flash EoL. @judgedredd007, you might try disabling tha FlashPlayer extension by renaming it (aadd some latters to the beginning/end so they're easyto remove.) <<SL>>
  4. Error 2 of mx5.2.5.1000 version

    I don't see whay I think you are describing, but Ijust get BLANK white pages, no web page content at all displayed. No error message occurs either. And REFRESH does not correct the blank page. <<SL>>
  5. Beside the broken translate selection, there are a couple missing features in the new translate selection dialog. They did add the Google Translate language list resyoring some languages I frequently use. But the new dialog lacks spoken text for both sides (which I frequently use) and voice input (which I haven't used, but may find useful). As it is, I can't use the selection translator tool; I have to use Google translate to get all the featurs I want available. Too bad. On the other side the new page translation feature works very well for the Chinese Forum when I go there, even translating dialog drop-down lists and remembering to do it automatically. That'sgood and a reason I'll not disable the Translate tool. I do wish they'd straighten out this mixed bag. <<SL>>
  6. Quick Access - remove banner

    Not for me - once gone, it stays gone. It may come back once when I start a new version. It doesn't bother me enough to even determine if it comes back only with clean runs or if it's every first run of a version including overwrite first runs. [Note, this is for portable versions.] <<SL>>
  7. Quick Access - remove banner

    SeetheUP-ARROWonthe right? Clickit and it'sgone- worksforme.Mx5.2.5.600; Win7 64bit.
  8. Reddit doesn't work on Maxthon 5

    I agree, I have with UTF-8 encoding, and see no errors on the Redit page. OS = Win 7 x64) <<SL>>
  9. It seems to me that an "Internet shprtcut" is just a "bookmark" in a separate file. I don'tsee why you don't just bookmark the webpage and pick it from your bookmarks list the next time. Did I get your intent correctly? <<SL>>
  10. MX5 PC Beta release

    Thanks guys for the feedback. I was "unlucky" enough to miss getting a Win10 refresh by a couple months. I've thought of another check to do. Results later. <<SL>> LATER: My problem on Win7 was fixed by a clean run of Mx No action on this one needed.
  11. MX5 PC Beta release

    I found a problem with display of the website in But displays the site correctly as does FF 64 Nightly. The site background shows but mmost, not all, of the foreground objects are not displayed. OS: Win 7x64 Enterprise on Dell 6570 Latitude. <<SL>>
  12. I use Translate page when I visit a site in another language and want to read it. This, as you found, always translates to the default language in the browser. But that's not wrong, because the tra use nslation is done in a new tab so you can just switch back for screenshots or other actions. When I want to translate to other languages, I usually use Translate Selection for Latin, Greek, Russian, Ukranian, etc. <<SL>>

    I have teted the NOW page with Mx and find no such problems. It loads promptly; shows a close location; provides a button to set the more correct location; and displays the weather for the location for today or 10 days. It all seems normal as expected. Note I am located in the US, Eastern Time Zone. You should give the 5.2.5.x series a try, but maybe you want the official release rather than beta. <<SL>>
  14. Resizing window

    The min-width of yhe address box is set to 300dip which means 3 1/8 in. (about 7.9 cm). That is the major part of the width, but MainMenu, tool icond and navigation icons add some width. As a practical matter a 3+-inch address bar is already not lomg enough yo display many URLs. If you're not concerned with practicality, you could edit some of the css files in the IMain.dat file to create a skin that lets you go narrower, But you'll have to learn by doing; I don't think I've seen any skins that do this. <<SL>>
  15. I agree ... enough said. <<SL>>