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  1. Crashing Yahoo! Mail Now

    Crashes to me too, since they introduced those snowflakes into the mail (modern core)
  2. Google+ pic view problem

    Yep, I remember it worked well with previous versions of Mx, so I think it's due to some change in the updates. Anyway, it should work, so please, have it in mind, Mx team! Cheers!
  3. Google+ pic view problem

    Thanks for the input. I did not try another browser, as I'm stuck with Mx and IE for good. I may install Opera some day, but no sufficient reason so far. Apparently, we all know how the G+ page should look like.
  4. Aaaand this is what happens in Google+ picture view. It is not supposed to look like this, of course. This is the print screen view. When the whole page is saved, there's an endless black background with the picture in the middle.