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  1. How to delete UUmail address?

    Thanks. I just don't need that one anymore. So I was wondering if I could delete it from my screen.
  2. Drag tab out as a new window function

    I've had to do this many times before. I have several tabs open, need to detach one so I can read something and work on a different tab on separate monitors, and then have it go back to the same window again. In fact, I am doing this just now as I write this response.
  3. Is there a way to delete a UUmail address that I no longer need? This way I won't have to keep a long list of email addresses that I do not use anymore.
  4. Yahoo Mail Issue

    I am still getting the message "Yahoo recommends you upgrade your browser to enjoy all the features in the new Yahoo Mail.
  5. Click to block ads

    There was a time when we could block ads by clicking on them and those ads would remain blocked in the future. Are there any plans to add this option back, or any alternative?
  6. Drag tab out as a new window function

    I agree. I am glad this function is finally back. I had been requesting it for years. But it would be nice to be able to drag the tab back. Even Internet Explorer is able to do this.
  7. I just noticed that Maxthon is taking over 10 gb of memory on my iPad! I already deleted cookies and history but the memory has not changed. Any ideas on what is causing this?
  8. Yahoo Mail and other site problems.

    I also started running into this problem in the last few days. My Yahoo email starts refreshing on it's own. I currently have the most recent version of Maxthon.