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  1. Gmail message for Nitro

    Please be patient. The new core is coming ~
  2. Please enable importing existing Favorites!

    Wait for a tool:)
  3. Nitro critique

    27350364 replied at 2015-1-19 05:36 The latest "stable" version of is not stable for me at all. I installed on 2 different sy ... Could you provide more details about your crash?
  4. Has Development Stopped In Maxthon For Linux?

    Thank you for your support. The development of Maxthon for Linux has been paused. I don't know when it would continue:(
  5. Nitro critique

    odyssee replied at 2015-1-15 22:24 nitro is not supposed to have these features : it's supposed to be a slim and fast browser. If you ... mouse-gesture may be removed in future.;P
  6. Nitro ~ How do I update Flash Player

    Be careful! PPlugins may be depended on special browser version. Uses the old dll when found something wrong.
  7. Nitro unusable!

    Try uninstall and remove all data, then reinstall 3000.
  8. Drag & drop support for URLs?

    Not support yet
  9. Problem with Unity Web Player

    NPPlugins will be support in future version.
  10. Nitro is not installed on my PC

    engineer replied at 2014-12-31 12:23 Nothing is changed perhaps my Hard disk is bad sector but why Maxthon could be installe ... Could you try to run the unpacked portable version in a U-disk ?
  11. Thanks for your advice, we'll discuss this situation.
  12. 'Multiple Instance' and 'Close Other Tabs Menu' Needed

    Thanks for your advice ~
  13. Open link in new tab

    Thank you for your advice !
  14. Can't enter icq site

    confirm, thx~