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  1. Kindle Cloud Reader

    Thanks Ytwenty. I'll watch and see but yes I sounds like it might not be terribly vital to keep switching on and off but at least I know in case. Mantley I'd be happy to give it a shot with the new Adblock and let you know. Thanks again.
  2. Kindle Cloud Reader

    Folks I owe you all a ton of apologies. I simply was not "seeing" your responses. Too stupid a mistake to go into but forgive me. Now that I have I have tried the following:- As per 7twenty - I logged out and it didn't work and tried the portable version and same. I uninstalled and reinstalled the latest and it didn't work. Lastly I did disable the GPU Hardware and it worked like a charm. Thanks BugMiss006 Just curious.... I am assuming it was a useful thing to enable. Can you share what was the trade off for giving it up for the Kindle Reader (and yes it opens in the browser) that way I can just turn it on when I am not using Kindle. And last just in case it helps another Mantley asked why would have I disabled Adhunter for an email problem. My answer is I have no clue. I posted the problem and eventually that suggestion fixed it. The issue was simple but terribly annoying. If I posted a link in an email, it didn't work like a hyperlink when the recipient got it. It had to be copied and pasted in their browser. Turning off adhunter cured it. THANKS TO YOU ALL ESP FOR YOUR PATIENCE WHEN I DIDN'T REALISE YOU WERE ANSWERING. APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO.
  3. Kindle Cloud Reader

    Hello Folks. t Just checking back to try to keep the post alive as I haven't solved the issue yet. Thanks
  4. Kindle Cloud Reader

    Hello Again Not sure if I should just start a new thread with the query. But sending another request here before doing that. Hope to hear from anyone. Thanks folks.
  5. Kindle Cloud Reader

    Hello again Disconnected the 3 extensions I had. Ad Hunter was already off (due to other problems it created in the past with email) and the problem remains. Any other suggestions? Thanks
  6. Kindle Cloud Reader

    No.1MaxthonFan replied at 2015-3-3 17:03 Are you trying to read a particular book or are you just trying to log on to the Reader site to do ... I am trying to read any of the many books I have access to on all the other browsers I used. I've tried the link on another 3 browsers and they all work but not with Maxthon. I get just a plain black screen.
  7. Kindle Cloud Reader

    Strangely enough when I hit the ABOUT button on the browser it says I am up to date. I have no problem taking the advice and updating...I usually do update but forgive me if I want to know the thinking behind it. Meaning are you saying the sudden problem with KINDLE CLoud Reader is because I don't have the latest browser? And do you have any idea what link I am to provide based on the request in the same reply. No one as mentioned that. Sorry for the questions just need to understand.
  8. Kindle Cloud Reader

    Sorry you misunderstood my reply. I already have the latest version I don't need a link to the download in the reply above. The email above asked ME to provide a link. And that is what I don't understand. What link should I provide? And how? Thanks
  9. Kindle Cloud Reader

    Hello Thanks My browser indicates that I am up to date. The version I have is V. I am sorry but I am not sure what is meant by "can you provide us with a link" A link to..??? Thanks again JC
  10. Hi Maxthon is my preferred browser but unable to open Kindle Cloud Reader in the browser for about a week now. Had no troubles before and at the moment other browsers are able to do so. Any idea how I can fix this. Thanks much.