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  1. "First run" every time?!

    So since I've installed v5.1.6.1000 (and same applies to 2000), there seems to be some issues with the browser: I keep getting the initial top part of the home page (see image) and even though I use the X to close it, the next time I open the browser (admin mode or normally) - it keeps re-appearing. Furthermore, the Iridium script (I'm using ViolentMonkey) keeps poping up the welcome screen, which should only occur for the first time, as well as resetting all of the plug-in settings to default. It feels as if the browser is set to "first startup" every time.
  2. "First run" every time?!

    @7twenty I see, my bad.
  3. "First run" every time?!

    Do you mean this? And there's no proper answer that I've seen so far (it has been marked as PC bug),
  4. "First run" every time?!

    It does not happen on the portable version.
  5. "First run" every time?!

    I meant that %appdata%\users\ folder, my mistake.
  6. "First run" every time?!

    I just tried it and it didn't work. I also tried deleting the whole roaming Maxthon folder (kept a backup) and "started from scratch" - didn't help. Now I'm back to what I backed up... From what I see, it seems to be a "deeper" problem, since it also restarts ViolentMonkey plug-ins (although I only have 1)
  7. "First run" every time?!

    When I log in as guest it stops. When I go back to passport it happens again. So I agree that it seems to be something with being unable to overwrite existing profile data. I have tried it in both normal and admin mode (win7, x64) with and without anti-virus (as I know it can block changing some files, but I also turn it off when installing Maxthon) So this is not access problem due to some external anti-virus or something... perhaps something with the OS?
  8. So I've noticed that there are issues when trying to use I'm guessing this is a flash compatibility issue, but it repeats on several versions of flash from old to new, but not on Chrome or Firefox. It is as if the flash is "unresponsive" although it works... i.e: When logging in, it doesn't do anything, but when canceling using the X and reloading the page, it does sign-up Using play/stop buttons feels buggy and the same with the "like" and "unlike" buttons. Again, this does not happen with Chrome/Firefox using same flash version
  9. Element-Hide helper (for ABP)

    This is a nice little extension that help utilize ABP better by quickly blocking elements... Any change this will find its way to Maxthon as well? It can be found here:
  10. Element-Hide helper (for ABP)

    Magdalene, thanks for the extensions, however that was not the point. APB is excellent, but I find it hard to get the right format for writing rules (I try to hide block divs and classes according to some rule and it doesn't work - most likely because I do it wrong, although following APB's manual). What I want is something that sets the APB rules quickly and effectively, not 3 different blocking extensions (and APB is already integrated so...) Edit: I tried these extensions, to see if they are worth it - they aren't. The clipper is very limited and the NoAds... just didn't work (I couldn't even reach the preferences)
  11. Sites blocking ABP

    Recently, more and more websites detect ABP and prevent access to content if it is detected. This eliminates the need for ABP, since one can access those pages only if ABP is disabled (or some tricks are done). Is there a way to prevent websites from detecting ABP? The last thing I want is to disable it exactly where the ads are lurking...
  12. EZproxy extension?

    Hello, Is is possible to request plugins/extensions which exist in Firefox/Chrome to be transitioned into Maxthon? There is an extension, names EZproxy, which is used specifically for library applications, as can be found here: Now, since it is merely a proxy extension for chrome, I guess that it can either be transitioned into Maxthon relatively easily or just be applied via more general proxy extension (This is proxy just for specific sites which are library-related, not a general use proxy) Any chance of getting this, or instructions on how to do this myself?