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  1. 5.1 sound and Flash plug-in

    The Flash folder in syswow64 has the config file to begin with, the Maxthon\core\plugins does not. I would not expect the built-in plug in to use a file that does not exist there... I assume these configurations are built into the plug-in already as defaults. Well I removed explorer long ago and did not need any replacement for Maxthon, so Firefox was removed as well. I just don't feel like installing another browser without good reason... (OCD I guess?) I will try forcing HTML5 (using youtube center plugin), good point.
  2. 5.1 sound and Flash plug-in

    Hello, I have a sound card that allows for some extra functionality when it comes to 5.1 surround. Everything works lovely with the exception of Youtube (or flash player to be specific) and the internal Flash mixes causes bad sound mixing. I have looked and found a simple solution to the problem: In the flash directory (C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash\) the file MMS.CFG needs to be modified with the added line UseWAVPlayer=1. This causes Flash to use the system's default mixer. I have attempted to change that, but it seemed to do no difference in Maxthon (did not try on other browser, as I have no other installed). I assume it has to do with the internal Maxthon Flash plug-in. Is there a way to apply this onto the existing version of Maxthon somehow or added to a new version? Thanks!
  3. Facebook slowdown?

    Alright so after a little while I see that the browser tends to be slow and crashes from time to time. This seems to happen when facebook is open in one of the tabs. I suspect a memory leak, but unsure. I send a crash report every time it happens - that's the best I can do.
  4. Facebook slowdown?

    Not sure how that is related, as this does not happen with other browsers or previous versions of Maxthon. But maybe there's something I'm missing here.
  5. Facebook slowdown?

    Not sure what exactly you will see in such a picture.. it just loads things slowly (I checked, this is not internet connection issue). I have another lead though - sometimes when I expand a facebook post (when there's a "see more" link at the end of a trimmed post, the browser automatically scrolls all the way up to the beginning of the page. So I would definitely suspect that these are related.
  6. Facebook slowdown?

    So I'm using v5.4.0.3000 and after having Facebook open for some time, it begins to be slow, especially when typing text (as posts, comments and so on) and when adding emojis or stickers. Using Win7 64bit and the exact same extensions I've been using for the last 6 or 7 versions (where that problem did not occur)
  7. Lagging mouse pointer?

    Indeed, newest version solved the lagging issue. However I managed to crash it by now and not sure how Only happened once and I did not manage to reproduce it at all.
  8. Lagging mouse pointer?

    So I've installed v5.0.4.2000 a couple of days ago. All seems nice except that I've noticed that in several occasions, such as opening and closing the browser, my mouse pointer suddenly lagged badly. I am trying to replicate the issue, but I cannot do it systematically. From what I see, it happens when I close the browser after a a use of several hours - but not limited to that. I'm afraid I find it hard to provide more accurate information as I cannot reproduce this systematically - however it definitely started after updating to the new version. I don't see any general slowdown in my PC.
  9. So I've noticed that there are issues when trying to use I'm guessing this is a flash compatibility issue, but it repeats on several versions of flash from old to new, but not on Chrome or Firefox. It is as if the flash is "unresponsive" although it works... i.e: When logging in, it doesn't do anything, but when canceling using the X and reloading the page, it does sign-up Using play/stop buttons feels buggy and the same with the "like" and "unlike" buttons. Again, this does not happen with Chrome/Firefox using same flash version
  10. Element-Hide helper (for ABP)

    Magdalene, thanks for the extensions, however that was not the point. APB is excellent, but I find it hard to get the right format for writing rules (I try to hide block divs and classes according to some rule and it doesn't work - most likely because I do it wrong, although following APB's manual). What I want is something that sets the APB rules quickly and effectively, not 3 different blocking extensions (and APB is already integrated so...) Edit: I tried these extensions, to see if they are worth it - they aren't. The clipper is very limited and the NoAds... just didn't work (I couldn't even reach the preferences)
  11. Element-Hide helper (for ABP)

    This is a nice little extension that help utilize ABP better by quickly blocking elements... Any change this will find its way to Maxthon as well? It can be found here:
  12. Sites blocking ABP

    Recently, more and more websites detect ABP and prevent access to content if it is detected. This eliminates the need for ABP, since one can access those pages only if ABP is disabled (or some tricks are done). Is there a way to prevent websites from detecting ABP? The last thing I want is to disable it exactly where the ads are lurking...
  13. EZproxy extension?

    Hello, Is is possible to request plugins/extensions which exist in Firefox/Chrome to be transitioned into Maxthon? There is an extension, names EZproxy, which is used specifically for library applications, as can be found here: Now, since it is merely a proxy extension for chrome, I guess that it can either be transitioned into Maxthon relatively easily or just be applied via more general proxy extension (This is proxy just for specific sites which are library-related, not a general use proxy) Any chance of getting this, or instructions on how to do this myself?