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  1. No Topline on YouTube

    Yeah, I was using v.548 - it was just a typo on my end...
  2. I would suggest you take a look here
  3. No Topline on YouTube

    Not as useful as the YoutubeCenter, but I'll take it for now. I know Firefox/Chrome/Opera have working add-ons, like (on all 3 platforms) Any chance anyone converts them to operate with Maxthon?
  4. No Topline on YouTube

    You can disable it, return to theold YouTube format (see picture) and turn it on again
  5. No Topline on YouTube

    They keep changing the interface and some of the add-ons take time to follow or are simply not updated anymore at all. Most add ons are done by people who have nothing to do with YouTube...
  6. No Topline on YouTube

    Are you using Youtube center (YePpHa/YouTubeCenter) or similar plug-in/add-on? Youtube are changing their interface and it does not always work with these add-ons. I have the same issue with the YePpHa/YouTubeCenter (Dev version v545).Turn it off and try... P.S. Anyone has any replacement for YePpHa/YouTubeCenter?
  7. Ok, apparently it was one of the extensions that I did not notice (When thinking that I've turned them all off).
  8. So I've updated to beta and still no go... I'll point out that I login with a user/pass and you maybe not - which might be the difference. - stuck at "Redirect..." This also happens in other sites, such as: In both cases, the text/content appears for a second - and "vanishes". Not sure why it is hidden - it is not ad-blocked (I check with AB turned off)
  9. Hey, There's an issue with the following site: As can be seen, the content is "squeezed" at the top and, although clickable, not really helpful. I have tried with the Ad-block turned off as well, just to be sure - with the exception of ads, doesn't change anything. Maxthon Version Win7 x64
  10. Fix Auto-fill (name, address, ZIP)

    I should've been more specific: The issue is when using PK at the 2nd login phase (password). When using PK on password field - it clears it out completely, even it did fill the password originally (when using PK on the username phase) So the scenario is: 1. Enter a 2-step login 2. Use PasKeeper to input username 3. Password phase - password can be present or not (depending on the site I guess?) 4. If using PK to fill the password phase - it clear the field compeltely
  11. Fix Auto-fill (name, address, ZIP)

    Slightly different aspect, but I'll add it here instead of opening a new thread: Some sites (such as Google's Gmail and Microsoft's Outlook) are moving to a 2-step login method, where instead of user/pass in one go there is a first stage where a username is entered and checked and only later on the password is required. Is there a way to make Passkeeper to function with the new situation?
  12. Hey! I just updated to MX Android Ver and when usong facebook mobile ( I cannot upload photos in comments or when posting. The button simply doesn't do anythinh. The other biutton next to it (for emojis or whatever they are) works just fine. I checked Maxthon premissions for camera, file access, etc' and they are all given. Not sure what causes this...
  13. So I've noticed that there are issues when trying to use I'm guessing this is a flash compatibility issue, but it repeats on several versions of flash from old to new, but not on Chrome or Firefox. It is as if the flash is "unresponsive" although it works... i.e: When logging in, it doesn't do anything, but when canceling using the X and reloading the page, it does sign-up Using play/stop buttons feels buggy and the same with the "like" and "unlike" buttons. Again, this does not happen with Chrome/Firefox using same flash version
  14. Element-Hide helper (for ABP)

    Magdalene, thanks for the extensions, however that was not the point. APB is excellent, but I find it hard to get the right format for writing rules (I try to hide block divs and classes according to some rule and it doesn't work - most likely because I do it wrong, although following APB's manual). What I want is something that sets the APB rules quickly and effectively, not 3 different blocking extensions (and APB is already integrated so...) Edit: I tried these extensions, to see if they are worth it - they aren't. The clipper is very limited and the NoAds... just didn't work (I couldn't even reach the preferences)
  15. Element-Hide helper (for ABP)

    This is a nice little extension that help utilize ABP better by quickly blocking elements... Any change this will find its way to Maxthon as well? It can be found here: