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  1. U too have two of them. Around Turkish.
  2. the locale ("uk-ua", "sl-si") only seen when I add language to the list of available localizations.
  3. Mx5.0.3.2000. options-> Browser language. I've added "Slovene" localizations from More languages->Add language dialog. On my home computer I have Ukrainian Windows localization. "Slovene (uk-ua)" localization was added and set by Mx automatically there.
  4. yes, I`m sure. there are two "Slovene" localizations (see pic.) "uk-ua" means "Ukrainian". there are also some mistakes in translation. where can I write them?
  5. there is Ukrainian. but it's called "Slovene" (one of them )
  6. BugSir006, I'm sorry, I used not correct link titles. I attached an example. What I found out yesterday, the problem arise when I close any picture. Open "Photos" tab, open any picture by clicking on it. Close it. And voila - page doesn't respond.
  7. May I continue this thread for v5.0.3.900 problems? I've noticed some issues in Facebook photo galleries: 1) Mx stops loading pictures after 1, 2, ... few screens down. Need to reload page to go farther. 2) "galleries", "photos by..." links don't work. Mx changes the address in the address bar, but nothing happens. Need to go there manually (to hit Enter). //correction: if default gallery is small and fully loaded, they CAN act ok// And an additional, "Download file" dialog uses very small font.