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  1. print issue

    In the latest release ( this issue was fixed. Thank you all.
  2. print issue

    I'm afraid, I see no changes in I made a clean install.
  3. print issue

  4. print issue

    mmm.. I'm not sure I understand you well. Yes we have a company network in the office. But at home my devices connected via router.
  5. print issue

    It doesn't matter. Both of them give the same result.
  6. print issue portable didn't help
  7. print issue

    Good for you. I work on 3PCs (1 notebook, 2 desktops, all on W10). Everywhere situation is the same.
  8. print issue

    Since as far as I remember Mx I cannot print anything in Ultra mode. Print dialog just hangs. It is possible to go back in a very few seconds, after that the tab completely hangs.
  9. Last version of Maxthon displays a blank screen in Ultra mode after user/password prompt. In v5.2.0.2000 & earlier all was ok.