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  1. help required on the version

    There simply MUST be a way to fix/repair Maxthon's update facility
  2. If you are able we can set a time for this....
  3. Nice to have latest build but audio download problem persists -- I am staying with previous full version until a fix is found....
  4. I have now gone back to the last full version, non-RC, non-Beta, and the download function works once again. Thanks to those who suggested this. Hope Maxthon can figure out why this keeps happening!
  5. Still no success here -- I still get 0 bytes showing up for any download, no matter which agent I use...
  6. Here is the link to the previous problem which was reported by others, seem to have been resolved then by a reupload of the version then current: http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/23916-problem-with-audio-downloads/#comment-126644 Here is a screenshot of the problem, showing Download Mangaer....
  7. This has happened before with Maxthon version upgrades -- latest RC version has a problem with audio downloads. i have tested this in comparison with Chrome and FF. Is anyone else experiencing this? When I download audio, the file comes up as 0 kb. Thanks for any help on this...I have already uninstalled and reinstalled BTW.