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  1. Don't know if anybody else has noticed this, or has this issue -- when attempting to download audio from websites, a SAVE dialog box appears, with "local download" option, but the audio file will not download successfully using Maxthon. I have tried to reproduce this issue using Firefox and Chrome, and have no problem with downloading. There was never a problem with audio downloads before -- Maxthon would bring up the normal dialogue box and files successfully downloaded to my DOWNLOAD folder.
  2. I went through add-ons and extensions -- disabling resource sniffer and Adblocker seems to have stabilized things a bit.
  3. Quite frustrated and hope this can be resolved. Recent builds of Maxthon, including beta, start up on my laptop, but the browser takes a HUGE amount of time to startup, then freezez, and quits. This has force me to flee, back Firefox Quantum later builds, which have no problem on the same laptop. Wondering if others are experiencing this. It seems to be a memory issue....but unsure.
  4. Actually, my box on this has been UNCHECKED for a long time but I still get that popup about abnormal....