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  1. Getting core failure icons again -- latest version of MX5.... Hope this can be fixed...thanks
  2. PC Chip Flaws

    Interesting that update has not been seen here, at least on auto update...
  3. PC Chip Flaws

    Yes thanks -- well, the reality is, as numerous articles are explaining, that browsers are putting out updated versions as part of efforts to counter this....see https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/04/technology/meltdown-spectre-questions.html?partner=IFTTT&_r=0 One can't imagine that hundreds of millions of PCs and Macs and others will or can be replaced without huge costs to consumers and companies. Also -- while articles have spoken of updates by OS's -- I have yet to see the update they discuss from Microsoft.
  4. Is Maxthon taking any action, as are Firefox and others, to deal with this problem involving PC chip flaws?
  5. I wanted to write this note to praise Maxthon management for creating this browser. With the advent of Quantum, and Vivaldi, the competition for speed has gotten pretty fierce. But after using Maxthon almost since the beginning, and suffering through some frustrations with past builds, I can say that Maxthon is now right up there with the best of them. A number of people have had problems getting even Firefox Quantum to work properly, though it is quite speedy. Yet, while other browsers such as Vivaldi/Opera and Edge are fast, it is Maxthon that I come back to over and over again. I would encourage the Maxthon team to continue development in ways that sustains this excellence....and thanks.
  6. Since upgrading to 2400 and now 3000 builds, I am getting ongoing errors involving the shortcut on the desktop, saying the shortcut needs to be repaired. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks...
  7. Have had to uninstall and reinstall MX5 repeatedly, and getting a Load mx core.dll failed. Any advice from out there?