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  1. Maxnote Issue

    Thank you for your reply, it is appreciated. Tried to find that menu box but cannot see anywhere to bring it up. Just see the import/export, pop out and update icon menu.
  2. Maxnote Issue

    Pleased in general with the current versions of 5 than the first release however I still see a couple interesting behaviors. I've noticed that when I add a new 'single page' entry to Maxnote it adds them in chronological order which is great. However when I add a multi-tab entry to Maxnote it does not add it in step with the single page entries. What has happened is that my last multi-page Maxnote entry (couple months back) was the starting point for any multi-page entry and I have a group of folders that are not kept in step with new Maxnote entries. So I have a bunch of single page entries, now a series of folders and now again a bunch of single page entries. The old Maxthon4 favorites for me was that no matter if it was a 'group' or a single bookmark they were all added together in chronological order and this of course I prefer. Supposed to be, strange? Any tips would be appreciated.