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  1. status bar

    I'm Maxthon fitting the windows system beam. It either does not appear or is forced to disappear.
  2. Maxthon has quite a few problems in the last version. For me with six open tabs it just freezes. It only helps to "kill" the Maxthon process
  3. Do not rebuke people, just fix the installation file. Cleared - the same effect
  4. <div id="inner-editor"></div> 159/5000 I "killed" all Maxthon processes in the system. I started the installation file as a regular user and as an administrator. Unfortunately, no changes 5% and still stand. .
  5. maxthon nas szpieguje

    Obawiam się czy wystarczy odwagi małym żółtym rączkom cokolwiek napisać. "Jak się nie podoba to nie będzie miseczek z ryżem przez miesiąc no i co nam zrobicie?"