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  1. [BUG] Reset of search engines

    @BugSir006 is there any news ? this is really annoying.
  2. [BUG] Reset of search engines

    Well, it all started happening in version if im not mistaken. Then it persisted in and still happens now on unfortunately :/ My account is: There was problem with my passwords few weeks ago (they all dissapeared when there wat the srever problem) and were later restored by MX admins. Maybe it is connected? I was trying to figure out the pattern when the search engines reset and the general identities dissapear, but I couldn't :/ But I may do some resource monitoring to see actually when that happens if you need, i'll just need some hint where search engines are saved to monitor it
  3. [BUG] Reset of search engines

    @BugSir006 any updates ?
  4. Unfortunately this has been issue for more than three years now :/ I've personally pointed this out.
  5. [BUG] Reset of search engines

    @BugSir006 so the problem with the Search engines not synchronising persists and also my General identities dissapeared and are not re-appearing on sync anymore :/ edit: Homepage not synchronizing either.
  6. [BUG] Reset of search engines

    seems to work! thank you
  7. [BUG] Reset of search engines

    It resets to the default state :). I will try your suggestions though and will report back if it worked
  8. I guess there is a problem with synchronization in MX v5.0.3.2000. The search engine list is resetting everytime I restart MX. Also there is problem with password sync. Every browser restart the list is not properly loaded and the "Sync" button needs to be pressed to load the list to work properly. Reinstall doesn't help. Problem reproduced on two separate computers. OS: Windows 10 MX Version: v5.0.3.2000
  9. Passkeeper issue solution

    Yup they are back Thank you! you are awesome.
  10. Passkeeper issue solution

    Sure, my account is:
  11. Passkeeper issue solution

    Hi @bugsir006 i;ve tried those steps, but couldn't get it to work. I suspect something is wrong with data integrity probably ? because I can see the "old" mxpwd.dat file to have almost 1MB size, but still it loads only one entry in the list (there were two others, but blank so i've tried deleteding those before writing here for the first time.) If i copy the file to a different place and let the MX5 create a new one it has only around 15KB. I've replicated the same problem with two computers (personal and work computer). I was able to secure some of the passwords, because on an old notebook I have MX4 that i am autologged in, but i havent updated my maxthon password in that computer and didnt connect it to internet for some time, so i was able to log into the old passkeeper there and copy all my password from there. But still, this is really big pain in the ass to loose all the newer passwords that i had saved in "secure" maxthon cloud. I managed to save around 86 username - url - password combinations, but an educated guess is, that I've lost around 50-60 newer passwords that were either generated by magic fill for me in the maxthon and/or manually created on newly registered sites.
  12. Passkeeper issue solution

    Hmm still not downloading the list properly :/ version: MX, account:
  13. Adblock Plus < Maxthon AdHunter

    Don't worry I'll notify you
  14. Adblock Plus < Maxthon AdHunter

    Tommis replied at 2015-1-24 17:38 any beta's to test yet? I'm ready and waiting :-) not yet! Lots of work in company But soon it will be Give it a week please
  15. Adblock Plus < Maxthon AdHunter

    anagrammar replied at 2015-1-6 05:40 I'm not suggesting you shouldn't do that if you wanna, but all of those features exist in Stylish. Well As for a developer, it's challenge for me and to be honest, Stylish is not really that user friendly. Personally, i've installed it, disliked every part of it, and uninstalled it before you could say "I'm gonna develop new extension, that fits my needs"