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  1. Sorry. I wasn't clear in my explaination. When I save any favorite, I always like to save them to the same folder I created called UNSORTED. After I select this folder once (to save my favorites to), I believe that chosen folder should stay set as that default "save to" folder. But it's reverted back to My file (from UNSORTED) after browser reboot. Thanks.
  2. When I go to save a favorite by clicking the maxnote icon in the address bar and then saving it to a specific folder, it always gets reset to "My File" after the browser is restarted. I must keep choosing the specific folder of my choice when I save a favorite after the browser is started. Just wondering if others have experienced this. Thanks. Also, the favicons on tabs of certain websites show the refreshing logo and does not stop even though the page has completely loaded.
  3. With MX5.1.5.3000, I'm unable to re-arrange bookmarks in the bookmark bar by dragging and dropping. When I restart the browser, then the rearranging takes effect. Is this a known bug? I made a small video of this below. Thanks so much. 20180119_1128_11.avi
  4. Hi.

    I saw your post about the maxium tab width HERE. I'm running the later versions of MX5 but still have yet to figure out how to make the tab width wider. I would like to make it about a 1/4" or 3/8" wider. The setting was in skin3.ini but now I cannot find it. Any help you can provide will be greatful. Thanks so much.




  5. Opening new tab

    Awesome. I did not know that... Thanks so much. However, when clicking on a favorite (as opposed to a link), the shift clicking works in the opposite way. When I shift click on a favorite, it opens a new tab in the background and not shift clicking opens in the foreground. But when opening a link, it's the opposite.
  6. Opening new tab

    Is there a way to middle click on a link/bookmark only if you want it open in a new ACTIVE / FOREGROUND tab? I middle click to open a link/bookmark in a new tab but the new tab is not active or in the foreground. Because you may or may not want links/bookmarks to open in new active tabs depending on the situation. Thanks. When I select "Open new tab in foreground" in the Settings, there's no control as to which links will open in a new tab. With this method, way too many links open in new tabs which is undesirable.
  7. I just reimported my favorites and now I must click on EACH folder including the folders buried layers down and change each view to LIST VIEW in Maxnote. Is there an easy way to display ALL favorites and folders in List View with a single click? Thanks so much.
  8. Thanks so much, Bugsir006: This is a merely a favorite of my LAN Router:
  9. I cannot edit the URL/link in the favorite; otherwise it won't work. Even if you change the location of these favorites to a lower level in the Favorites, as soon as you mouseover the folder where they are located, the login dialogue boxes popup. In my case, these are favorites of LAN devices which I don't need access frequently, so burrying them deep in my favorites menu tree is the best workaround I can figure at the moment. Also, speaking of the Favorites menu, are we ever going to see the addition of Separators to visually divide favorite items? When importing my favorites from Firefox to MX5, sadly, all of the Separators are dropped.
  10. Seems that if favories menu contains any website that requires login information (in a login popup dialoge box before you can view thew website) has this issue.
  11. Thanks. I did try this but it fails to populate the fields the next time I login.. I'll try it again. Thanks so much. No. It's not working for me. I even tried "Save form" each after entering the username and password. Still no luck. If cookies are not cleared, when I revisit Google, it asks to "Choose an account" I select the account and in the next field, the PW field is blank. (If cookies are cleared, this fails to fill-in both the UN and PW.)
  12. Thanks so much for the replies: I did as BugSir006 illustrated, however there is no CACHED_LINK_PID or CACHED_LINK_ID. I see CACHED_MAIN_PID and CACHED_MAIN_ID. See attached screenshot; notice the 3 errors on the bottom. This was occuring on a brand new portable install of MX5 and at that time, I never used my Passport account. This was strictly Guest. But since seeing this error, I tried the Passport account and reverted back to Guest.
  13. Using MX5, I'm unable to save Gmail/Google login info to Passkeeper. When I attempt to login to Google, MNX5 does not ask to save the login info. I also try to 'Save Form" but this two step login process does not save correctly to Passkeeper. If I click to Edit the Google Passkeeper info, the password is present but the Account is blank which cannot be manually added. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. Thanks so much for the quick reply! Trying it now.
  15. I installed a new version of MX5 ( and tinkered with the settings with on the Guest account until I got it pretty much set. Is there a way to transfer these Guest settings to my Passport account? I never used my Passport account and now I would like to try it. I tried to copy/paste the files from the Guest folder in UserData to my email folder(Passport) but it caused a malfunction of the browser. Thanks so much.