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  1. MX, video problems

    I get a blank page with the youtube center extension on. ok when off. Somthin' funky going on
  2. Notification Requests

    get a lot if them anyway...
  3. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    Exactly I hit the note because that's all I can find to TRY and manage favorites. (to answer PHYR)
  4. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    It sure doesn't work for me in Notes manager. From the main favorites to a "videos" folder for instance. I can't drag to the folder. Win 10 pro Mx v5.0.4.3000 Tried with newest, same thing
  5. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    Use notes manager link under the favorites star top left... I DO wish you could drag and drop in there to arrange things. If there's a way, I haven't figured it out.
  6. New Install Can't Sync Passwords

    If you're synced you must have an account with it all stored on the cloud. Did you click delete personal info on the earlier removal? I don't know what happened at your end but it syncs fine here with new installs and I am using 3000 re-installed from the last beta try now. Proving... This one is not Maxthon's fault
  7. videos

    I only fixed youtube's embedded in a forum I run by making them convert to HTML5 not flash. Youtube site itself works fine for me. AS for the 1080, I saw Youtube has changed the DASH playback (default). IF DASH is active 1080 is not possible. Could that possibly be some people's problem? Netflix I have given up on and use Egde which has a much better resolution. I suggest switching retro to edge engine IF you can get it That's about all I know on the subject.
  8. videos

    Google has been messing with Youtube video's lately, transitioning away from any flash and going to html5. They might have been doing something in the code when you had this problem. Work ok on mine now, anyway. Netflix and twitter and some others, well... that's another story
  9. I also use FBP and highly recommend it for Facebook on a numbers of levels...
  10. He's fixed it now... It was previously not working until he worked around the issue above.
  11. videos

    think of someone new to Maxthon... switching back and forth to retro seems well.... retro There must be a way to make the browser sense what is needed and just DO IT!
  12. videos

    oops... found some more on twitter: (scroll down)
  13. videos

    Yes, ultra mode in twitter (should see more in link named in picture) no movies will play in Netflix, period. Retro or ultra modes. Windows 10 12 gig ram Maxthon v4.9.3.500 If tried in ultra mode you get this: twitter seems to be working now... can't re enact it. Netflix problem REMAINS... thanks
  14. videos

    can we fix this (on twitter): ALSO Netflix not working... There's no excuse for a modern browser in this world not to have this working. Unless you're trying to turn people away.