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  1. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    Exactly I hit the note because that's all I can find to TRY and manage favorites. (to answer PHYR)
  2. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    It sure doesn't work for me in Notes manager. From the main favorites to a "videos" folder for instance. I can't drag to the folder. Win 10 pro Mx v5.0.4.3000 Tried with newest, same thing
  3. Manage My Favorites In Maxthon 5

    Use notes manager link under the favorites star top left... I DO wish you could drag and drop in there to arrange things. If there's a way, I haven't figured it out.
  4. New Install Can't Sync Passwords

    If you're synced you must have an account with it all stored on the cloud. Did you click delete personal info on the earlier removal? I don't know what happened at your end but it syncs fine here with new installs and I am using 3000 re-installed from the last beta try now. Proving... This one is not Maxthon's fault
  5. Start up connections

    it helps avoid crashes killing the whole browser.
  6. - 100% zoom is too big

    I don't know why we have to argue every point here and be treated like we don't know what we're talking about, should something be pointed out. Mine is just like yours and I use 125% to see it well (on 3000) the betas so far are not to my liking for a few reasons I don't DARE mention or I'll be attacked...
  7. - 100% zoom is too big

    The zooms are different between v5.0.4.3000 and these betas. Like he said the beta's are bigger. 100% beta = 110% on my 3000 not sure it matters all that much. there are bigger issues.
  8. where has my QA gone ?

    lots of load errors with the QA lately... an f5 or Ctrlf5 always fixed mine. Something basically GOOFY! (tech term)
  9. Memory leaking is horrendous! and major programming sin is not releasing memory on closing! Shame!
  10. no, not offhand, but yahoo is still doing it. Of course they (at their forum) blame Maxthon. I'm just living with it. While I'm on the subject, it WOULD be nice to have the features the AB+ EXTENSIONS have when you bring them into Firefox or Chrome... Just saying our built in has been left behind a bit :\
  11. Good to know, thanks! One down and more to go
  12. The QA COULD use more precision and some ways to customize it to people's liking's... Multiple pages? Make it so as an option... easily re-arrange without knocking the following boxes around like dominoes would be nice too. drag and drop a box out of a folder (or even manually edit it back to the main page too), would be good animated Gifs, to me are way down on the list
  13. He does... Like I said, I thought it might be an indication of some fundamental problem, not just yahoo mail (which I have worked around by using the "new" HTML5 version. This is a for what it's worth post
  14. V5.0.4.1000 Non AB+ filtering continues...
  15. AdBlock Plus in version5.0.3.4000 works correctly hiding the division tag and class grouping mb using the custom filter section of adBlock in yahoo mail classic view (fig 1) Filter used that has worked for many versions and months: (fig 2) And how it fails in betas (the last few) (Fig 3) I'm posting this not that it is a big deal in the grand world of life But... I thought this issue MIGHT affect other Div's or html code in some ways. It's a mystery to me why this happens.