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  1. lost me to UC browser... Seems like that's where the old Maxthon engineers went to me... I'll keep checking back and see IF you ever get this browser straightened out. Maxthon just simply HOGS too many resources. see ya around
  2. You could export the correct favorites in HTML and save THEN import back to the other one could you not? I quit using adblock and went ahead and paid for AdGuard... works much better...
  3. Is This Ad by Maxthon?

    That's why there's a new UI... future use, I think.
  4. it runs away on mine, ok... it's a fact with mine. I always do clean installs and I've used computers sine 1974 and have other bonifides including degrees and career experience, but it isn't important. I see it climb in real time using a gadget on my desktop and no the memory does not clear on closing the program. The program parts clear but not the memory used. Ram usage is fine to a point but it also interferes and actually the program slows if too much is used 9 or 10 gig, say. I am talking about my machine: i7 intel, windows 10 pro, 18 gig memory Install this gadget if you want and track it in real time yourselves. Up to you. btw, is this a browser or a cult?
  5. memory usage in Maxthon is poor. It is a fact, Leaks bad on my system. Does not clear ever without a re-start, I've seen other browsers with options to purge memory every 30 minutes or whatever or on closing at least, etc. Just a fact
  6. High memory usage in some cases

    Here's what I did and it seems much better: Using Wise Program Uninstaller (I believe it's free and part of Wisecare365), I deleted MX5 and let the uninstaller remove traces in the registry. Closed down computer and restarted. Then installed newest version (v5.1.5.1000) I had downloaded earlier BUT... on the installation path window I ADDED the words new to the MX5 folder path (now MX5new) as suggested by Rick above. Seems better! (There have been SO many stalls and crashes in older versions, it's sure possible a corruption has happened and maybe more than one) ANYWAY... HOPE this helps and good luck!
  7. High memory usage in some cases

    I always do a clean install... Sorry, but that is how it runs on my computer but like I said this newest version is better. I'll try renaming the folder on the next one and see if that helps. Thanks
  8. High memory usage in some cases

    all the newer versions have memory leaks... have to re-boot to free up my memory after so many hours with Maxthon open. I have 19 gig and even that pins in time. SHOULD at least go back down when closing the browser. Not very good programming in my opinion, though this newest one (v5.1.5.200) seems a BIT better than past ones.
  9. Cannot play Netflix

    I just use MS Edge for netflix... Better resolution too. Amazon Prime works here fine though
  10. videos

    I only fixed youtube's embedded in a forum I run by making them convert to HTML5 not flash. Youtube site itself works fine for me. AS for the 1080, I saw Youtube has changed the DASH playback (default). IF DASH is active 1080 is not possible. Could that possibly be some people's problem? Netflix I have given up on and use Egde which has a much better resolution. I suggest switching retro to edge engine IF you can get it That's about all I know on the subject.
  11. videos

    Google has been messing with Youtube video's lately, transitioning away from any flash and going to html5. They might have been doing something in the code when you had this problem. Work ok on mine now, anyway. Netflix and twitter and some others, well... that's another story
  12. I also use FBP and highly recommend it for Facebook on a numbers of levels...
  13. He's fixed it now... It was previously not working until he worked around the issue above.
  14. videos

    think of someone new to Maxthon... switching back and forth to retro seems well.... retro There must be a way to make the browser sense what is needed and just DO IT!
  15. videos

    oops... found some more on twitter: (scroll down)