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  1. Yes! Yes! I found! Problem is Polish language! When I change to English and restart MX print window work fine, but when I return to Polish language window not work. You can try on Your computer. Print in Polish looks like "Drukuj" Now - I hope - You can fix it!
  2. I hope its private channel :)

    Its my post: 


    My TeavViewer ID is 1 506 291 375

    Password: 1234567890

    I have Team Viewer 6 Host (commercial)

  3. Check please two problems: 1. Printing (it's most important now) 2. Checking new version (everytime MX say "you have last version" even on old versions) - If you have time because it is minor problem.
  4. Yes, of course. I made new computer now, Its working all time. You can connect anytime, no one work on this computer and You can do everything what you need. Its possible to send You private message here?
  5. Nie wiem czy dobrze rozumiem. Mój post trafił do prywatnej osoby? To w ogóle możliwe na forum? Widać go na głównej liście forum. Pozdrawiam
  6. Look please at screenshots below. I put here only few from many more. Different MX versions, different systems (7 Pro, servers: 2008, 2012, 2016), domains and no domains, dual CPU and single CPU, with logged mx users and only guests - everything is not important. Everywhere printing not working, but I have few computers (only few!) where this problem not exist and print window working fine. And ALWAYS NOT work checking new version (look at second screenshot)...
  7. This is not new problem, I fight with them many last versions (included newest Beta) but nothing help. For example I try print https://www.google.pl/ site. Print window is working but cannot chose printer, and cursor work with no end. Computer is working on Windows 7 Professional Maxthon v5.2.7.2000 with no Adds, clear installation (I removed Maxthon5 folder from my user ...\appdata\roaming folder before installation) This situation I have now on many, many computers. Its not problem my machine or my system.
  8. Newcomers, look here!

    Hi all! Im from Poland. I used maxthon before some people here were born I like this program, but I have few critical problems and I need talk with another users, so I need possibility to write posts. Now I can only read.