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  1. Google not displaying properly

    I have no adds except build-in Maxthon.
  2. Google not displaying properly

    It's not only one problem with Google. Open this site: https://www.google.pl/search?ei=_CMZXcC7OISGwPAP3dixuAs&q=deska+tarasowa+egzotyczna&oq=Deska+tarasowa&gs_l=psy-ab.1.6.0i71l8.0.0..43705...0.0..0.0.0.......0......gws-wiz.QaH_0tZ7vFY ...and try to open graphics adds on a top. Its not possible.
  3. I hope its private channel :)

    Its my post: 


    My TeavViewer ID is 1 506 291 375

    Password: 1234567890

    I have Team Viewer 6 Host (commercial)

  4. Newcomers, look here!

    Hi all! Im from Poland. I used maxthon before some people here were born I like this program, but I have few critical problems and I need talk with another users, so I need possibility to write posts. Now I can only read.