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  1. MX5 Mac beta release 5.0.15

    Another possible bug: When having Gmail open - If you chose the dropdown-feature of contact-persons it opens in a blank page.
  2. MX5 Mac beta release 5.0.15

    It happens when I am using Maxthon. Highlight any word, press right mouse, chose "Search with Google" The resulting search shows in Safari.
  3. MX5 Mac beta release 5.0.15

    I still have one problem, that remains to be fixed: When doing a Google search by highlighting a text and choose "search with Google" the result still shows in Safari instead of in Maxthon even when Maxthon is the default browser.
  4. MX5 Mac beta release 5.0.15

    I believe this version is OK. Have not found any issues yet and the issues I've previously had with the former version are fixed. Thank you very much. One thing, though: I would very much like to be able to configure the Adhunter myself using localised or own-made rules/filters, being from a small country (Denmark) the adhunter-rules, which often are british/american based, often do not apply. It has been possible in previous versions of Maxthon (at least for Windows) so why not here??