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  1. MX5 Mac beta release 5.0.15

    Another possible bug: When having Gmail open - If you chose the dropdown-feature of contact-persons it opens in a blank page.
  2. MX5 Mac beta release 5.0.15

    It happens when I am using Maxthon. Highlight any word, press right mouse, chose "Search with Google" The resulting search shows in Safari.
  3. MX5 Mac beta release 5.0.15

    I still have one problem, that remains to be fixed: When doing a Google search by highlighting a text and choose "search with Google" the result still shows in Safari instead of in Maxthon even when Maxthon is the default browser.
  4. MX5 Mac beta release 5.0.15

    I believe this version is OK. Have not found any issues yet and the issues I've previously had with the former version are fixed. Thank you very much. One thing, though: I would very much like to be able to configure the Adhunter myself using localised or own-made rules/filters, being from a small country (Denmark) the adhunter-rules, which often are british/american based, often do not apply. It has been possible in previous versions of Maxthon (at least for Windows) so why not here??
  5. MX5 iOS Release 5.0.8

    Yes I am. I'd at least like to have my own links, as it is possible in other versions of Maxton5 (Mac, Android and Windows - I have them all). It would be best if it were possible so sync the quick access page between the different versions as it is with bookmarks.
  6. MX5 iOS Release 5.0.8

    Seems to be OK. Works well as far as I can see. I miss the ability to synchronize the startpage of Maxthon5 for Mac and the startpage of Maxthon5 for IOS. Now it is not even possible to customise the startpage of Maxthon5 for IOS with your own links. These features needs to be developed and implemented if you want the Maxthon5 for IOS to be used as a primary browser.
  7. MX5 Mac beta release 5.0.14

    Url to the the software package: - Thanks for your kind remarks on my family tree - It has been fun making it. The database is a very common used genealogy-tool and is purely web-based through a browser and a mySql server.
  8. MX5 Mac beta release 5.0.14

    Another possible issue: I am - on an offline server - updating my genealogical database through the software package: TNG. The online version can be seen here: When I run the update-php-script it normally should close the update page on exit - but somehow this does not work. It is not the end of the world, but irritating and works in other browsers. When I look in the script and the resulting code: <script type="text/javascript"> top.close();</script>I cannot see any problems, but somehow this script does not run. Any clues?? Attachment two files: Update-php script - and output from Maxthon output Maxthon.html admin_updateperson.php
  9. MX5 Mac beta release 5.0.14

    Works OK, I think - being a beta-version. I am not able to stream html5-video or Silverlight-based video however (NETFLIX), which is a major issue. I hope later versions will support this.....