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  1. Default browser

    The most of Win10 updates will reset default browser back to Edge so procedure needs to be repeated often.
  2. Roboform with Maxthon 5.

    I'm not in China but I'd like to see Roboform support again. After Roboform issues I started using LastPass and now that one is not working with Maxthon too for almost a year already.
  3. It looks like someone didn't have problems leaving 15K+ fake reviews for Maxthon mining extension.
  4. 15K of fake reviews. Must be a great extension.
  5. Maxthon & VPN

    Thank you PHYR. I'm sure I am using the right local connection. I'll check some older PC I have to eliminate possibility that Win10 is issue. I am still convinced that problem is in Maxthon as every other browser I tried is working OK. Even, Maxthon is working great except that quick dial page is not loading. I'll ask in pfsense forums too in case anyone else experienced something similar.
  6. Maxthon & VPN

    I finally managed to setup pfsense router and NordVPN service. Now, Maxthon (v start page is not working anymore on my Windows laptop. Everything else is working OK. Any suggestions how to get it back..
  7. Maxthon & VPN

    I just showed what command ipconfig/all displays and I know what those values are. If my local IP is then how Maxthon see it as which is reserved IP address used typically when computer can't find DHCP server. As you can see that's not the case here because DHCP server is available and working. Any 'what is my IP" web site I visit will show correct public IP address except Maxthon itself. I could understand that Maxthon has issues seeing public IP due to VPN but local IP address should be always correct. Point is that internet access is working even with Maxthon displaying wrong IP address information. All sites are opening without any issues except Maxthon quick dial start page.
  8. Maxthon & VPN

    Can anyone tell me how it is possible to access the Internet and not having an IP address? How it is possible that Maxthon doesn't recognize my computers IP address?
  9. Maxthon & VPN

    Maxthon can access the net and it works OK. Why my Windows laptop is recognized as mobile device and I am asked to install Maxthon 5 mobile version? 下载傲游5移动版
  10. Maxthon & VPN

    Maxthon sees my IP as :-( And in version 4 Quick Acess works.
  11. Is This Ad by Maxthon?

    Please remove this unvanted add. PS - lives.one welcome to the pi-hole