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  1. 2 More issued with Android GUI. Second issue might be because of my phone but old Maxthon had option to share link before it was upgraded to V5.
  2. Recently I started having message that Maxthon desktop icon is abnormal??? Point is that there is no icon on the deskop at all - Win10, Win8.1 and MX5 After repair it is OK for a day or two and message comes back.
  3. My comments on mobile maxthon 5.
  4. Default browser

    The most of Win10 updates will reset default browser back to Edge so procedure needs to be repeated often.
  5. Roboform with Maxthon 5.

    I'm not in China but I'd like to see Roboform support again. After Roboform issues I started using LastPass and now that one is not working with Maxthon too for almost a year already.
  6. It looks like someone didn't have problems leaving 15K+ fake reviews for Maxthon mining extension.
  7. 15K of fake reviews. Must be a great extension.