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  1. Android - MX5

    I don't have issue in PC mode either. Mobile mode doesn't work. At least I know it is not something related to my phone.
  2. Android - MX5

    Could you please clarify to which options you are referring to? Press & hold to open menu works on every other site except the Google News. Phone is using Nubia UI 4.0 which is based on Android 6.0.1 Phone is not rooted or changed in any way. It runs original firmware and right click work in Chrome for example.
  3. Android - MX5

    #6 - Press and hold doesn't offer menu with options to open link in the background Probably is phone related :-(
  4. Android - MX5

    Figured out #1. Five more to go.
  5. Android - MX5

    On my phone MX got updated to MX5 and I have couple of questions: 1) How to switch between desktop & mobile mode? 2) How to disable search recent history? 3) Is there a way to hide menu at the bottom of the screen (M button, maxnote & account). It is on all the time and takes up way too much screen space? 4) Is there a way to remove App+ button on the start screen? 5) Is there a way to remove city & weather info from the top of the screen? 6) Any way to make Google news links open in the new window on Nubia Z11 Mini?