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  1. MX5.0.2.1600 proxy issue on IE mode

    Hi bug sir, my mean about the MX no proxy setting is ==> I disable the maxthon proxy seting as photo. we have 2 way can access internet, one is thru our company proxy to access internet. but company proxy had blocked some website(i.e.: Facebook, Youtube....) based on this blocking rules,we are use our test xDSL line to access internet and this xDSL line no need any proxy setting. In my case: a. MS-IE enable proxy, then thru company proxy to access internet. else thru xDSL line to access internet (disable IE proxy, then thru xDSL line) b. our MIS set the proxy on Windows Server, and every 60min update client IE proxy setting to company proxy (enable) If we want visit Facebook, Youtube, we use IE is very difficultly. In the normal condition, I disable MX proxy setting. and work on MX to visit facebook. The problem is my MX proxy is disable, and IE already enable proxy. MX work on retro mode(IE kernel mode), I cannot access internet at sometime. also the extension app cannot workable on Retro mode. for the extension app is not everyone.
  2. MX5.0.2.1600 proxy issue on IE mode

    My setting on the PC 1. IE11 => enable proxy 2. Maxthon => no proxy setting, disable proxy issue: a. Maxthon work on IE(Retro) mode, then MX cannot access internet. (PS: Maxthon is no proxy setting ) b. Maxthon work on IE(Retro) mode, then the MX extension app cannot access internet, too. (PS: Maxthon is no proxy setting ) my solution: Disable( or clear) MS-IE11 proxy setting, then MX and MX extension app can access internet by IE(Retro) mode. The issue still o MX
  3. MX5.0.2.1600 proxy issue on IE mode

    IE => enable company proxy Maxthon => Non Maxthon work on IE mode, internet cannot access. Disable IE proxy setting, MX can access internet by IE mode(Compatibility mode).
  4. MX5.0.2.1600 proxy issue on IE mode

    I didn't enable or setting any proxy properies in Maxthon. and our MIS set the IE proxy by automaticly. my problem is when I switch Maxthon to IE mode,(not ultra mode) maxthon cannot access internet. but I manual disable microsoft IE proxy setting, then maxthon can access internet.
  5. in my office, our MIS have setting IE proxy to our company proxy as default. MX5.0.2.1600 in Ultra mode is workwell withour enable proxy. (directly access internet) but when I switch to IE mode (I didn't enable proxy on MX5) seems MX5 adopt IE proxy setting when I not enable on MX5. could you check this problem? because when I set IE proxy to none proxy mode, MX5 access internet is workwell.
  6. turn off is same problem. also the issue is happening on Win7, no matter abp (turn on or turn off is same problem)
  7. The issue is happening on Win10, I am not confirm the issues is happen on Win7 but this problem is not only on facebook, also many webs sites, included Maxthon forum. The problem is many facebook icon is not on the right location, and the like button is gone.
  8. MX4.9/ MX5 can not execute flash

    MX4.9.4.2000 => C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon\Core\Blink Mx => C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\Core\plugins The path is different. ==> the problem is solved. I delete flash dll file and replace again. I don;t know what's happening. but it's workable now. Thank you.
  9. MX4.9/ MX5 can not execute flash

    I had replace the flash by myself to flash v24.0.0.154 http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer.html and I am ensured I already enable accept all plugins (just check again. it's enable all sweb site excute plugins) maxthon flash player replace locaion: (file name as original: pepflashplayer.dll) C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon\Core\Blink\plugins
  10. Please try this page. the video need flash 10 in chrome 56, and I can accept this flash request then watch video. but MX4 / MX5 canot, only shown: cannot load plugin http://www.appledaily.com.tw/realtimenews/article/life/20161114/988192/
  11. as title, MX5 cannot import MX4.9.4 user data, including favorite and skynote.... Could you check this problem? Because I cannot import MX4 data from server or from local.
  12. possible to fix downloader can set the file time to server time, local PC time. I think this feature is not fixed to add into downloader from MX3 to MX5. Could you please add this into new version?
  13. the page display is not correct

    the issue is from ABP? or MX ?
  14. My MX4 is and MX5 is I think the issue is MX4/5 cannot process this frame. because the right side is MS IE11 and Edge. MS IE11 and MS edge is ok, but MX4/MX5. Please help to fix this issue. http://mamaclub.com/learn/%e5%a9%9a%e5%a7%bb%e4%b9%8b%e9%81%93%ef%bc%9a%e8%80%81%e5%a9%86%e8%a6%81%e7%9f%a5%e9%81%93%ef%bc%8c%e8%80%81%e5%85%ac%e8%a6%81%e6%98%8e%e7%99%bd/
  15. New Quick Access

    Could you switch back to Original QA design? Because MX5 and MX4 is automatic set the default photo and it's not friendly. for the example: I have 2~3 shortcut for the facebook and different URL, but MX4/MX5 automatics replace to same icon as Facebook. How can I know which one is which URL? Do you think about this?