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  1. passkeeper is sync every time, every change and it's not have sorting function. In the office condition, I think many user have same problem: every each 1~3~6 months need change password again. we need modify by our-self one by one to edit the password. passkeeper is not support select or choose some special account to edit password at same-time in once.. otherwise, in our company, MIS change the IP address but keep URL => passkeeper record many same URL in my passkeeper I need modify the password one by one, but it's same URL. please fix this problem.
  2. PDF open on MX

    If possible, please back to MX2 or MX3's PDF funtion. we can open it on MX with Adboe acrobat /Foxit reder.... or we can download it by our choose. And you step is not easy for end user or for us to understanding to switch off MX pdf function. anyway, thanks your help. and think about normal user's feeling. it's not always based on your engineering mind. it's not everyone is computer expert.
  3. No!! sometime, it's open on new tab. some it's not work(when I click a url and click other one very soon)
  4. any MX supporter can support this? my MX alreay automatic update and it's still not correct function. it's same issue
  5. PDF open on MX

    IN my MX is not workable. it's still open pdf on MX not download or open it on MX with adobe pdf reader or something.... Yes, in Mx2 or MX3 is better function for user to open pdf....
  6. mx://last-visit very slow

    I have same problem and it's from 5.1 to now. MX still not care this issue.
  7. Hello MX, could you let us to disable PDF open on MX and that we can download it by MX downloder or IDM? sometime, the MX open the PDF but is very simple function. we cannot remark, or others..... also when we want to save the PDF file into PC, the file date cannot keep file original date. this file date is long long long time issue on MX downloder and nobody to fix it or have user have option to keep file original date. it's not good for us.
  8. after I update to and 1300 and yesterday update to 1400. the Quick Access Sync function is not workable again and again. the maxnote sync feature is work well, but QA is not ok again. I have send issue at before in 4.x MX. I don't understand why the MX update he browser version, and it's always bring the basic function not workable problem. i.e.: open page very slower issue, QA sync issue..... and I have other one question, I think it's a bug for me, maybe other friend have same concern. when I stay on the QA page, and click any one quick icon link A, then I click another one (icon link B), the tab should open 2 tab page (A and B. and the sequence should be A then B on the tab page now, I got many times that the tab open sequence be: a. QA => A => B b. A=>QA=>B c. B=>QA=>A d. only QA and B (A link is not open)
  9. I found a problem on Google maps. MX4.4.3.x cannot using Mice wheel to Zoom-in and Zoom-out I need change the mode back to compilable mode, then the wheel be ok to Zoom-in/out. Please help to fix it
  10. Yes, I have email the issue to IDM. No any feedback now. I think the problem is MX. Because my PC instll firefox, Chrome, Maxthon 4 /3 The issue is only happening on MX4. and the problem is MX4's downloader (default download), and MX4 QuickAccess. How can I say? the problem is IDM, I don't think so. I have tried guess account on my PC MX4, the issue is same. And download the files thru MX4 to automatic capture the download address. The IDM is work well. But as you know: If I press alt, the download permission be transfer to MX4's downloader. Then, downloader be no any respond, just the downloader UI. Also, the QuickAccess is same, during open the MX4, or see the QA after close all tabs. The QA be no any response. I need close MX task by Windows task manager to close all of MX PID. :@:@:@:@
  11. The problem keep to MX4.4.3.2000 with IDM6.21.14/15. Also, I tried remove IDM the MX4 downloader/QuickAccess be work well. And I reinstall IDM 6.21.x any version, the MX4.4.2.x~4.4.3.x be not ok:@:@:@:@:@:'(:'(
  12. DARKSTORM replied at 2014-11-9 20:44 MX downloader worked for me... Downloaded 2 files a while ago, 1 apk and 1 rar=>downloaded from Mega ... the issue be installed IDM 6.21.15 on same PC. When you install IDM and MX both, the MX downloader be not workable, QuickAccess be crash or stock on open the QuickAccess Please see the issue, and get the point. If you never install IDM. the MX be work very :@well.
  13. When I upgrade MX to from 800 with IDM upgrade to 6.21.15 The MX downloader / QuickAccess cannot work again. The issue is same before. No respond, or MX response is very low on QuickAccess downloader is always no respond. Could you check this problem and fix it?