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  1. Yep, after full re-installation of browser (with clearing of user data) this issue was resolved.
  2. Nope, just trying to change profile of device (screen attached). Will send to you crash report soon.
  3. How to repeat: Open developer tools (F12) and enable responsive checking mode. Try to change resolution inside MX main window. Maxthon show error and close app.
  4. Pagination on OLX.UA all works without problem
  5. MX beta. Steps for repeating issue: 1) Open DevTool 2) Click to 'Togle device sidebar' (responsive testing mode) 3) By default in sidebar selecter 'Responsive'. Try to switch to other device tap. Other problem with new (for Maxthon) Developer Tools: - no image size popup when mouse adove image link in Elements view