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  1. hey since installing new maxthon there's message on open.spotify.com that I should 'Enable player in your browser'. It was working well till now.
  2. ok, now i see festival scope videos are not working either (trailer work, need a free signup) ie https://www.festivalscope.com/all/film/the-walker
  3. ok, i can live with that till fix one more problem, maybe you know. one site is not working (Error code 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS)) and I know clearing cookies would be enough. Still, in this new ver of maxthon when the website is not loaded it looks that I cant delete cookies in Aplication (via inspect element). Is it other way to delete cookies for only one site?
  4. hey since yesterday Im unable to go into my passkeeper. After entering password I click send sms and I get this network error.. Everybody expierencing this or just me? Maxthon
  5. its not like I dont want it enabled, its just doesnt make sense at all
  6. Its working today, anyway I think Im blind I cant find this pm. However I think the main problem now is that I have set in my maxthon that I want passkeeper to ask everytime for sms and on different machine it doesnt ask at all. I dont think that in this case its needed feature if its only works on my home pc and thief could get my pass to maxthon and get all passwords anyway..
  7. unfortunately still, weird that I can go to passkeeper with maxthon on another pc (not asking for sms, I thought I set it up for my account wherever its logged). Poland, +48, how can I write you pm?
  8. Cannot play Netflix

    firefox ua works here too
  9. Cannot play Netflix

    not working either
  10. Adblock doesnt work

    hello, its fine now, I dont know why, but I had to open maxthon as a administrator (however earlier I didnt have to do that). Anyway its fine now thanks!
  11. Hi, today I renstalled maxthon at work and adblock doesnt work. At home its fine, however here I have ads all over my sites. I unistalled with all the data, made a clean install and still the same issue. Please look at the screen. In adblock options I dont have all the things that should be there, whats the problem?