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  1. Favorites icons gone

    Somehow I've missed last update so I did it today and my fav's icons are gone. Is it possible to turn them on? That's really annoying you are changing things that shouldn't be even touched..
  2. Favorites icons gone

    Thanks. It wasnt checked but that helped
  3. MX5-Quick Access V1.6 is online

    Another change when you used to, cmon. Now with one more column the order is totally not right and I need to fix it again. Let us choose how many columns are there..
  4. Adblock doesnt work

    hello, its fine now, I dont know why, but I had to open maxthon as a administrator (however earlier I didnt have to do that). Anyway its fine now thanks!
  5. Hi, today I renstalled maxthon at work and adblock doesnt work. At home its fine, however here I have ads all over my sites. I unistalled with all the data, made a clean install and still the same issue. Please look at the screen. In adblock options I dont have all the things that should be there, whats the problem?