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  1. odd dont see that - i do use my own theme but its all up to date code so not sure why mine is ok they certainly are changing things in the UI - tabs not to the top - latest i have seen is full screen is now 10 or so pixels short at the top - why they dont leave things alone in the UI and concentrate on bugs is beyond me - maybe just because they can
  2. how odd - worked for me - i am running 3000 now from that link
  3. portable
  4. MX5 PC official Release

    locked up this morning on first boot screen shrunk by about 10px each edge - thats happen before on previous builds - i have always forced the browser to shut down and start again this time i decided to leave it and after a couple of minutes screen went back to normal size and browser worked perfectly
  5. MX5 PC official Release

    seems ok so far - i run few addons so maybe that helps snaptool works fine for me
  6. addons are great BUT all those who seemed to understand how to make them seem to have left - the problems with MX5 and the thought that talking to the company was like talking to the wall sent those users elsewhere same with those who contributed themes - the difficult way to add themes being one problem - another being the state of MX5
  7. @BugSir006 are you still thrilled with this - last update over 6 months ago as far as i can tell another imitative that comes with a fanfare and quickly dies add this to the scrapheap of false starts and false promises
  8. maxthon devs have always ignored users - when was the last time we saw a dev on here - all we see is bugsirs who patronise - they come and go like summer snow so have no insight into whats been asked before the bottom lines are the browser is free as are all others - if it works for you then expect no more - you can but nothing will happen Jeff talks a good story but follows nothing up - too busy with crypto-currency or whatever to dirty his hands with this place and the user base that gave him what he has long term users are leaving which is not good - input here is all but dried up - it does need a statement from Jeff or whoever but we all know that is unlikely to happen in any meaningful way apart from whoever is sitting in the bugsirs chair this week telling us that the users are important - more platitudes - we have heard it all before
  9. ahhhh come on No1 - you are getting more negative than me - the official site says it all 670,000,000 users and voted 'best browser' in 3 consecutive years take that as you may i think they have got mixed up with commas and full stops - it should read 670.000000 users - that 670 to six decimal places not millions and the 3 consecutive years were probably 10 or more years ago for MyIE - its certainly not the recent incarnation that is MX5 but lets not let the truth get in the way of anything
  10. Goodbye Maxthon

    you jest i take it - you [the company] lost interest in this place and those who come here long ago - nothing is ever concluded - all suggestions are ignored if they are read that is - you patronise at best and ignore at worst
  11. Why this link shows blank?

    works for me - guessing its stock market page or similar
  12. MX5 PC official Release

    like many things of late - we will never know
  13. MX5 PC official Release

    strange - just tried again and its corrupt - to be exact it does not download correctly - file length is 4,194,304
  14. MX5 PC official Release

    portable version corrupt
  15. Delete Maxthon account

    i guess like everything else that they choose to - they will simply ignore it
  16. heres my guess earlier versions of Maxthon were coded/written by skilled programmers - todays versions are not - expand on that as you want - money or the lack of it may be the reason - or thinning whatever talent is there over too many versions
  17. stop sending me popups - or if you do sort it out i have had 3 popups this morning telling me maxthon is not my default browser - as a matter of fact it is - but that apart if i click on the popup to let it set maxthon as default i get an error message about mxup.dll and windows10 sets edge as my default browser so get it sorted or stop sending whatever it is that generates the popup - dont suppose you will do anything - like most things user input will simply be ignored
  18. i dont understand their logic at the moment - seems they fix one or two bugs and release a new version - no one from here is testing anything so they must now do all testing internally and it would seem not very well
  19. it might be worth reading the thread Rick theres more to it than what you seem to reply to
  20. no input from anyone at Maxthon in this thread - well thats a surprise - what they have no answer for they ignore and hope it goes away - it does i guess users dump the browser
  21. this behavior started with the latest branch for me - before that maxthon NEVER froze - it crashed occasionally but that gave an error that could be sent back now all i get is the UI freezing on first start sometimes - closure has to be forced otherwise it just sits there - there is no error message - each portable install is to a new dir with a copy of my user data added - if i run it without adding my user data [as a guest] it still freezes i have added no other apps or anything else - it is not unique to this laptop - others have reported the same - this never happened to me until the latest core update - i have no idea if its that or something else - i agree its difficult if they cannot reproduce it - on that we have no idea - they dont comment
  22. no dont run that - it was removed a long time ago for other reasons
  23. the freeze on opening has been around for many versions - i report it every time - they neither comment or fix it - i get the impression the dev team have lost touch with real bug fixing - it certainly seems that way
  24. not strictly true i think - i only run portable versions of maxthon - that does not include the mxup.dll but i get the popup on regular occasions - i believe i have had it when maxthon thinks it is the default browser - the set default browser switch in main menu is grayed out but windows settings has edge as the default brower that has not been due to a windows update as suggested and not from anything i have done further if you have maxthon set as default and run a different build [also a portable install] that resets the default browser to edge - that has to be maxthon doing i believe
  25. there has to be a reason for this rubbish - plus a similar reason i got to a new site that was all in chinese money i would guess - come on @BugSir006 make a comment - its about time