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  1. now heres a question - a team suggests a few people so how many - 2 part timers - 10 - 20 or lots more
  2. you would need to create an account i think but that should be easy textarea, input, select, table, th, li, h4, h3, h2, h1, div[class*=lia], [class*=board-list-latest]{font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif !important;} textarea, input, select, div[class*=lia], [class*=button] {border-radius: 0px !important;} div[class*=lia], [class*=data-cell-integer]{font-size: 13px !important;} div[class*=lia], [class*=link-navigation]{font-size:14px !important;} div[class*=lia], [class*=button]{font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif !important;} div[class*=lia], [class*=link]{font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif !important;} its nothing special as far as i know - i am certainly no expert - i blunder through it to make it work - i have changed nothing from other builds or branches - this latest release of 5.3.8 is better - sometimes it works on first visiting the site [as it did this morning] other time F5 is needed and then its fine
  3. well you might have fixed some stuff but you have broken stylish - AGAIN

    i use stylish on one site to change a few things when i log into that site the mods from stylish are not in place or may not be - in earlier versions it was necessary to go to extension in settings and close sytlish then ractivate it - the screens then refreshed in the background and the site i use stylish on was fine that was solved in the last version as far as i remember - in this version its changed again if i load Maxthon then go to the site i use stylish in its a gamble whether it works or not - if it has not worked i have found that if i refresh the site by pressing F5 then stylish loads and is fine from there on in
  5. new 5.3.8 is slow in coming - any idea when we will see it - the time its taken from the last release must [surly] mean it will have all bugs fixed
  6. not exactly sure what you are asking - are you saying stylish does not work if thats what you are saying i can only say it works for me that said it can be difficult to get it working so comeback with a clearer question and i will get some info - its not straight forward and a while since i looked at it
  7. released every night - hell we are lucky if we get one update a month - the 5.3.8 branch seems to have died - maybe all the programmers have gone back to school
  8. 7.2500

    stylish now works for me - thanks for that i use the portable version and transfer the userdata from one install to the next - i was logged out of all sites and after logging in and closing was logged out the next time i loaded the browser a bit of deleting in the guest area of userdata solved that but why? - should not a new version accept old userdata
  9. the last 2 versions in each branch is unusable - even as beta releases they take the prize as the worst release for some little time add to that that no one seems interested - all we get is questions - what version - have you done this or that is nothing tested before you inflict this rubbish on users - you certainly dont use the tester base here - have all the testers in China given up - if not then they are not doing there job and why so much time to tix things - have all the devs left - thats if there was ever more than one

    maybe they cannot get time off school to give Jeff a few hours to sort stuff - it certainly has the feel that the devs or should that be dev is only at Maxthon a few hours now and then well i tried it and it lasted about minute - open it - log in to sites and close it then repeat - and each time it logs me out a complete waste of time
  11. thats one issue - is that the extent of all the devs work - what about all the rest that are well documented - the new branch is a mess - search is impossible as it deletes the first few characters typed is there actually anyone working on the browsers full time - the [slow] speed things happen the impression is its one person at most part time
  12. wheres the updated versions to fix the bugs that are blighting the last releases in both branches wheres the release to fix the security hole that was spotted last week but has likely been around for months - it was agreed it was urgent - does that mean something different in China - like lets not bother if releases get any more extended you will be able to give them a year number - you [Maxthon] are becomeing a non entity in the browser market or thats how it seems if bugs and problems cannot be solved then say so - users stick by you in hope - be honest enough to tell them whats happening
  13. it may or may not - you cannot know - unfortunately it does not make them do anything to get a fully working browser released - they seem to have abandoned their users
  14. yes and no - the problem is it works - well it does some of the time - it still has features that i have not found on other browsers - silly things that many may say are not important its possible to skin it - i have not worked that out on any other browser - mine looks nothing like the stock theme - all the others are the same - just different colours - i agree its just a tool at the end of the day but familiarity breeds contempt they say so i stay and complain - i doubt anyone takes a blind bit of notice but whilst its downloadable there is always hope
  15. you would have thought a security bug urgent but 3 days and counting and no fix released - is the dev or devs on holiday - i use the plural loosely as the impression is that there are few people working on anything these days the time it takes to release updates and even when released nothing much is fixed how the mighty have fallen is apt i think
  16. high priority - that should get their attention - a fix this month then maybe - hopefully not like most of the other stuff thats high priority - they have just been ignored in the past
  17. Parallel Beta Versions?

    hens will get teeth first and there will be copious amounts of rocking horse dropping the devs or Jeff for that matter have never listened to the users [that support them] - they have always been convinced they know better than us
  18. what is going on

    2200 will not keep me logged in on any site - close the browser and next time i have to log in on any site the other of the 2 i mention is the other branch of which is the last rubbish version you are in a minority if 2200 works for you judging by other threads - not a large user base here but all bar you are having problems
  19. I'm disappointed

    nothing new here - in fact nothing to be seen - i thought you were going to post something new but then why would you?
  20. I'm disappointed

  21. I'm disappointed

    has the browser been given up on - not if you believe the BS from china - trillions of users - well a few less than that - where they are other than in the mind of the marketing dept and developers is anybodies guess it works and is updated now and again - new features are added that nobody asks for or wants other than the company skins - they are possible - if you want them then its a learning curve - the company seem to think they are not important and put forward that a colour change is a skin dont expect much from this place - it seems to be drawing its last breaths
  22. thats a relief - its good to know that effort can be put into moving a graphic 2 pixels whilst all the REALLY important bugs and requests continue to be ignored did it take all the devs to fix this - that said all the devs may just be a part timer drafted in now and again
  23. sure as a bug that will go to the top of the list and get every dev working on it other more important stuff can wait
  24. Stylish for Maxthon and spying

    stylish has been updated a number of times on the extension centre - checking the version listed is 3.0.4 non of the updates have ever worked for me and others that post comments the answer has been to stick with version 2.4.3 which whilst old works - i just keep the 2.4.3 extension write protected so any update does not work whether this get round the problem you state i have no idea but hopefully so

    the only efficient way to do any skin mod is to do it yourself - that means learning how shins are done but until they make skinning as MX3 every update has the potential to change mods so its virtually impossible for those who mod skins to keep up tabs at he bottom is easy enough - like i said above its not rocket science