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  1. MX5 PC Beta release

    @7twenty why do you feel the need to move comments from this thread you say in the new thread you have created No one should be posting in there anyway i think the post above disagrees with you comments here are more relevant and maybe more likely to be seen - i accept that not all posters can post in the section that is the error imo not the posts from those who can if the bugs dont want comment they should lock the thread not restrict access - i doubt they even know that flag is set
  2. Key Changes + Added Quick Access sync button + Added “save page as” button in the main menu where are the above - quick look and i cannot see them - am i going blind
  3. i found the quick access sync button - settings - privacy and content - auto sync i wish they would add some notes rather than bullet points - crystal balls are in short supply
  4. and with respect thats part of the problem - users here have long memories of the history of bugs and requests - the bugsirs are ever changing and it seems users requests and/or comments are conveniently forgotten when people move on at Maxthon - that [surely] should not happen - you must have more than a word of mouth system for bugs that can be referred to
  5. i cannot be bothered to search back - 2 months? - if you said 2 years that this bug has been around you would be nearer the mark
  6. i quote No1 above - this bug has been known about for years - certainly the life of MX5 - it has been reported on a regular basis with little or no comment from the ever changing bugsirs - it has been confirmed in the past by the bugsirs and you now confirm it again we are only discussing this bug - if you want a list of other bugs - spelling mistakes - UI errors that have been reported over time that have been given NO PRIORITY what so ever then search the board i and many others can also give examples of features that have been requested that have been ignored just as those same people can give examples of 'features' that the devs have added that no one wants or uses so no issue is important other than the ones the devs think are - as a question - what crash and freeze issues - the board is not alive with reports of this
  7. confirmed - what you really mean is that you have confirmed the bug that was a confirmation of the same bug that has been around since Adam was a lad this just goes to show that the devs ignore all bug reports until someone shouts enough or they fix the bug by chance bug reporting is joke - always has been
  8. Maxthon do surveys or have in the past and then ignore the input - they ask for input for new features or old features to be added back and ignore that as well they know best what we the user wants or think they do - again its how it works - if thats not for you then move on - nothing will change - it never does in a dictatorship icons where you want them is another matter - many [most] things are possible with the UI but thats up to you to work out how to change the UI with a skin - or look for one that has what you want - unfortunately there are few skins these days as most who did them have moved on
  9. an update on the time scale would be useful - this year - next year or when Maxthon10 is released
  10. or even things that no one asks for but the devs crystal ball tells them its sure to be wanted or the other waste of time changing something that works to a bug filled feature
  11. its not the big 1809 - that has now been pulled as far as i know but i got the big one on the day it was released that was build 17763.1 - the update i got today has raised the build number to 17763.55
  12. just got an update for 1809 from Microsoft and the font rendering issue looks to be solved
  13. translate selected text does not work - boxes are empty
  14. where the hell are the testers or more to the point do they actually test anything - this was just the latest release that was posted here with no early release in the tester area
  15. mx5.2.5.1000 - font rendering is still a problem on some sites with Directwrite enabled but i believe this is a Windows 10 [1809] problem that Maxthon and other programs are seeing - i get the same problem on an email client with some received emails whether Microsoft see it that way is another question
  16. tried in 1809 rd5 and the latest insider build and it screws a few sites - same sites tested on edge are fine
  17. if its anything like many of the bugs and requests for additions and changes it will still be a work in progress its only 4 years - dont rush them!
  18. another one to add to the list that wont get fixed
  19. - 404 error page

    not for me - also in UK
  20. and as far as i can see you cannot change back to a custom skin without shutting the browser down and reloading the skin - which seems poor
  21. Stylish for Maxthon and spying

    stylish has been updated a number of times on the extension centre - checking the version listed is 3.0.4 non of the updates have ever worked for me and others that post comments the answer has been to stick with version 2.4.3 which whilst old works - i just keep the 2.4.3 extension write protected so any update does not work whether this get round the problem you state i have no idea but hopefully so
  22. MX5 PC Beta release

    my crystal ball broke the other day so any chance of some explanations - bullet points are great but............. this looks interesting - maybe + Available *.mx5skin skin file
  23. MX5 PC official Release

    better late than never i guess
  24. its on the chinese site and its possible to download the portable version but who would guess that that version is only 3 meg long - nothing much changes - one day they will get it right first time - maybe
  25. where is

    many thanks - where are the bugs and the devs - maybe they are one and the same and called Jeff