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  1. no input from anyone at Maxthon in this thread - well thats a surprise - what they have no answer for they ignore and hope it goes away - it does i guess users dump the browser
  2. stop sending me popups - or if you do sort it out i have had 3 popups this morning telling me maxthon is not my default browser - as a matter of fact it is - but that apart if i click on the popup to let it set maxthon as default i get an error message about mxup.dll and windows10 sets edge as my default browser so get it sorted or stop sending whatever it is that generates the popup - dont suppose you will do anything - like most things user input will simply be ignored
  3. this behavior started with the latest branch for me - before that maxthon NEVER froze - it crashed occasionally but that gave an error that could be sent back now all i get is the UI freezing on first start sometimes - closure has to be forced otherwise it just sits there - there is no error message - each portable install is to a new dir with a copy of my user data added - if i run it without adding my user data [as a guest] it still freezes i have added no other apps or anything else - it is not unique to this laptop - others have reported the same - this never happened to me until the latest core update - i have no idea if its that or something else - i agree its difficult if they cannot reproduce it - on that we have no idea - they dont comment
  4. no dont run that - it was removed a long time ago for other reasons
  5. the freeze on opening has been around for many versions - i report it every time - they neither comment or fix it - i get the impression the dev team have lost touch with real bug fixing - it certainly seems that way
  6. MX5 PC official Release

    installed portable version - opened 4 times locked up once which is as before so on that point no improvement lets add to this locked up on a webpage - browser had been open a while - forced a shut down - reloaded maxthon and locked up on next run what a pile of crap this branch is
  7. MX5 PC official Release

    the race to the bottom continues - a new release without going through the tester area again - does anybody actually test things to see if the fixes they say have happened actually work - it does not look like it
  8. MX5 PC official Release

    locked up on first run after install - ok after forced close - no improvement from earlier versions
  9. not strictly true i think - i only run portable versions of maxthon - that does not include the mxup.dll but i get the popup on regular occasions - i believe i have had it when maxthon thinks it is the default browser - the set default browser switch in main menu is grayed out but windows settings has edge as the default brower that has not been due to a windows update as suggested and not from anything i have done further if you have maxthon set as default and run a different build [also a portable install] that resets the default browser to edge - that has to be maxthon doing i believe
  10. crash

    all 5.2 builds are unstable for me - i live with it as i [still] only use maxthon but its becoming more than annoying
  11. crash

    see it far too often - its happened on all the new core builds - no pattern to it that i can see
  12. there has to be a reason for this rubbish - plus a similar reason i got to a new site that was all in chinese money i would guess - come on @BugSir006 make a comment - its about time
  13. says its news - takes me to here wtf is that all about
  14. dear god - what are they saying - that this place does not matter - i guess we know that really i guess this place is just an appendix to them - it makes no money and takes up what little time they give to it why they dont chose it and have done is the mystery
  15. try clicking it - on my windows 10 system it resets the default back to edge not only is it a pain in the arse it does not work how about a comment @BugSir006 - sort something for a change
  16. ok - to put this in perspective - this is not new to this version - what decides to push the popup i have no idea but it happens every so often with the same result
  17. i am on portable which is why i get the error for mxup.dll i guess as its not in the portable install - am running which is the pulled beta so maybe its an issue with that release although i have seen it on other betas after the 3 popups this morning have not seen it again
  18. and then wait for the popup i describe above - click it and 10 resets the default to edge so your fix has to be applied again
  19. they talk about a test team - its like a secret society as nothing is reported - they do release versions to testers here but thats a waste of everyones time as reported issues are ignored and the test version is released as is a few days later the whole backend for such things is broken - no one seems to have control or care
  20. nothing new here for me - all the things you list have been around in the new core builds - maybe even before that - seems to me to me they have stopped listening - not sure who is left to listen even
  21. MX5 PC official Release

    late as ever - available all over the internet before here
  22. mx5.2.0.2000

    its been in beta for a few days - listing new releases here seems to be secondary these days - in fact most things here seem to be secondary - you get the impression this place is all but abandoned by them
  23. freeze at first open

    can confirm that
  24. Forced Auto-update?

    what users want has never been something maxthon worried much about - they have always known best so we just have to keep in line and do as we are told