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  1. wheres the updated versions to fix the bugs that are blighting the last releases in both branches wheres the release to fix the security hole that was spotted last week but has likely been around for months - it was agreed it was urgent - does that mean something different in China - like lets not bother if releases get any more extended you will be able to give them a year number - you [Maxthon] are becomeing a non entity in the browser market or thats how it seems if bugs and problems cannot be solved then say so - users stick by you in hope - be honest enough to tell them whats happening
  2. you would have thought a security bug urgent but 3 days and counting and no fix released - is the dev or devs on holiday - i use the plural loosely as the impression is that there are few people working on anything these days the time it takes to release updates and even when released nothing much is fixed how the mighty have fallen is apt i think
  3. high priority - that should get their attention - a fix this month then maybe - hopefully not like most of the other stuff thats high priority - they have just been ignored in the past
  4. Parallel Beta Versions?

    hens will get teeth first and there will be copious amounts of rocking horse dropping the devs or Jeff for that matter have never listened to the users [that support them] - they have always been convinced they know better than us
  5. well what can i say - a month or there abouts for this new version to see the light of day and the first 2 things i check have not been fixed 1 - typing in address bad on new tab still can move the cursor back so it gets the link wrong 2 - stylish still not fixed ahhhhhh well - next time maybe!

    is that it - no other comment - when are some of the bugs thats killing this version going to be fixed or is it that all the devs have left so nothing meaningful will be done
  7. the last 2 versions in each branch is unusable - even as beta releases they take the prize as the worst release for some little time add to that that no one seems interested - all we get is questions - what version - have you done this or that is nothing tested before you inflict this rubbish on users - you certainly dont use the tester base here - have all the testers in China given up - if not then they are not doing there job and why so much time to tix things - have all the devs left - thats if there was ever more than one
  8. what is going on

    2200 will not keep me logged in on any site - close the browser and next time i have to log in on any site the other of the 2 i mention is the other branch of which is the last rubbish version you are in a minority if 2200 works for you judging by other threads - not a large user base here but all bar you are having problems
  9. ver

    yes am using portable version - tried other portable versions and they are fine
  10. ver

    dont think OS matters - its the same for me on 10
  11. surely its time to update the last release - far too many bugs - some must have been solved to make it more reliable at least if something is released here it will get tested unlike the buggy rubbish we have seen so far
  12. 5.3.8 branch

    who the hell tests these versions
  13. 5.3.8 branch

    they certainly know how to upset people - installed - used for a few minutes and back to earlier version asyou say - rubbish
  14. new page search from address bar still not working correctly stylish bug not fixed
  15. you are killing this branch - it has more holes in it than a sieve and more bugs than enough - it should never have been released to the public - if you actually have testers they are a disgrace - they should never be allowed to test anything in the future - without some massive improvement you are doing Maxthon a dis-service i know its a new core and thats not easy but you push ahead with versions that solve little and are frankly - rubbish

    is or is NOT - there seems to be mixed result - for me its NOT fixed
  17. its been down for a while - server needs a kick i would guess
  18. gone?

    then the logs lie - a user reported it gone - i checked and posted that i agreed - thats fact - how it shows in the logs or elsewhere is wrong
  19. gone?

    it might not have gone for you but for us minions it had its a bit like not posting in the release thread - i thought it was not allowed
  20. gone?

    its back
  21. gone?

    well spotted - with the way this place lit up listing bugs and errors they must be seriously embarrassed with this version they tell us they have a test team - if they have its not here as there has been nothing in the test area for months - whoever it is they are not doing their job
  22. Maxthon version numbers

    maybe they have run out of fingers and toes to help with the counting
  23. portable download is corrupt

    yes its fine in i have now got it [sort of] working if i open the browser the stylish icon is in the sidebar - if i open it it tells me stylish is active and if i look at the scripts for a site they are there but if i open that site stylish is not applied if i then go to extensions in settings stylish is shown as active - the box is ticked - if i untick it and close the browser then open the browser and again go to extentions in settings and tick stylish the styles are applied if i close the browser and then reopen it styles are lost and the above has to be repeated non of that was needed in

    @Magdalene - thanks - i thought i had done all that but trying it again and stylish is now working - i still use an old version as the new one had never worked for me - will try the update and see if that now works well that was short lived - a reboot and it stopped working