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  1. mx5.1.0.2200-beta

    how hard do you want it to be - just alter a couple of numbers when downloading an earlier version and there it is - dont share they tell those with access to private version - glad they dont look after security that matters - more holes than a colander
  2. define 'feature' - its far from that - its at best an imposition - at worst arrogance on the part of the devs thinking users would want this easy enough to sort by going into windows default settings but that should not be needed what other browser has this 'feature'
  3. agree with that - its been like that for all along i think certainly on earlier versions than 1700
  4. thats as it is for me - not sure what its setting - yet to find that
  5. if by beta you mean the current version its not fixed for me would add downloads from are also screwed - the file is downloaded but the final action of saving with the correct download name does not work
  6. cannot confirm - both functions work for me
  7. Maxthon with no quick access hack

    its the popup wanting to generate a password - so just go to any site that needs a password - click on the password box and up pops the annoying popup - does not matter if you have your own password set it still pops up - would be great to get rid of it
  8. Maxthon with no quick access hack

    like this - can you do the same to stop the annoying password box flashing up when a password is needed
  9. The size of MX5 toolbar icons

    i suspect its lack of continuity of staff and poor communication - just as the bugs change here on a regular basis i would guess the devs have a high turnover - so whilst they can program they start with a clean sheet of paper each time and do whatever they want with little detailed reference backwards
  10. Maxthon 3/4 Skin SDK v1.1.17 (English Version)

    what do you mean they are NOT skins - joe with 2 hats thinks they are - as to the rest of it i dont think its going to happen - prove me wrong Jeff - but the skin centre died with 3 - i think the devs agree with Joe - what we have is it
  11. i have no idea apart from in the new UI they seem to do something similar in index and layout.htm - the latter is called in the former - have a look in there it may help - its simple so i would guess you have tried that
  12. Don't run script on mxaddon:// page

    be surprised then i have no idea to the answer but as a suggestion could you jut not alter the code so its corrupt - miss something out or something like that - would that stop the extension running or just give an error code
  13. How to add MX4 Skins to MX5 V5.03.900 beta

    it does indeed which is why i said i think their definition of a skin is different to yours and mine - in MX4 you could do what they have added to 5 - many call that a skin - its not - well not imo but you will have to wait for an official answer
  14. How to add MX4 Skins to MX5 V5.03.900 beta

    good question - not looked deeply but i think their definition of a skin is different from what you and i might think - you can change the background colour and/or change same background to one of a few defined pictures - it may be possible to add your own picture but i think? thats it - if so its all in the definition - MX4 skins are different things and i cannot see it being possible to add those to MX5
  15. Skin and background

    as far as i remember skins from any official source have not been available since MX3 - and dont mistake full skins with coloured backgrounds that seem to be what they will push
  16. Skins!

    coloured backgrounds - well thats great - what can i say - sure to bring people back in droves
  17. Sooo do any MX5 skins exist?

    not sure what you are asking - the newer versions use the same method - the dat 0 and 1 files have benm renamed - 7twenty posted that earlier - old skins may or may not work fully once the files have been renamed - if thats all you want then wiltsers skins may work
  18. Sooo do any MX5 skins exist?

    there is or was some help files on modding skins - have a search - you have to unpack the dat 0 and 1 files using the packers that are on here - once you have them unpacked you have a series of css and htm files for various elements of the skin - depending on your knowledge and ambition its all in there packer is here
  19. Skins for Maxthon 5

    thats a cracking system - looking at the skin files they look easy enough to change - give me good side favourites similar to MX4 and i would be looking at that very seriously - need to look at the extensions i assume as i know nothing about chrome
  20. MX5 skin from Chinese forum

    have you checked with Yoyoako that he/she is happy for the link to be here - one of the chinese skinners has in the past asked that links are not posted here - cannot remember who it was
  21. Skins for Maxthon 5

    so soon ?
  22. Help w/ MX5 skin - where is Main Menu called?

    nothing to do with main menu once you have moved the navbar to the top then add a line in navbar/index.css /* Navigation Bar Style @author SiC @revision 74 */ .navbar { flow: horizontal; margin-right:130; padding: 0dip 3dip 2dip 64dip; height: 100%%; overflow-x: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; } change value [130] to whatever you want
  23. Sooo do any MX5 skins exist?

    self made skins cause no problem if done correctly - i have been using one i designed through MX3 4 and 5 - others here would say the same - as to themes - well joe with 2 hats will be happy to hear that
  24. Sooo do any MX5 skins exist?

    thats interesting news - if the internal people are working on skins it will be a first - from MX2 they have pushed nothing more that the stock skin - as to skins in the link you put up - i have not checked each post but the bulk of what was there has been deleted - there are skins on the Chinese forum - apart from that i dont think you will find many here again i question what the devs are doing - is that wishful thinking - guesswork or a fact
  25. How to change skins on maxthon5

    skins are down to the members who post them - mainly Wilser and he has decided to withdraw support and the download links 5.01 skins do work on 5.02 - they have changed the 0.dat and 1.dat name to UIHuge and UIMain.dat - caught me out but its as simple as renaming the files