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  1. MX5 PC official Release

    you provide the software from there it should be user choice - if they want to use an older version thats up to them - its not for you to force any version on the user base - thats dictatorship

    perfectly possible to move tabs down it needs uimain.dat to be modified as Maxthon tend to change things in every build posting skin mods is painful as they only last one release usually - there is no easy way to mod skins other than mods to the file mentioned to do what you want is a matter of unpacking the file - moving one line of code and repacking the file - simple really but keeping up with their changes is the problem - the easy way - if its important to you is to learn how to do it yourself
  3. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    with respect how is it important to many people - the last skin i posted which had tabs on bottom had a grand total of one download - say again - 1 - so hardy useful to many modding skins at that level is easy enough - its certainly not rocket science - so if its important have a look at the code and learn how to do it
  4. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    might be some on chinese forum - apart from that there are not many - you could always make your own as others do
  5. seen this morning - picture says it all - click it away and it comes back the next time reload browser and its gone - what the hell is going on get rid of it - i dont need it - do you do this to deliberately upset users
  6. MX5 PC official Release

    still waiting for new core which was said to be coming in 2 weeks many weeks ago
  7. Stylish & MX

    search works
  8.  MX5 PC official Release

    they just dont get it - problems like this should never get out in a release - who the hell tests these things - certainly nobody on here as they never have time before someone jumps the gun and releases borked versions
  9.  MX5 PC official Release

    portable download is screwed
  10. Is This Ad by Maxthon?

    not sure what you are seeing here - skins really did nothing in this area other than remove the search bar which they stopped happening so to a couple of other questions 1 - any way with mods to the latest filter above to remove those items individually 2 - having got rid of all the floss - any way to add another row of tiles in the space created at the bottom of the page
  11. neither had i but this morning abp had turned itself off - i always ask what have i done - add to that that i had just added a rule but it certainly was not working after that went back a couple of versions and it worked perfectly so back to latest version and into extensions and abp was off - numerous attempts to turn it on which it did eventually but something would seem to have changed or as i say above - maybe its me!
  12. I don't want to see this!

    i dont usually defend them - like you i object to things like this but the bottom line is its free software - we know that when we download - if we dont like what they do with ads and such we have choices - i choose to solve the problems by either finding a way round it or using help from on the forum jumping up and down will change nothing - they ignore things like this so if you want to continue to use Maxthon solve the problem or find another browser
  13. maybe thats part of the problem - what the hell have you bookmarked - the internet??
  14. you accept its short comings and use an alternative for things it gets wrong - or move on - but all browsers have problems - not found one yet thats 100% compatible with every site as to lastpass - thats never worked well with Maxthon or not for many years - is that Maxthons fault or Lastpass Maxthons is becoming more and more a minority browser which is losing support from people like Lastpass - i guess they see little point in the effort needed to make it work
  15. Is This Ad by Maxthon?

    excellent - thanks
  16. Is This Ad by Maxthon?

    excellent - many thanks - can the search box be got rid of in a similar manner?
  17. is it a good idea to offer internal test versions on an open forum - assuming anybody applies you will have no idea who they are and what their motives are test versions like this should be offered to known users - not anyone who wanders past
  18. MX5 PC official Release

    where does fit with this
  19. Passkeeper security issue

    you have to be kidding - if thats how you think it should be then your thinking is wrong - passkeeper should lock on exit with no user input - just another reason not to use this badly thought out 'feature'
  20. Passkeeper security issue

    dont use last session but its easier than that goto passkeeper and open by entering password close maxthon then open again go to passkeeper and its open - no password required [sorry if thats what you mean above] for a browser that trumpets its secure this is one hell of a breach in that security
  21. MX5 PC Beta Release

    good to know you have your priorities right [insert sarcasm smiley] - 670,000,000 users i read and you prioritise a version for a minority
  22. MX5 PC Beta Release

    36 hours later than it was available on Softpedia - is that now the official release site?
  23. whats that all about
  24. New UI is pure sh*t

    dont get any of that on stock skin and my custom skin - try a portable install if you have not already - have seen the interface error in earlier builds - i'm not convinced the problem is not theirs in that user data corrupts on update - so a portable install will pull everything down clean if you are using a passport if that does not help disable any extensions and see what happens
  25. New UI is pure sh*t

    a bit strong imo but it certainly is not a great step forward from the last incarnation skins are changeable - not many here - a few on the chinese forum but they tend to be too flowery for my taste - many mods can be achieved with little knowledge - give it a try