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  1. MX5 PC Beta Release

    - Fixed the issue that the font mactype could not be used - Fixed the issue that the User Agent could not work properly - Fixed the issue that download page could not be closed automatically under some circumstances - Fixed the issue that some websites could not be toggled to the mobile developer mode - Fixed the issue that some audio could not be played under some circumstances - Fixed the issue that the installation page could not display properly in the Ukrainian language system - Fixed the issue that the QR code could not work properly under some circumstance - Fixed the issue that the translation error of the snap button in the Spanish language - Fixed the issue that Skype for web could not work properly i dont know if to laugh or cry - wheres the core update - that has to be the main priority not a few fixes that the bulk of the users have never seen the bugs and 6 a few months away - it gets worse - really why are you still in the browser business - things have moved on and you are years behind
  2. recent months - so where is it thats past tense to my mind i assume you mean coming months - you really have to be joking - months - MX is dead now how is a beta in months going to resurrect it
  3. theres a post from bugsir saying all updates to MX5 are on hold as they are working on MX6 - no time scale or info given - so we wait and wait and i would guess wait some more in the mean time Vivaldi works for me - its skinnable with work and has an up to date core
  4. no 2020 history

    not using Maxthon but just booted it up and opened a few sites and they are there in history for todays date
  5. All dead?

    so to sum up there will be no more updates to MX5 until MX6 is released and the core to MX5 is well over a year old - you really are having a laugh - Maxthon was at one time special - today its so far down the list of available browsers Google does not even offer it when a list of browsers is searched for and you hope MX6 will change that - its going to have to be more than special
  6. All dead?

    i have thought for a while he/Maxthon have found something that pays them better than this - nothing wrong in that all who do things such as this deserve payment - browsers have to get that payment in other ways than a paid user licence - so maybe something else they put their time into pays better that said some word here from them that the project is dead or a watch this space comment would be good thats interesting if not too late - its going to have to be special to win back users - a time line would by good and a alpha/beta even better
  7. All dead?

    LOL - the ghost of bugsir is still here - if only rarely - as to Jeff i hope not - moved on to pastures new maybe
  8. All dead?

    it would seem so - there have been various threads asking the same and all have been ignored - i found Vivaldi - it does all i want but i come back here in hope that a browser that for me had all the answers is not dead
  9. as of tomorrow the 25th Dec its 2 months since any update was released - there have been threads and posts asking what is happening and this is doing the same - all those threads have been ignored by bugsir and as to Jeff as far as this place is concerned he is missing in action so in the spirit of Christmas - how about an update or better still some news on Maxthon 6 or is that just pie in the sky
  10. like many here i am asking what is happening - does Maxthon have a future - the silence from China is deafening - users are posting that they are no longer using the browser but there is a core of people that want Maxthon to succeed - i add my voice to that - i come here in hope that Maxthon 6 or whatever it will be called is not only a hope but a fact
  11. maxthon 6

    you will be believing in Father Christmas next or should that be Père Noël
  12. how to export passwords

    i did it one at a time - i have a memory that may be wrong that it can be done by a html file but that would only give a list if it is even possible - you would still have to enter them back manually
  13. MX5 PC Official Release

    released on 25th Oct - thats 5 weeks ago - has nothing been fixed in that time thats worth sharing - a core thats over a year old - bugs that are many years old it would seem the project is dead is any one from Maxthon going to comment @BugSir006
  14. What's wrong with Extensions Center?

    all good points but no one seems to be listening - the browser is dying/dead with a conspiracy of silence from Maxthon - unless Jeff can release something that is ground breaking as MyIE was then we all need to find another browser
  15. MX5 PC Official Release

    i think 6 will happen in that a version will be released as Mx6 - whether it will be different is the key question - just as 4 was abandoned when the release number increased to 5 then 5 will suffer a similar fate imo as to what 6 will be - well thats the big question - this new core is over a year old - how can they think thats good enough and why work on something so old to release it now