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  1. also sorted out the certificate error for me but broke noads so not a lot of good for me
  2. How to change skins on maxthon5

    i think the max width is hard coded - its certainly possible to change settings to reduce the tab width from that set but altering those same settings to a lager number has no effect so i think you are stuck wit what they have as a max
  3. do you have it - i doubt its a big mod but i cannot log in over there so cannot download it - easier to look at their code to see how they did it than start from scratch - JarC did it on MX3 but his skins and therefor the code is long gone
  4. it should be possible to do what you want but you will have to do it or find a skin - Maxthon seem to have no interest in skins other than the stock one supplied - they have not implemented any easy method to add 3rd party skins in MX5 - what we have now is a workaround
  5. Why is the extension review process so slow?

    i raised this elsewhere and Jeff commented - i thought it would have been resolved but obviously not - read into that what you want
  6. Hey Tony, I have been a beta tester for you guys for forever now but I for some reason can't get the latest beta version.  Do you have a download link? It might be because I had installed an older version to test a couple of things on a new windows setup and when I updated it didn't link me to the beta.

    1. Tony


      they stopped posting betas a while ago in the tester area - they seem to ignore that now - any new releases or betas are posted on the main board either in the 'maxthon news' area or via the release notes dropdown



  7. MX5 PC Official Release

    no word if this solves the history problem and if it will bring back the lost entries
  8. there used to be a system where updates were posted early in a private section for testing - for reasons known only to Maxthon they seem to have abandoned that - the section and testers still exist but no new versions have been posted there for quite a while - they speak of testers who i assume test versions before release - who and where they are is unknown - they dont seem to catch much if they infact exist the history thing being a case in point - seems to be just one rushed version after the last one with little or no regard to users
  9. will ideas and suggestions made on there be looked at differently to those suggested and voted on on here in general they get platitudes from staff and then ignored
  10. not looked at history - not something i use - i lost last session but when i went back to an earlier version it came back - re-open 2000 and its gone so it looks like its still all there but this version is not seeing it maybe the same with history - try going back to an earlier version see if its still there
  11. MX5 PC Official Release

    a skin - my own skin in MX5 - achieved by mods to the 3 dat files - as wilser and others post here - by blind updating you override these files for your own - users should have a choice as they may not have backups in the same way the update overwrote files in the user dir - this resulted in my saved tabs being deleted - again something you should give choice on
  12. MX5 PC Official Release

    not good enough - sorry - i run my own skin which involved mods to 3 dat files - you delete these to add your own - security or no security problem you should not ride roughshod overs users choice - that is not your function if you have a problem then flag it with a notification or email to users - deleting a setup and modding a config file is not yours to do like i said - keep the hell out of my system - even Microsoft give choice when it comes to updates - what makes you so special that you override users wishes
  13. MX5 PC Official Release

    what have you changed - i have never had an auto update - this morning Maxthon had updated over night - i dont want that - i want to do it manually - you managed to delete some files i had in the maxthon main dir and modified the config file in users NOT IMPRESSED keep the hell out of my system - i will decide if i want to update - not you
  14. Skins for MX [Customizables]

    excellent job on the user bar - much better that the Maxthon offering
  15. MX5 PC Beta Release

    they have managed to make a mess of the link - theres a space after the .exe - so delete that or copy and paste without it and it works