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  1. thats a relief - its good to know that effort can be put into moving a graphic 2 pixels whilst all the REALLY important bugs and requests continue to be ignored did it take all the devs to fix this - that said all the devs may just be a part timer drafted in now and again
  2. PDF files corrupted

    just tried a couple from a public site and they are fine - am using maxthon to open them if that matters
  3. sure as a bug that will go to the top of the list and get every dev working on it other more important stuff can wait
  4. fully agree - but someone did not think so - i notice 7twenty on the board - i wonder...............................................
  5. without wishing to be pedantic - it seems this is not true - hopefully rob will be consistent!
  6. hindi and malayalam translation

    i guess it would be nice but they cannot even sort out UK english which is 97% complete so dont hold your breath
  7. crash

    confirmed using browser in uk english
  8. then i suggest users will not use the page or simply find another browser - look at the shout when you add a [non] commercial ad as a company scraping the bottom of the browser market you really dont understand your users imo
  9. now we get to it - but i have no idea how a QA page located on a server generates money - please explain
  10. i echo ody's comment above - if we can have local favourites how can it be any harder to have offline QA - i read too difficult as cannot be bothered
  11. certainly interesting translation - english it may be - understandable it is not - why the hell they dont ask english speakers to translate is beyond me - they seem to have abandoned Crowlin or whatever its called - like everything else they have the mindset that they know best shame of it is they do not
  12. MX5 PC Beta release

    well remembered on the new core - was it not said it would be in the next beta - well this is that beta as far as i can see - ahhh well - jam tomorrow as the saying goes EDIT and apologies [or sort of] the new core was sometime soon according to Jeff so we can all get a bit older and greyer whilst we wait the offline QA was what i was thinking of - that was going to be included after their october holiday - granted it did not say which year so we may have to wait for the next october holiday or the one after that or the ..........
  13. MX5 PC Beta release

    + IE downloader is available in download manager seems to be a hidden feature - not jumping out for me
  14. nobody is listening ody - as ever a waste of time asking but there has to be a point in trying
  15. is that all - thats a selective answer to the requests above - why do you not want to ask for what is requested