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  1. Skin and background

    as far as i remember skins from any official source have not been available since MX3 - and dont mistake full skins with coloured backgrounds that seem to be what they will push
  2. Skins!

    coloured backgrounds - well thats great - what can i say - sure to bring people back in droves
  3. Old but still not considered :(

    ahhhh but have any of them had 20 votes in the feature request section - without that you stand not a showflakes chance in hell - that said with 20 votes it seems not much better
  4. Sooo do any MX5 skins exist?

    not sure what you are asking - the newer versions use the same method - the dat 0 and 1 files have benm renamed - 7twenty posted that earlier - old skins may or may not work fully once the files have been renamed - if thats all you want then wiltsers skins may work
  5. Sooo do any MX5 skins exist?

    there is or was some help files on modding skins - have a search - you have to unpack the dat 0 and 1 files using the packers that are on here - once you have them unpacked you have a series of css and htm files for various elements of the skin - depending on your knowledge and ambition its all in there packer is here
  6. Hello

    great but this is not a chinese populated board and the number of chinese 20's here is few as to liking them - nothing wrong with them other than they are too big
  7. Hello

    no idea - i thought Rob had added the smiley - that would make sense
  8. Hello

    cannot see that - sorry scroll down if you want is that bomb he has
  9. Hello

    maybe so - after all she is French and the emphasis is on 'she' - that would explain a lot
  10. Hello

    ahh yes try these
  11. Hello

    seeing what?
  12. Skins for Maxthon 5

    thats a cracking system - looking at the skin files they look easy enough to change - give me good side favourites similar to MX4 and i would be looking at that very seriously - need to look at the extensions i assume as i know nothing about chrome
  13. MX5 skin from Chinese forum

    have you checked with Yoyoako that he/she is happy for the link to be here - one of the chinese skinners has in the past asked that links are not posted here - cannot remember who it was
  14. Skins for Maxthon 5

    so soon ?
  15. MX5 Official Release (Updated)

    is there any time frame on this - its not rocket science i would have hoped we might have seen something by now the length of time its been muted