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  1. now thats a interesting comment and certainly debatable or the word 'improving' is - each generation believes its better/smarter/more advanced [you choose a word] than the last one - i go a long way back and have no desire to live in the world of my grand children - they are welcome to what they think is 'improved'
  2. interesting article - computers and the like have made us lazy - we have a thing called a brain that includes limitless memory - we should use that - its worked in the past without memory aid devices
  3. Tabs under address bar

    another one for Joe tabs under address bar - could do with some work on the tabs as they are not really defined but it is as it is - fully tested for 90sec so use at your own risk - always back up the file you are over writing for an easy way back UIMain.dat
  4. Maxthon Browser (BETA) V *Bugs, Problems*

    and in my over 10 years of involvement i have learnt that if you dont like something then there is [probably] a solution but and theres usually a BUT you have to do it yourself as Maxthon tend to create what they think is right and dont listen to objections so if you dont like the skin icon look at the code and move it - its not rocket science - that way you can have the browser you want configured as you want it - not everything is possible but moving that icon is easy
  5. tabs on bottom

    this ones for joe with 2 hats - he said he wanted a skin heres one someone asked for - no idea how to do it like 4 - i can still only see overwriting UIMain and UIHuge.dat as a way to do it so - tabs at the bottom - as ever use at your own risk i have extensively tested it for at least 2 minutes UIHuge.dat UIMain.dat
  6. How to add MX4 Skins to MX5 V5.03.900 beta

    it does indeed which is why i said i think their definition of a skin is different to yours and mine - in MX4 you could do what they have added to 5 - many call that a skin - its not - well not imo but you will have to wait for an official answer
  7. How to add MX4 Skins to MX5 V5.03.900 beta

    good question - not looked deeply but i think their definition of a skin is different from what you and i might think - you can change the background colour and/or change same background to one of a few defined pictures - it may be possible to add your own picture but i think? thats it - if so its all in the definition - MX4 skins are different things and i cannot see it being possible to add those to MX5
  8. Skin and background

    as far as i remember skins from any official source have not been available since MX3 - and dont mistake full skins with coloured backgrounds that seem to be what they will push
  9. Skins!

    coloured backgrounds - well thats great - what can i say - sure to bring people back in droves
  10. Old but still not considered :(

    ahhhh but have any of them had 20 votes in the feature request section - without that you stand not a showflakes chance in hell - that said with 20 votes it seems not much better
  11. Sooo do any MX5 skins exist?

    not sure what you are asking - the newer versions use the same method - the dat 0 and 1 files have benm renamed - 7twenty posted that earlier - old skins may or may not work fully once the files have been renamed - if thats all you want then wiltsers skins may work
  12. Sooo do any MX5 skins exist?

    there is or was some help files on modding skins - have a search - you have to unpack the dat 0 and 1 files using the packers that are on here - once you have them unpacked you have a series of css and htm files for various elements of the skin - depending on your knowledge and ambition its all in there packer is here
  13. Hello

    great but this is not a chinese populated board and the number of chinese 20's here is few as to liking them - nothing wrong with them other than they are too big
  14. Hello

    no idea - i thought Rob had added the smiley - that would make sense
  15. Hello

    cannot see that - sorry scroll down if you want is that bomb he has