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  1. heres my guess earlier versions of Maxthon were coded/written by skilled programmers - todays versions are not - expand on that as you want - money or the lack of it may be the reason - or thinning whatever talent is there over too many versions
  2. i dont understand their logic at the moment - seems they fix one or two bugs and release a new version - no one from here is testing anything so they must now do all testing internally and it would seem not very well
  3. it might be worth reading the thread Rick theres more to it than what you seem to reply to
  4. no input from anyone at Maxthon in this thread - well thats a surprise - what they have no answer for they ignore and hope it goes away - it does i guess users dump the browser
  5. this behavior started with the latest branch for me - before that maxthon NEVER froze - it crashed occasionally but that gave an error that could be sent back now all i get is the UI freezing on first start sometimes - closure has to be forced otherwise it just sits there - there is no error message - each portable install is to a new dir with a copy of my user data added - if i run it without adding my user data [as a guest] it still freezes i have added no other apps or anything else - it is not unique to this laptop - others have reported the same - this never happened to me until the latest core update - i have no idea if its that or something else - i agree its difficult if they cannot reproduce it - on that we have no idea - they dont comment
  6. no dont run that - it was removed a long time ago for other reasons
  7. the freeze on opening has been around for many versions - i report it every time - they neither comment or fix it - i get the impression the dev team have lost touch with real bug fixing - it certainly seems that way
  8. MX5 PC official Release

  9. MX5 PC official Release

    installed portable version - opened 4 times locked up once which is as before so on that point no improvement lets add to this locked up on a webpage - browser had been open a while - forced a shut down - reloaded maxthon and locked up on next run what a pile of crap this branch is
  10. MX5 PC official Release

    the race to the bottom continues - a new release without going through the tester area again - does anybody actually test things to see if the fixes they say have happened actually work - it does not look like it
  11. MX5 PC official Release

    locked up on first run after install - ok after forced close - no improvement from earlier versions
  12. not strictly true i think - i only run portable versions of maxthon - that does not include the mxup.dll but i get the popup on regular occasions - i believe i have had it when maxthon thinks it is the default browser - the set default browser switch in main menu is grayed out but windows settings has edge as the default brower that has not been due to a windows update as suggested and not from anything i have done further if you have maxthon set as default and run a different build [also a portable install] that resets the default browser to edge - that has to be maxthon doing i believe
  13. crash

    all 5.2 builds are unstable for me - i live with it as i [still] only use maxthon but its becoming more than annoying
  14. crash

    see it far too often - its happened on all the new core builds - no pattern to it that i can see
  15. there has to be a reason for this rubbish - plus a similar reason i got to a new site that was all in chinese money i would guess - come on @BugSir006 make a comment - its about time