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  2. Hi I am now finding that when I am trying to connect to certain websites (including maxthon) I am getting the message cannot connect to websites??? can you say as to why this is happening please
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  4. MX5 PC official Release

    Ummm, maybe not depending on what the licence agreement states. Updates at the discretion of the developer may well be part of the agreement.
  5. Favourites Sidebar

    The reason why the result lost is we opened that link in a new tab, it will disappear because we just opened a new page. So it is normal on product logic. Still, we appreciate your suggestion. We will make optimized on this issue-make it optional(open in current page or new page). Just an idea and the details of the plan are still being worked out Will give a test, just wait in patient. Thank you!
  6. MX5 PC official Release

    you provide the software from there it should be user choice - if they want to use an older version thats up to them - its not for you to force any version on the user base - thats dictatorship
  7. Maxnote not syncing

    If the problem still happened to you, please send me pm with your Maxthon account and password. Here we will have a further test.
  8. MX5 PC official Release

    Will give a test We have given the matter much thought before. The problem is there maybe some serious bugs still exist in previous version. So any bugs or problems would create a bad using experience. That's the reason we made update to users.
  9. This was totally unexpected and completely inacceptable! OK, brief report: 1. Delete or rename MxUp.exe in Maxthon's folder\bin 2. In Windows Scheduler find a Maxthons autoupdate task and disable/remove it Remember to recheck this locations after you manually update your Maxthon's copy! EDIT: Typo's
  10. MX5 & Cryptojacking Test

    AdGuard )))))
  11. MX5 PC official Release

    to my surprise, I got this automatic update too, no notification, no question to ask if I'm ok, no way to disable this
  12. (PL) Jak wyczyścić zapisane dane z MX5

    Nic się nie zmieniło. Zakładki dalej wracają po zalogowaniu na konto. Inna sprawa, że czasem to szwankuje np. po uaktualnieniu do nowej wersji (mi się to nie przydarzyło nigdy). Wracając do tematu, to zakładki możesz przeglądać, dodawać, usuwać poprzez Maxnote. Po zrobieniu takich porządków klikasz "Synchronizuj", aby uaktualnił sobie bazę w chmurze. Jeśli masz ustanowioną automatyczną synchronizację, to Maxthon powinien to zrobić sam (ale ja dla pewności robię to ręcznie). Tak uporządkowane zakładki dobrze jest wyeksportować jako kopię zapasową do pliku .html lub folderu (Menu/Narzędzia/ Importuj/Eksportuj dane użytkownika). Możesz też zrobić kopię zapasową wszystkich ustawień dla danego konta: C:\Users\Nazwa_Użytkownika\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon5\Users\Nazwa_Konta\ lub tylko najważniejszych, wybranych folderów: 1. Tworzysz sobie np. folder "Maxthon Backup" 2. Wchodzisz do C:\Users\Nazwa_Użytkownika\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon5\Users\Nazwa_Konta\ 3. Kopiujesz wybrane foldery - AdBlock - wiadomo - ustawienia adblokera - Addons - twoje rozszerzenia - AddonsData - ustawienia rozszerzeń - Config - ustawienia Maxtona - Favorite - tu są chyba zapisane zmiany w zakładkach - nie mam pewności - History wiadomo - historia przeglądania - MagicFill - zapisane formularze, loginy i hasła passkeeper - Molebox - twoje zakładki, notatki itp. w Maxnote - QuickAccess - dane Nowej Karty - SmartUrl - tu są chyba aliasy - czyli skróty do stron
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  14. (PL) Jak wyczyścić zapisane dane z MX5

    Np zapisane zakładki. Kiedyś jak miałem w maxthonie zakładki to po instalacji maxthona i zalogowaniu na konto wracały takie jak były. Teraz tego nie mogę zrobić (albo nie umiem)
  15. A Quick Access Page Background

    This is not a skin, but rather just a Maxthon MX5 background image that I put together for use on the Quick Access page. This particular one is sized to 1440 x 900px. Hopefully the text clears the Quick Access tiles on a 1440 x 900px monitor. I couldn't test it for that since my monitor is a 1280 x 1024px monitor. The one that I'm using on my monitor is laid out slightly differently. You can also use the same image as the Theme Skin for a Dark Blue area in the upper area of the GUI. (Tab Bar, Favorites Bar, Etc.) Enjoy.
  16. (PL) Jak wyczyścić zapisane dane z MX5

    Doprecyzuj, co masz na myśli i o jakie śmieci ci chodzi.
  17. MX5 PC official Release

    As I reported with the release of, the FB Purity extension also does not work with this release, so I continue to use, which is the last version that this extension worked in. I have completely removed the extension from the browser, downloaded the latest extension version and re-installed it and it still does not work. In Menu>settings>Functions and Addons>Addons, it is shown to be installed and enabled but it does not appear when I open Facebook. Fortunately, for some reason I am able to run on my main desktop machine (Win10 Home 64 bit) without Maxthon being automatically updated to, as it is on my Win10 32-bit tablet and on my Win7 32 bit older machine. Not sure what I did to my main machine to stop the auto update, but on my other 2 units, I am unable to open Maxthon without it being automatically upgraded to This is pretty unacceptable as I, as a tester for years now, always have several version releases installed so that I can better be able to try and duplicate others problems that are posted and do not want them updated automatically. If there is a "switch" to enable/disable this automatic update, I have not yet come across it, and there definitely should be one. I get my best results when I install new versions manually, many times in a new folder, and really never want to have any version automatically updated. I realize that many users that don't regularly hang out at the forum are used to all of their programs/applications/apps being automatically updated or at least are notified that a new version is available and can click to update and have been requesting this for years now, so it's good that it is finally available, but it should be an option, not without any control over it. My 2 cents.
  18. MX5 & Cryptojacking Test

    Try this list
  19. Maxthon fails this test (as does K-Meleon). Firefox, SeaMonkey, Opera, Pale Moon, Chrome and Vivaldi pass it. I'm guessing it's the uBlock Origin adblocker I'm using. ABP isn't cutting it on Maxthon.
  20. Мозайка закладок

    Может петицию организовать надо с требованием (не просьбой) вернуть локальный режим для QA? Реально задолбала эта подгрузка постоянная с сервера.
  21. (PL) Jak wyczyścić zapisane dane z MX5

    A jak wyczyścić śmieci z chmury maxthona (ew poprzegladac?)
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  23. (PL) Jak wyczyścić zapisane dane z MX5

    Jeśli ci chodzi o zapamiętany login i hasło, to możesz je usunąć poprzez Menu/Passkeeper. Tylko włącz synchronizację, aby te dane również znikły z konta w chmurze (jeśli wcześniej nie synchronizowałeś, to nie musisz).
  24. Either you delete the cookies or you have the user / password in passkeeper.
  25. How do you clear data from maxthon, which is remembered after logging in to the account, despite clearing the history, etc. Are they hidden somewhere in the net, in the cloud?
  26. Jak wyczyścić dane z maxthona, które są zapamiętane po zalogowaniu do konta, pomimo wyczyszczenia historii itd. Są gdzieś one ukryte w necie, w chmurze?
  27. v not working for some websites like and unable to login, also the browser is crashing and very slow slow Loading time.
  28. I too have noticed this problem and when I delete the icon from the desktop I have problems opening Maxthon.
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