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  2. so you can see you had the dropdown address selected and so on this will bring you to where it's intend that means you had first selected the suggested dropdown by hiting the down arrow key so hiting the up key will choose the address bar item in this case no issue just the real thing, do it the right way and it will be fine
  3. Identity section in password keeper is in Asian, I need it in English please. Can't find any place to reset this. Thanks
  4. It seems to be rather random which sites I type in cause this issue but what happens is that I start to type in a site, the address bar auto-fills the web address as expected, but if I then hit enter to go to that auto-filled address it instead goes to what is in the pop down box. I've attached an image so you can see the example. *EDIT* I just noticed if I hit the right arrow key before I press the enter key it will take me to the site in the address bar instead of the one in the pop-down box. So that's a valid work around for me anyway. Still seems like maybe behavior that wasn't intended?
  5. Jeśli chcesz by w Maxthon był uBlock zamiast Adblock, jest taka szansa, oddaj swój głos! kliknij w ten link
  6. Inproper page display

    Dear all, I have problem with latest maxthon build It displays wrongly page with attachments on our internal collaboration system. Attached two screenshots from google chrome and maxthon. Spacing between attachments are too big. Unfortunately I can't attach files. But you can access them here: Chrome Maxthon Mentioned program is Confluence from Atlassian Dariusz
  7. Prompt add-on for Maxthon program similar to "Measurer" for Mozilla firefox.If it does not exist - please make it.
  8. Buenas, tengo un problema. Tengo parlantes 5.1, con la opcion activada de "relleno de altavoces" para que suenen los 5 parlantes cuando hay sonido estéreo, como con videos en youtube o radios on line. El problema es que no suenan los 5 parlantes cuando pongo videos con Maxthon, pero si con otros navegadores, como edge. Alguna configuracion que tenga que cambiar?? Gracias!
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  10. " Shadow email "

    I will check very quickly
  11. posting in english might help - using search certainly would
  12. Czy jest tutaj ktokolwiek kto mógłby mi odpowiedzieć na to pytanie?
  13. Thank you, this works, extra right click is just fine.
  14. Amazon Prime and Netflix play just fine for me on the same version of Maxthon 5 and with default UserAgent.
  15. Try switching browser cores and see if it works. The message tells you you're browser is missing the plugin WidevineCdm which both Amazon Prime and Netflix use. I know in the past for NetFlix I've had to switch cores to get it to work.
  16. this should be an easy one :)

    you got a quick tool, on the toolbar click on the arrow you'll see the translator icon, just enable so this will not automatically translate you still have to click on i hope this works i still don't have 4.4 anymore
  17. Hi, The title descrive my problem. Why can't wiev a film on amazon? It seems a problem of rights. Does anyone have the same problem? And how can i solve it? Thank you
  18. Have you changed your useragent for some reason? Are you running that site in Retro mode for some reason? Can you show if there are any errors in the developer console. F12 > console tab
  19. Thanks all. I upgraded manually and the URL is now working. Much appreciation, Kerry
  20. Bug: Switching tabs by clicking at the top

    The problem can be actually replicated even in windowed mode when you aim your mouse cursor precisely enough. To me this is yet another manifestation of the 1px MX5 window border issue reported earlier here.
  21. Hi All I am on V how can I switch the translator to 'ON' on a web page. say the page is in 'Polish' but I want the page to get translated in English dynamically . Thank you for any help here. Cheers
  22. " Shadow email "

    Hi utra7up, our technician has checked that you may have several real emails registered uumail, including the one you PMed me, and you may mix them so that you thought the emails are not forwarded. I'll send you the details by PM.
  23. most UK banks have the same or similar problem - it does not seem to matter what user agent is used - if the word 'Maxthon' is in it they generally report the user is using an unsupported or out of date browser - remove that one word and they then work
  24. I tried using with all extentions off and get the same problem. When i click the "clone or download" button, the dialog box that gives me to option to open in desktop or download ZIP does not work. I get the same issue with maxthon nitro . It works fine on chrome and edge. Thanks
  25. WhatsApp in Maxthon 4

    I also do the same way ddoe does. Its like a mini Kodi, with Football steaming, Tv News. I have a PC connected to my TV & it was so easy for others also to watch using MX4. I found Vivaldi very much same but no cloud sync. so you have to do manually everywhere. Maybe if the Group Titles are visible then MX5 will also be helpful.
  26. That won't work unless M5 is already running. He can right click the taskbar icon to open a private window or right click on the start menu icon to open a private window.
  27. Thank you all for the detailed explanation, I can reproduce it now! Will soon forward to our tester!
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