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  3. Maxthon 5 BLURRY fonts!

    A screenshot to make it clear, or not so. Even this page is a mess. Screen_Shot_12-14-18_at_09.35_PM.BMP Screen_Shot_12-14-18_at_09.36_PM.BMP
  4. I have tried everything I can, this is now driving me nuts. Why are the fonts on all sites blurry to the point of being unreadable. Please help guys.
  5. I am having trouble with this version and passkeeper. All my passwords are missing. When I go to a site the user name fills in but the password doesn't. I checked passkeeper and no passwords are there. I can't check the laptop version I have until I get home later. Haven't had the problem before. I have a pixel 2 xl and version 9
  6. I use the portable versions only on my notebook, for it has a more limited HD space than my desktop PC's. I think you don't need to copy the UserData sub-folder, that is, if you don't want to. AFAIK, even if a person uses the portable version for the very first time and the user account and data are stored by Maxthon (site/servers), it's enough to enter the login data to get that data synced to the portable version. Of course it's not possible offline. I myself used to keep a couple or two previous portable versions JIC, because some few old sites I visited frequently wouldn't behave well with newer Maxthon versions. But I haven't had that kind of issues for a long time now. Anyway, It's a matter of choice.
  7. Before you delete the previous portable version folder, just copy the UserData sub-folder from the previous portable version into the new folder, restart Maxthon and you're ready to go. And since I come to the forum every day, downloading the newest version isn't an annoyance at all. In fact, that is how I have updated versions for the last 15 years and never relied on or used automatic updates as I find it gives me greater control as to how it gets installed, especially when it comes to install versions. I now use only portable versions so that control isn't as important as each new portable is in it's own folder and not installed over a previous version.
  8. Always use the latest portable version (no installation needed). The annoying part of this is that you'll have to check manually for updates, and download them, and set/import your user data/preferences every time you update this way. Oh and delete the previous portable versions folders from your computer, unless you prefer to keep them JIC.
  9. For the last 6 months, every time I start Mx5 at work or at home I get a message that my account is ABNORMAL and that I have to re-Login. Anybody knows why is that? Also, at work I get a message to re-login to the company proxy.That it did not used to happen other than providing the proxy login info once every time I was upgrading Maxthon. Again, anyone know why is this happening, even though this could be just a change on the policy at work. But for the record this proxy re-login, it never happens when I use Internet explorer. Current version of Maxthon is Thank you.
  10. Craiglist Reply issue

    I wish i could now, but at some point yesterday it started working fine
  11. Maxthon vs. Fullscreen apps

    most probably you are not using exclusive full screen app... hm... you could try kodi ( and in the settings > system settings > display > display mode fullscreen and uncheck the "use fullscreen window"
  12. Maxthon vs. Fullscreen apps

    Cannot reproduce...T_T
  13. Maxthon vs. Fullscreen apps

    been having this issue as well of late. Very annoying!
  14., Win7 64 bit / Win10 64bit every time i try to task into fullscreen application (true one, not the fake borderless one) maxthon takes focus for no reason basically, alt + tab to fullscreen app > within a second it tasks back into maxthon > maxthon starts to resize its contents in active tab strangely enough it does not happen if the active tab is "new tab"
  15. help required on the version

    Hi radscorpion, Currently, "about" won't display the latest version, please take the official website as the standard.
  16. Last week
  17. Hi when I test my maxthon, it shows : see the attached file am I really on the latest version here ? (is this the last/latest version ) because the official site shows :mx5.2.6.1000.exe is available if that is so, how come my maxthon shows that : Your browser is up to date ( see picture) Thx. all
  18. Malicious website detected (I dont need it)

    Ok, thanks will do so . we can close this one .
  19. Audio Download Problem

    How is it now? You can send the TeamViewer ID and password to me via private message.
  20. So I've been starting to get ads on Facebook, even though I used rules that used to work on the ABP. I've found this old thread about it, but I guess it is just not relevant due to whatever modifications Facebook made. Anyone willing to help out and share ABP rules for Facebook that work now? Cheers!
  21. If you are able we can set a time for this....
  22. Craiglist Reply issue

    Could you please provide a screenshot of this issue?


    that presentation is internal, not external. Get it ? Would be better like this I too have a pretty fast connection, but Download Manager window itself already gives a visual progress indication of one or many simultaneous downloads. There's no need for another visualization, particularly a less capable one. I do realize you likely do not do multiple simultaneous downloads with a slower connection Re #2: Maxthon does have a page loading icon displayed on any tab that is loading. These simply indicate loading activity not progress, if progress could even be accurately determined. <<SL>>
  25. Running on Windows 10(up to date) desktop. Since updating to this version i am getting "sorry something went wrong*" instead of getting the ability to send an email or get a phone number for text or call. Not happening if i use IE. Wondering if something changed in settings. I am not using a VPN.
  26. Reader mode

    ==> Karajan : Thank You, a request would be fine. Hoping then for an auto reader feature mode! I'm sure, that's not a really hard work. With regards : MartinB
  27. MX corrupts downloads

    Thanks to a new MxDownloader.dll that @BugSir006 has sent me, it seems that now I do not have the errors downloading files that seem to be redirects. I have tried with the platform, the unzipped and read pdfs with the addons mentioned above, etc .. for now it seems that it is going well.
  28. MX corrupts downloads

    I confirm the bug, sometimes a broken file is downloaded and 111.torrent
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