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  3. Tabs do not fit the screen boundary

    And the area to capture and stretch the window as in the screenshot above has not been increased. At the top of the browser window, it's just scanty compared to the bottom and side parts ...
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  5. Maxthon Fonts

    If you're using the most recent versions then you can drag and drop the link into a new window. The old versions of maxthon didn't support that. You may be able to open a window, just make sure the option in settings to "allow more than one window" is enabled. Although i'm not sure if all versions supported that.
  6. Maxthon Fonts

    I have installed the version of Maxthon 2012, Here I see the fonts (which is strange..) I have another issue: Is it possible to seperate those and have them in different windows? I can't do it somehow and I'm trying to seperate those but I can't. Hope you can help me a last time. Regards
  7. Switching tabs does not work very good in this version. often mouse clicks are not registered when clicking on tabs.
  8. Thank you for the update! I've tried new version and I see that problem has stayed. Every time when I press button "Open All" after start the browser I see all tabs in reverse order. I expect to see all tabs in the same order as in my previous browser session! I always use the setting "New tabs position" = "To the right of all tabs" I forced to go back to the previous version Please fix it.
  9. I have installed Version mx5.2.4.100-beta. There was no problem
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  13. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Hey Maxers, Welcome to have a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website Happy browsing and feel free leave your comment!
  14.         V

    + Optimize browser startup speed + Optimized the stability of browsers + Optimized the problem of flash version compatibility + Optimized browser's last open page order problem + Replace web default font of Chinese version + Add new Pdf and picture formats notes export + Add a function to save the page as a picture to right-click menu - Fixed the issue when opening local html files is occasionally anomalous - Fixed the stuck issue when switching between some pages - Fixed incorrect display of text on some pages - Fixed the problem that double-clicking the top tab cannot close the tab when the window is maximized - Fixed the problem when downloading QQ software in compatibility mode
  15. need help?

    The topic has been moved from Welcome! > Maxthon Newcomer to Product Support > Maxthon Support & Discussion.
  16. Just tried the portable version v,works better than the installed one,but still slower than usual.So this seems to be something to do with the installed verison.But as I said,I completely uninstalled it with Clear user data and settings options checked.So still not having any clue what's going on. Seems that I found the main problem,and it turned out to be a bad secondary hard drive in my PC.Unplugged it and everything works. The only problem left is that MX5 opens hotmail/outlook site only when it desides to.Installed the latest beta and it's the same situation.Worked fine yesterday morning and since then started behaving eraticaly.It works most of the time in Retro mode,and almost never in Ultra Mode.
  17. Hy guys, I've been having various problems with MX5.2.3.3000 these last couple of days.Some sites not working (i.e. hotmail/ a clean install of MX5 today and ran into some more troubles.It takes looooooong time to sync the account,maxthon settings (lots of them not working at all) and favorites,during witch time Maxthon hangs.Also Passkeeper shows pop-up with " A network error occurred ".So anyone have any ideas?Sound to me like some problem with cloud connection.
  18. Maxthon Cloud Browser

    A trip to the developers of the Vivaldi browser for sharing experiences?
  19. Freeze

    And a big processor load can not be connected with crypto currency mining?
  20. I'm not in Russia so that was not the case....
  21. After 3 months Roskomnadzor unlocked 8 million IP-addresses
  22. need help?

    Recently I started having message that Maxthon desktop icon is abnormal??? Point is that there is no icon on the deskop at all - Win10, Win8.1 and MX5 After repair it is OK for a day or two and message comes back.
  23. Tabs do not fit the screen boundary

    My opinion: developers need to simply increase in this place the area under the grip for stretching the window. After all, at the top of the window this area is the smallest and is literally a couple of pixels.
  24. I'm almost sure it was a network problem and not problem in the browser itself. Don't know why but it's working now . So finally after 3+ months i am able to delete all my passwords and account data
  25. Downloads Not Found.

    Yes, also if you download then delete the file after installing or using, the of course it can't be found.
  26. Downloads Not Found.

    you know what : It's unclear. the download manager tells file not found if you try to download to a location that doesn't exist: external hard drive not connected, name changed, file deleted or something like this. Another case is that you try to download once more from a source that doesn't exist anymore. voodoo child
  27. Maxthon Fonts

    Could mean that it's a font that was added by another program, or from the site itself, but for some reason is being blocked. The fact that Maxthon does show it correctly on another system means you can discount it being a browser issue.
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