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  2. MX5 PC Official Release

    You can see everything on video. Video_2017-09-20_005025.wmv
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  4. Not for me it doesn't, whatever search engine I select from the address bar remains until changed even after reboot.
  5. MX5 PC Official Release

    I can't confirm. Any term I use and select from suggestions, my selection is searched, not what I typed.(even after reboot) Edit; The forum however is giving me problems(namely double quote box and inability to post on first try.)
  6. MX5 PC Official Release

    Smart Address Bar (search terms) not working properly - searh input recommendations are offered, but when you click on it, browser searches for the text that was typed in the address bar, not for recommendations.
  7. if u guys can provide more info just don't hesitate. Personally, i am done with the Email team
  8. not resolved in Although official said they resolved the 'supporting issue', not the oooops issue i use facebook a/c I've try: 1. clear site cookies 2.login/out 3.gif In addition, i need to login in everytime.
  10. This issue is important to us and have you updated to the latest version(V5.1.2.1000) and still exist this issue? If it is, please tell me your country info.
  11. Bug: can't reply on website ""

    Oh oh I made a tested on V5.1.2.1000. It's exactly not fixed on newest version. Please change the UA to chrome before this bug fixed. Sorry for that.
  12. I have the same problem since a month or so. Couldn't find a solution rather than using retro mode.
  13. Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website Happy browser and leave your comment! Maxthon Team
  14.         V

    This update fixed the following issues: Local video player supports keyboard shortcuts to control play status. Fixed the issue of the upper right corner close button being blocked under window status in special cases. Fixed the issue of the desktop will appear address bar when locking the browser through shortcuts key under special cases. Fixed the issue of the two addons can be expanded at the same time on the sidebar. Fixed the issue of can’t publish content on Sina Weibo addon. Fixed the issue of spotify webpage’s wrong notification of “not support the Web Player” Fixed the issue of can’t make a comment on mindorks website. Fixed the issue of Passkeeper’s exception website list did not remove duplicate matters after importing the data automatically. Fixed the issue of progress will be roll back when downloading some files. Fixed the issue of can’t open hxxp://h** Fixed the issue of external tools can’t be displayed in toolbar’s original place after restarting the browser.
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  16. Save the MX Flash Updater tool [see thread linked below] on your desktop and run it everytime you upgrade to a newer version of Maxthon. I've been doing this for several months and have had 0 issues with flash
  17. Bug: can't reply on website ""

    It doesn't work in retro but shows up in ultra with M5.1.2.200
  18. Bug: can't reply on website ""

    There is a new version on the official website and in the changelog is: "Fixed the issue of can’t make a comment on mindorks website."
  19. Mx 5 and Flash Player MS Update

    I do not install flash player on the system. I'm downloading "NPAPI" NPSWF32 (Mx4), "PPAPI" pepflash (Mx5) files from this site Adobe Flash Player Portable and I'm replacing older ones. An example with a new version: Mx4: I copy NPSWF32_27_0_0_130.dll and plugin.vch (this replaces) files to the folder Maxthon\Core\Webkit\Npplugins and I delete the older .dll file Mx5: I rename the pepflashplayer32_27_0_0_130.dll file to pepflashplayer.dll and I replace the older file in Maxthon\Core\plugins Everything works flawlessly
  20. Bug: can't reply on website ""

    I don't see it fixed (tested on .
  21. I uninstalled Flash Player, Windows updated the Security Update for Flash Player and MX 5, Edge and Opera run smoothly now. I will try the MX updater and see what happens. If the issue comes back. I am just going to run without it.
  22. QR code

    Thanks for report this issue to us! Sorry for the inconvenience that the QR issue may bring to all of you.. About this matter, the relevant product manager has already known the situation. The part will be optimized in future. I mean, the exact time is uncertain. But it has been included in the plan.
  23. LastPass and Maxthon 5

    I use LastPass and automatic completion works fine for me. I have difficulties with extension's menu navigation but not with completion.
  24. Because that is the version that MX5 still comes with. It's separate to the version that is downloaded and installed via the adobe installer. No, not really. What you read is correct. But it depends on what sites you visit and if they need them. In time it will disappear, but until then some sites are sticking with it. So if no sites you use need it, then don't install it. I'm pretty sure that is only for Edge. Doesn't affect the main flash install for any other browsers. Either you're doing it wrong, wrong file, or there's something else going on. I'd recommend using the MX Flash updater program linked in the flash and maxthon thread. Makes it much easier.
  25. flash player is on his way to death; however some sites still need it. i use opera when needed for those sites, with launch on click. i have disabled flash on my computer for all browsers html 5 is the main thing now
  26. Last week
  27. Version 5.1.04000, I have plash Player 26 installed however when I run a check for Flash Player several sites show Flash Player V 24. I have copied the win system 32 Macromed flashplayer dll into Maxthon 5 after renaming the old dll but flash player checks always say it is 24. Microsoft released a Security Update for Flash Player earlier this month. This update brings all my browsers to a slow crawl. Uninstall the update and all runs smooth again. I have seen this happen on multiple machines. So 1) why do the Flash Player checks always indicate 24 in MX 5 when v24 it isn't even installed" 2) is Flash Player really necessary? I am reading many articles saying Flash Player is slowly but surely going away and some browsers allow you to disable Flash Player
  28. QR code

    I am on V The weird thing is, this morning I tried to share several links with people, and only the first QR code I scanned gave me an unspoiled direct url. The rest were all problematic.
  29. QR code

    Earlier it worked just fine - you got the same URL as in the address bar. Now it adds some kind of wrapper "". No idea, why they made it. impossible to use now. Hm. I've tested now on MX5.1.1.1000 - it workes fine. Seems they've fixed it. What version do you have?
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