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  2. Maxnote's new version issue

    После закрытия русского форума не знаю, где спросить... Извините, если тема неподходящая, я не знаю английского языка. Последние версии Maxthon у меня глючат, сайты бесконечно обновляются. Т. е. как только страница загружена, она немедленно сбрасывается и загружается заново, и так до бесконечности... Даже страница настроек! Откатился на версию, она работает нормально... только устаревшая. Почему страницы перезагружаются? Можно как-то исправить? GOOGLE TRANSLATE: After the closure of the Russian forum I do not know where to ask ... I'm sorry if the topic is inappropriate, I do not know English. The latest versions of Maxthon are buggy, the sites are infinitely updated. That is, as soon as the page is loaded, it is immediately reset and loaded again, and so on forever ... Even the settings page! I rolled back to version, it works fine ... just out of date. Why do the pages reboot? Can I somehow fix it?
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  4. Facebook news don't scroll

    The reason has been checked out that it is related with core(The chrome with 55 core will also appear this issue). To solving this problem, the core need to be update. That’s a pretty heavy job for our developers so it may wait for a period of time. We feel sorry for the inconvenience during this period of time.
  5. How to change skins on maxthon5

    How to make tabs under the address bar??? ver 5-1-3-2000
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  7. Hello every body. I am happy

    Hi everybody. I am very happy to participate in this forum.
  8. how to deactivate SPDY

    That is the error is see with google chrome Version 62.0.3202.94 (Official Build) (64-bit): This site can’t be reached The webpage at be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_SPDY_INADEQUATE_TRANSPORT_SECURITY If I google the last line I find:
  9. V - MultiErrors TOO

    The bookmarks lost after update? the bookmarks disorganized? Sort by descend or others situation? Are you updating from to Some reproduce steps send to us will be helpful.
  10. Although he has not crashed at the Maxnote screenshot, but the pop-up does not show right. He does not import all my bookmarks. As good as almost none. He still does not sort bookmarks as he should. So far from the release. I'm just stating this and will not participate in discussions because I've decided not to annoy me with MX5 anymore. I also uninstalled the browser because it is hopeless with you.
  11. Facebook news don't scroll

    Already in the bug list, and has been scheduled for fixing
  12. after update all the link pages heve gone

    Please send me the screenshot of the 'host file' after you changed. Here I will check whether you add in correct position and right content
  13. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Hey Maxers, Welcome to have a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website Happy browsing and feel free leave your comment!
  14.         V

    This update fixed the following issues: - Maxnote search added a new instant access feature - Maxnote folder access method switched from double click to single click - Optimized Maxnote's user experience - Fixed the issue of global mute failure in some devices - Fixed the issue of My Favorites under toolbar's Favorites button contains notes content - Fixed the issue of data illustration failure when adding content to Favorites through the bee icon under toolbar - Fixed the issue of title length too long's notification failed to pop up when sync a extra long title note under special cases - Fixed the issue of Ctrl+G's pop up window is not pinned to the top after open notes under toolbar - Fixed the issue of video sound will be automatically played when opening video detail information in a new tab - Fixed the issue of two Create New Folder option displayed in Favorites bar's right click menu
  15. MX5 iOS Release

    Hi all, the latest Maxthon5 iOS version is alive on App Store now! If you already got Maxthon5 on your iPhone or iPad, then you can directly go to AppStore and update it If you don't have Maxthon5 on your devices yet, get it here: Hope you all enjoy the new version, and any advice and feedback are welcome to comment on this thread! For the full release note, click here.
  16.         V

    Changelog: -Adapted to IPhoneX
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  18. new tab

    I'm not sure whether the OP is asking for multiple "New TABS" or want something like Mx4 where you could have multiple QAs open. This is possible in Mx 4.4.8 and earlier (not sure about 4.9.x) and in Firefox and Chrome and IE and many other browsers. I would support such a feature as "nice to have" feature but it may not be possible with the current QA. However I don't see any practical reason for it. <<SL>>
  19. after update all the link pages heve gone

    i still heve the problem can i go back befor the upgrade? tnx
  20. new tab

    There is only one New Tab and it exists on the far right on the tab bar. It is not possible to open more, never has been with M5.
  21. new tab

    Somehow these two last Beta releases made me see again lots of instability and crashes. I dont know where the NEW TAB Opening in the far right is fixed? It still remains the problem. Once you open a New TAB, You cannot Open any more new tabs, Speed is so much compromised, the Beta versions are so Slow and crashing when multiple tabs open... Please Upgrade and Update for the newer upcoming Official Version with NEW TAB/s Opening Improved features
  22. Recently got a 4K (AKA UHD) computer monitor. It's not a TV, it's a true 27" monitor. There are a few issues that I've never had before that popped up since I have been using it. *The visible mouse trails for Mouse Gestures is very thin, and very hard to see. * The red underline in spell checker for mis-spelled words is so thin I can hardly see it. * The hot areas in clickable icons have apparently shrunken. Sometimes I must click 2-3 times to find the right place. * Mouse gestures do not work reliably or not at all on some pages. Many thanks,,,
  23. how to deactivate SPDY

    In maxtnon works fine, both in ultra and retro mode
  24. how to deactivate SPDY

    Edge and IExplorer Also the old (but valid), Opera 12.x (presto)
  25. I'm using 5.02.1000 and had the same problem with previus one. I'll try the latest. *Updated to latest and it works now. Thanks.
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