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  2. MX5-Quick Access V1.6 is online

    Hi, I have the same issue, is there any solution?! Dear BugSir006! I have had this issue two days ago! and I lost all the Quick Access items at a moment! I am really fan of Maxthon browser and I have it on the more than 4-5 systems, all of them get lost the QA after sync. Now I see the following screen when I want to access the quick access page! No recovery option, no export/import function, it is too disappointing!
  3. Skin and background

    as far as i remember skins from any official source have not been available since MX3 - and dont mistake full skins with coloured backgrounds that seem to be what they will push
  4. Skin and background

    the skins from here are not available for MX5 ?
  5. restore session

    Not in this mode. In Firefox or others, all tabs are figured in window on restored session but only the last active tab is properly loaded. The rest of the (backround) tabs have only the URL preloaded , not the content. It's like you said here, when push "open all " button, the entire window with all tabs are open but only the last active tab is full loaded, for the tabs from backround is only the URL figured but their content are not loaded, only just if you click on them.
  6. Probably not going to get a reply... but will give it a go and see what happens. I'm having trouble getting the "activate" parameter of the newtab function to work when the string is called from a variable. In: mxTabs.newTab({url:"url", activate:true, position:"afterCurrrent"}); when activate is set to true or false directly in that line it works fine. If I have a variable "openTab" set to true or false and called in that same line "activate:openTab" it also works. But if I have a variable "openTab" with a value set to true or false which is determined from some javascript, and then saved and called via the api, it never seems to work and always defaults to "true". Doing an alert (openTab) or"openTab") shows that the string is correct. Getting quite annoying, as I know what I want to do and i'm pretty sure i've got it all right, but this just won't work.
  7. Maxthon with no quick access hack

    Just edit MXBrowser.dll in a hex editor and change the reference.
  8. restore session

    Hi there, the tabs will not open automatically unless you click "open all" here, so it won't affect the startup speed and CPU usage. BTW, which version are you using?
  9. Maxthon with no quick access hack

    Cool, and how you manage to create it?
  10. restore session

    Hi! It's not about this. I want to not loading all tabs (from background) just only last active tab when restoring session. That's mean less RAM/CPU usage and quick start for Maxthon. You do not need almost never for all restored tab instantly, but you need for restore last session. Only when you need to see other tab from restored session just click on it and only then is properly loaded. This option is implemented in a lot of other browsers and is a main option. I like Maxthon but it could be improved with such as basic options.
  11. Hi there, check you've ticked this option in settings-advanced, and make sure your IE version is above IE8 (IE8 seems not working either for this site), you can try to open this site using the IE on your PC. If the problem still not fixed by doing so, then we recommend you to upgrade your IE to IE11.
  12. Open multiple links in new tab

    Cool! I've asked our staff approve the applications.
  13. restore session

    Hi badnick, Sorry don't quite understand your request, but I think the current "last session" part works as you said. Like here, I set "open last session on startup", so I saw the tabs last time when I exit the browser and didn't close.
  14. Any new Mac App Store version?

    That is awesome news. I'm glad to hear that it's coming that soon. I look forward to it, and thank you for your reply.
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  16. restore session

    There is any possibility to load only the last active tab on session restore?
  17. MX5 cannot import MX4.9.4 user data

    You shouldn't have had to go through those steps. Just for some reason things didn't go smoothly as they normally would, or at least that's what it seems like. At least now you have your bookmarks imported over.
  18. Importar Cookies

    me parece que no se puede, porque las cookies están encriptadas de versión a versión (mx 4 -> mx5) tendrías que probar si el archivo de cookies funciona en mx 5, en los archivos de usuario.
  19. complementos para mx5

    algo como esto?
  20. MX5 cannot import MX4.9.4 user data

    I have imported mx4; HTML file, and even Mx4/3 local data and it still has not populated the folders and subfolders with the links that are in them. I'm doing something wrong, but I havn't figured it out yet. When I switched from Mx3 to Mx4 a year or so ago, everything went in fine and had no problems (except with some of the passwords). Is it possible to copy a folder (which has many sub folders) and paste it over the mx5 shell folder that was created (that has shell sub folders).? I think I figured something out: There were some link titles at the top of the browser screen. When I opened them up some had folders with sub folders that were empty, so I deleted them. Some of the links went nowhere, so I deleted them. There were some though, that had some fakey title that did have the folders and sub folders and did have the data in them. When I did as you said, copy the html folder I renamed it mx4 favorites, and in one of the link folders at the top of the page when I opened it there was my mx4 favorites folder. I opened it up, and there were the sub folders...checked on some of them and sure enough there were the links inside. So the bottom line is I didn't know I was supposed to go through all those steps. So at this point I think it is working (at least hobbling) until encounter another problem, that I won't know the step by step procedure to get it to work. So thanks guys, I would not have accomplished it without your assistance.
  21. Сейчас установил mx5.0.2.1000. Работает, лучше некуда! Первый раз в жизни такое встречаю.
  22. Спасибо большое! Хоть что то)
  23. M5.0.2.2000 были внесены изменения, чтобы улучшить производительность на Windows 10, она может повлиять Win7. Попробуйте стандартный режим рендеринга в расширенных настройках. Попробуйте другую строку агента пользователя. Проверьте, чтобы убедиться, что вы используете настройки прокси IE. Edit: Я использую Windows 10
  24. Нет 7started, а 5.2.2 только для 10?
  25. Я пробовал различные настройки, abp, некоторые расширения, кодирование, но не мог повторить. я не знаю. другие браузеры? Windows 10?
  26. Только мне так повезло. А в чем причина, как Вы думаете?
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