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  2. Speed dial icons

    This is just my opinion: I like the top row being smaller, for me, the first 4 are the sites l use most often (the Maxthon one links me to the forum where l can check for new releases, without that l would forgot to check lol) and the small logos look nice. The descending search just makes use of the space at the top. I like it, l don't see why it's nonsense, it doesn't affect anything. I do agree with with the logos and screenshots. l dislike not being able to have logos as screen shots just looks messy. Please @BugSir006 can you ask the developers to put back the old code which detected site logos and gave you several logos to choose from?
  3. export import External Tools

    Yep, been doing this for ages. A definite for using portable. There may be some issues when there are major revisions between updates, but most of the time it works well. Ensures that all of your data gets moved across and you can pickup exactly where you left off.
  4. Earlier the icons were. Now they are not. If the new technologies of your engineers can not load logos from the pages, then in such cases the best solution is an independent choice. In the meantime, this page is very uncomfortable.
  5. When I left click the second time it forces Maxnote to sync. It takes more time to sync then it should in my opinion. Kiedy po raz drugi kliknąłem, zmusza Maxnote do zsynchronizowania. To z mojego powodu potrzeba więcej czasu na synchronizację.
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  7. Speed dial icons

    Many logos can not be put now. And screenshots often look too small. Why do we need the top row of buttons, what makes it different from the others? And this descending search line ... For what? Complete nonsense.
  8. Yes. I got bored, so I also added a version with an image now!
  9. Says that something isn't saving properly. Test with a portable version using the guest account and see if the same happens. Then login with passport and test again. Let us know what happens.
  10. I've changed my background many times and it has always stayed to whatever I change it to. I'm on a clean install.
  11. Mam problem z wyszukiwarką qwant ustawiłem ją w maxthonie ,jako domyślna , gdy wpiszę frazę w pole wyszukiwania w górnej belce przeglądarki wyskakuje mi za każdym razem taki komunikat.
  12. Lagging mouse pointer?

    I had same issu with lagging mouse but latest MX ver seems solved this issue.
  13. Hi Maxthon Team, I am Basque translator for Maxthon projects for several years. I need use MX5 for Android with Basque language, I have it full translated in Crowdin "", but when I install or update MX5 for Android, I can't set it with Basque Language GUI. Please, can you add basque language in MX5 language options?
  14. Well, that wouldn't solve the actual problem which is that when one changes the background to what they prefer, it doesn't stick upon the next opening of the browser and instead it reverts back to the animated GIF. What needs to be done is to figure out how to get it back to how it was working before they added the new background entries so that once you select the background you want, it stays that way for each successive restart. No need to remove the GIF's.
  15. export import External Tools

    Even better. When installing Maxthon for the first time, there is no "UserData" If you run Maxthon, copy from the previous version of Maxthon and paste the "UserData" folder into the "Maxthon main or root" I have no idea of English, I hope you understand the translation with Google translator
  16. I noticed that many people are having some issues with the new QA with animation. Can I suggest the developers to remove the animation and go back what was before?
  17. The QA COULD use more precision and some ways to customize it to people's liking's... Multiple pages? Make it so... easily re-arrange without knocking the following boxes around like dominoes would be nice too. drag and drop a box out of a folder (or even manually edit it back to the main page too), would be good animated Gifs, to me are way down on the list
  18. export import External Tools

    Exactly rick.lane. I have solved it (I hope) by replacing the "UserData" folder of the last version of Maxthon 5 with the previous version. I just did it and in principle it works
  19. What about the remainder of the issues?
  20. @PHYR @Dzacho Błąd faktycznie występuje. Tzn. jeśli się kliknie dwa razy, prawym przyciskiem myszy na nazwie notatki, to można ją edytować. Błąd się pojawia po kliknięciu lewym przyciskiem myszy na nazwie. Wywoływany jest adres: view-source:mx://note/"javascript:void(0)/" który nie odpowiada. I co najgorsze, w Maxnote nie można tej błędnej strony cofnąć do tyłu!!! Pozostaje jedynie restart przeglądarki. Dzieje się tak na wersji jak i na wewnętrznej wersji testowej. Ponieważ wszędzie fokus jest ustawiany lewym przyciskiem myszy, to z przyzwyczajenia klika się lewym, który niestety wywołuje błąd.
  21. export import External Tools

    I I think that you don't understand what problem he is having. And I have the same problem every time I install a new version clean. This is not what I would call a "setting" or "user data" and it is not imported when an new clean installation is first started. As per his screenshots, he has added several additional tools to the external tools feature, as have I, and they are gone when you start the browser for the first time after a clean install, ever. They remain when one installs a new version over a previous one, but disappear with a clean install. There never has been a way to import them from a previous install to the best of my knowledge. This issue is not solved by "syncing". I am not using a portable version, do have a passport account and log in with it every time. I hope that you now understand this man's query.
  22. Ja zauważyłem ten problem ok. 2 miesiące temu, pomyślałem, że kolejne wersje to załatwią, jednak tak się nie stało, więc postanowiłem o to zapytać na forum. W takim razie będę musiał zaczekać do kolejnych wydań. Teraz dodawanie notatek z niezmienialną nazwą "Untitled" mija się z celem.
  23. FYI, Twitch works great in a new internal build with a new core. It should be available to all users soon.
  24. thanx, by the way, I don't have an issue changing note names in an internal version which should be out soon for all users. It could also just be a server issue. Thanx, przy okazji, nie mam problemu zmieniając nazwy notatek w wewnętrznej wersji, która powinna być wkrótce dostępna dla wszystkich użytkowników. Może to być tylko kwestia serwera.
  25. Users IP is visible in snap, please fix.
  26. Mam problem ze zmianą nazwy kart z notatkami. Klikam na wybraną notatkę, widzę jej treść, chcąc zmienić jej nazwę kilkam na tą nazwę, po czym pojawia się komunikat "Nie można połączyć się ze stroną" bla bla bla (screen w załączeniu). To samo dzieje się, gdy tworzę nową notatkę: klikam na "Nowy wpis", pojawia się karta z notatką z domyślną nazwą "Untitled", lecz gdy chcę nazwę zmienić na inną, znów pojawia się błąd. Dzieje się tak od kilku wersji wstecz, nieważne czy wersji beta, czy finalnych. Wie ktoś jak to naprawić?
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