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  3. Everyone knows that the developers spat on users and do not want to listen to their requests. They simply ignore requests that have been made over the years. Like this one. Well, may be possible to use quick access from Jeff's new brainchild - Bitelf browser. Can dev's do this?
  4. New Tab Problem?

    Step is simple: it happens ONLY when I launch a NEW tab. Not if I open from the bookmarks. I watch videos on Netflix and Kodi. I don't know if that has something do with it. Also, I am using dual monitor. All this started with last 4-5 versions maybe.
  5. double click on tab closes the page

    I mean keep the present functionality as it is. Just present a toggle option for customers who do not want to have it. sort of win-win situation Thank you Thank You ! we will close this one
  6. this crash has been around since adam was a lad - for me if i leave it for a minute or two after the screen shrinks Maxthon sorts itself out and all is ok
  7. Solution:
  8. Maxthon v5.2.7.400 crash subprocess

    Please use the attached tool "procexp" to check the process which occupied the CPU. procexp.exe
  9. I have had exactly the same problem with many Mx5 versions and only have the Adblock Plus and Mining Go extensions installed and enabled.
  10. I really suggest favroite item management go back to the old version's way. It's hard to view item, sort item, move around items in current management ui(Maxnote) than the old way. Also, I have two troubles and one suggestion: [1st trouble]: When I drag one item from a source folder to another target folder and try to put it at last position in this target folder, when this target folder has many items that causes horizontal scroll bar appear, there's no way I can "scroll to right most" (I tried keybaords but no response). [2nd trouble]: I can't see full item header/name/or whatever. Sometimes, it's important to see full name so I can tell what it is and where to move it to. [one suggestion]: Under many occassions, I want to add same web page url to two different folders but it's not allowed. In old version, there's no such limitation. Yes, I can see the new mangement is more IT (using one index system for favorite items; integrate favorite item into Maxnote, etc.) but it's really not user-friendly (sometimes hurt), at least compared to the old version's way. Please consider this design philosophy: Leave constraints to users, as long as the system is not so harmful.
  11. New Tab Problem?

    Would you describe the steps cause this issue?
  12. Maxthon v5.2.7.400 crash subprocess

    Please try to delete Google Menu.
  13. double click on tab closes the page

    So what do you want a double click on a tab to do?
  14. Last week
  15. where is the setting actually ? I do not want this to happen double clicking a tab should not close the page. can somone guide me where the setting is ? Thanks
  16. Maxthon v5.2.7.400 crash subprocess

    I came back to inform and show that after disabling the Google Menu, problem persists. Maybe the problem is some other extension or Adblock. See the attached video. Processo_interno_crash_1.mp4
  17. I ask the feature 3rd time !

    Hi maxthon team, Please I already have explained my request , dont forget IT ! Some member ask me , why is so important this feature? here the answer; Its because I am a video editor. ( I open many pages on the desktop) THANK YOU GUYS !
  18. I gave up and did a clean install of Windows. Now working fine. Interminably frustrating.
  19. New Tab Problem?

    I have this problem as well in MX on Windows 10 Home (1803).
  20. New Tab Problem?

    This issue should have been fixed in v5.2.6.600. I cannot reproduce it now...
  21. IPv6 is indeed enabled. I had a temporary breakthrough last night, with the Internet Properties function 'Reset all zones to default level' as described in point 2 here. This seemed to fix Maxthon but had no effect on Chrome. This morning however, it's back to being broken. (I've checked everything else on that page and nothing else has any effect.) In fact, sometimes Maxthon does seem to access SSL successfully upon initial launch, but then grinds to a halt. Don't know if that's coincidence with the sites I happen to be opening to try to check connectivity though.
  22. Please new Maxthon add ...

    Hello I was thinking in this setting to add Slovak. (Picture) But I will also look at Maxthon's translation if it is time so I could help with some translation To also 5.2 was in Slovakia ... In my neighborhood we use a lot of Maxthon.
  23. Please new Maxthon add ...

    The Slovak translation is not fully ready (only 62%). If you want, you can help with the translation:
  24. New Tab Problem?

    I also encounter such a problem. I have this happen sometimes when i start some games. The full-screen maxthon window becomes small and moves to the upper right corner. When turning to full screen, this picture is obtained
  25. Hello Please add new language to Slovak language, there is a lot of languages but there is no Slovak - Slovakia, thank you I'm still following new versions of Maxthon and I do not understand why there is no Slovak language translate it ... In Slovak, forget if the Maxthon translation is no longer translated ... you could add it Thanks Peter
  26. Do you have IPv6 enabled? If not - try to enable You don't need to use this protocol and not even having them setup. Just enable checkbox for this protocol in network card properties. There are was a problem in Windows 10 with Internet communication with IPv6 enabled due to new TCP/IP stack realisation. Especially with Metro APP like MS Store. And I'm not sure this problem is completely solved.
  27. New Tab Problem?

    Could you describe the steps cause this issue?
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