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  2. can't log in

    Sure, you can. Im form Poland. Im waiting
  3. In the internal beta 1200, crash error too
  4. Today
  5. Maxthon's MaxSnap strange PNG format

    I use (regardless of the theme of images), clipjump
  6. MX5 PC Beta Release

    who is this test team - they dont seem to do much of a job - there was a time releases were tested by users on here - dont you trust them any more - seems those users find more stuff than the 'test team'
  7. Hi there.

    Sure, you can take a look for this issue via teamviewer. Im from Poland. And im at home right now so you can check in any moment.


  8. I think you're conflating the two issues. They're purely independent of each other and neither affects one or the other. The dimensions of the image seems to be the cause of the blurriness in Photos, although isn't 100% confirmed. Your inability to send images via Viber has nothing to do with the dimensions (causing blurriness) because as we've determined it seems to be a Photos app related issue. More than likely it's something Maxthon related, and at this stage the only thing that I can tell that's different about the files is the lack of DPI metadata. Testing with the modified file should have helped give an answer to this. From your response i couldn't tell whether it worked or not? You seem to have gone off on a tangent. Along with the above, to test if it's Maxthon doing something odd with images in the clipboard, you can open any image in Maxthon and use right click > copy image. If it copies the image directly then it should work fine. If it does do something odd (along with the lack of DPI metadata from MXsnap), then you'll get the same problem again.
  9. Maxthon for Android crashes alot

    Hi, Could you please describe steps cause crashes? Recommend you to try to update the browser to the latest version
  10. can't log in

    Can we check this issue via TeamViewer? Could you please let me know your country?
  11. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Have reported to the test team.
  12. Maxthon's MaxSnap strange PNG format

    Hi 7twenty, First of all, thank you for your time and research, I appreciate it. Exactly the same. And I agree with you on the processing. OK, funny thing here. Actually I tried that then it came to my mind that we have some specifics here. Viber can send images in two ways - 1. by pasting the image directly (with CTRL+V) and 2. by dragging an image (file) to the Viber window (where you can send it as original or with reduced quality for instant delivery). I suppose the paste option works as the instant delivery option, and the other is to send the image as a file. So, I recalled that the problem here (sending Maxthon captured images with Viber) was not with the quality or something else, that prevents the image to be sent, but that you cannot paste the image as such and it gets pasted as though you have copied a file - as a file link: file:///D:/.... When doing that with other images, they get pasted as images. When pasting the same image in Skype, it gets pasted as an image (probably because Skype interprets the file link and opens it). So, I guess no solution here if Maxthon does not change the way it stores the data in clipboard. However, I don't have currently a program to see the clipboard contents. The other funny thing is, that when I was testing with those files, I captured an area of my desktop with ShareX and guess - it opened and then blurred in Photos. So, I suppose it has nothing to do with the DPI info, but has to do with the image dimensions and the processing done by Photos after opening. Thanks again, I hope this thread helps someone. If possible, I would be happy if the guys at Maxthon can review their clipboard method. Viber definitely rejected to search for a solution to that. Maybe if we know more, we can urge them too.
  13. Maxthon's MaxSnap strange PNG format

    ShareX, which also creates video recordings of the screen, also creates PNG files which don't blur after opening.* Otherwise the effect is the same - the image gets blurred almost instantly. But it is obvious that the image itself is OK and there is something in the encoding, because the image opens fine at first. * Edit: another test proofed that any image can get blurred depending on the dimensions, as noted by 7twenty. So I guess an image made with picpick would get blurred too under some circumstances.
  14. This is the place for your avatar, seems you don't have one, so probably it displays some message instead.
  15. Yesterday
  16. beta is still broken. It tries to "see" the certificates but it can't find them. The error message "No certificate available" is displayed. I don't unserstand how it's possible that they broke this feature and now they don't know how to fix it. Maxthon worked with certificates for years, and now all of a sudden there are unfixable problems ? How ? Why ?
  17. MX5 PC Beta Release

    In Violentmonkey is missing counter. In - OK
  18. Send it to me too v5.2.3.6000, follow crash error
  19. Download manager

    it's not a bug, it's how it's meant to be. Although i do also question why it is like that.
  20. Huh?!?!

    Thanks, Bricky...just curious; why isn't this common functionality available in Maxthon? What's the Maxthon development road-map -- is there any way to vote on user requests?? Thanks.
  21. The topic has been moved from Welcome! > Maxthon Newcomer to Product Support > Maxthon Support & Discussion.
  22. Download manager

    Sorry but I do not understand your answer. What do you mean by "This is a product design"?
  23. MX5 PC official Release

    Until the next release.
  24. Huh?!?!

    1. Admins have restricted new members to here until they have at least ten posts (correct me if I'm wrong). 2. No, I guess there isn't. I wish there was like in Firefox. May I also ask you to change your forum name? Last thing I'd want is for you to get the banhammer for a petty crime.
  25. Hi, For a while now (I would say more than a year) Maxthon app available via Play Store crashes very very often. It is actually almost imposible to use. At the same time Firefox app is rock solid. Current verision installed is
  26. 5.2.X Font Rendering issues

    It's less broken for whatever reason at a bigger font size, I never checked before, it's still there and unchanged otherwise. I've been checking each version, this is at 2 different page zoom levels. I'm not using any kind of zoom or larger DPI normally.
  27. # Hi. I installed the MX5 on my Windows 10 Pro 64Bit PC. I want to transfer my Google passwords (in Excel) to the MX5. But the MX5 Passkeeper does not have this function. Or rather, it allows you to transfer other data that I do not want. I'm asking for help to transfer passwords from the Google Excel file to the MX5. I look forward to your help. Thank you. #
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