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  2. does not have a problem with either of those sites.
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    No, I saw it a very long time ago in a previous version, but just clicked on the X and it went away and never came back. This version was installed over a clean install of I am on Windows 10 Insider Build 17134.1.
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    You did a clean install or ran a claen portable version. CLICK THE CLOSE "X" at the top right and it's gone until you do another clean insstall or run. For me it's permanently gone since I avoid clean runs of portable versions. But when I may have to do a clean run it's trivial to send it packin'. <<SL>>
  6. V5.2.1.5000, Errors on the web that request digital certificate follow. (capture above) And basically I got tired of trying the ones I usually use V. works correctly in all of them
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    Nope. Been doing the import userdata since forever and rarely, if ever, have any issues. Clicking the X in the top right corner of the notification should get rid of it for good. You can try deleting the cookies for the page in case that's causing the problem. You can add a rule to ABP to permanently get rid of it. Although I can't find the thread that it came from, seems to have disappeared?! In the global rules section of ABP add: I'm not 100% on that, didn't test, but it's in my list from when i tested originally when i posted in that thread that can't be found.
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    By the way, at me this advertising line appears after clearing of the data of a browser - to clear all except cookies. After restarting the browser.
  9. Or ... I wonder if it couldn't have something to do with that the UserData folder that I use to install (export) my bookmarks and stuff onto new versions ... was created in the pre-5.2.1.xxxx period. Maybe there's some incompatibility there.
  10. So you don't see it even an initial time? I wonder if it isn't isolated to Windows XP, which is what I have? Or to the Portable version, which is what I am using.
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    Don't see it on my install.
  12. Before this, I had been using This morning I very briefly used before quickly finding out at Major Geeks that was now available. So, I don't know if any of the other versions after also exhibit this problem. Anyway, as shown on the attached image, there is an annoying ad sort of thing there at the top of the GUI. It comes up EVERY TIME I bring up MX5. Sure, it can be X-ed out. That would be tolerable IF it happened only 1 initial time. But, EVERY TIME? NO! That thing has got to go. And it shouldn't have to be one of those under the hood fixes that we the users have to perform via AdBlock Plus. It should just not be there. It was bad enough that before this, the rendering of the MX5 GUI takes noticeably much longer to load than the Maxthon 4 GUI. Adding that annoying ad thing just adds to that already long load. Is there a setting that can make it stay GONE?
  13. Hey Maxers, Welcome to have a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website Happy browsing and feel free leave your comment!
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    - Fixed the stuck problem when launching the browser from external links in some cases - Fixed the stuck problem when setting default browsers from lower right Pop-up - Fixed the problem that menu mode cannot be switched when the sidebar is not pinned - Fixed the problem that some video pop-up could not be full screen - Fixed the problem that the video plug-in could not be right-clicked when it popped up
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  16. Sorry. Yes. It's working as good as other versions. Thanks for checking.
  17. Works fine for me in clean install. No delay at all when clicking the "hollow" star.
  18. Still noticing this with Maxthon_5.2.1.4000
  19. still does not work with certificates in Ultra Mode! And the focus problem is also still present (it keeps getting focus when working with other programs). Going back to for the third time. And I have a feeling these bugs will never be fixed (at least the focus one, since nobody confirms it, even though it's clear as day, and not present in older 5.1.x.x versions).
  20. Ok ok! The team uploading updates to the server.
  21. MX frequently frozen at start in one condition - if you open MX by link. I mean: you click icon - MX starts without problem. You click link in mail or somewhere else and highly likely MX starts frozen
  22. Browser windows changes size

    not sure why bugsir/miss does no longer reply to all topics. as a consequence some bugs are still there despite the fact users report them. communication has never been very good here, but now it's worse.
  23. This matches to what i found. If previous userdata is used there is no issue. Which is why anyone who does a "clean install" has the issue... doesn't make no sense though. Only thing i can think of is that there's a problem creating the default userdata files on first run. They files do get created but MX crashes for whatever reason. Starting it again finds the files as required and runs ok.
  24. Unsolved Series v 5.2.x, error in the access to certified stores with the ultra core (series 5.1 yes they work) more
  25. The ABP is not on my list. So this page's ABP is off
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  27. V - What still bothers me

    uups, but there is a team of developers?
  28. In my case, I have noticed that branch 5.2, freezes more often when it is not cached in memory in the system, that is, when you boot windows. I do not turn off now, I sleep the pc, with what I have less "freezes", but existin, there is no doubt. Portable Versions, win10 x64, 8gb
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