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    Roger Stamm

    Hello peoples

    i'm from switzerland and i hope you understand my english

    i use maxthon v4.9.2.1000 and have for a while problems with facebook.

    when i logged in at facebook and click on a post, normali open this in a little windows. Now its open in a little window, close the window, open a new site, open a little windows, close the windows, open a little windows and so far. its only stop when i close the maxthon tab

    i havent make changes in the settings and for a while it works

    the system is win10 pro 64bit, i use the firewall from windows and kaspersky anti virus

    Please help me. Know i must use another browser to surf in facebook and thats not cool

    greetings from switzerland

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    Hi Roger, 

    Has this problem been solved after you update the browser version? I couldn't confirm exactly the problem from your description, but given that you were using v4.9.2.1000, which is an old version, I guess it may be similar with this question in this thread.

    There's a video in above thread. You can check it and if you were referring to the same problem, I agree with 7twenty and suggest you to update your browser to the latest version:, because that bug has been fixed in v4.9.4.1100

    Looking forward your feedback.:wink:


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