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  2. how to export passwords

    i did it one at a time - i have a memory that may be wrong that it can be done by a html file but that would only give a list if it is even possible - you would still have to enter them back manually
  3. Is there a way to export passwords from Mx5? I have about 800 passwords stored, so manual export isn't an option. Guys, who already migrated to any other browser, how did you do it?
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  6. Account abnormal?

    No and no. Literally no changes were made on my end (I'm still logged in with the same account)
  7. MX5 PC Official Release

    Disable extensions and scripts. Use build. No problems on it.
  8. MX5 PC Official Release

    Website renders incorrectly. The Airbnb website renders differently in different browsers but there is a definite problem in Maxthon For example on page if you click on the "Photos (19)" link, the images will not open correctly (they will be on top of eachother).
  9. MX5 PC Official Release

    When the new build with fixed bugs will appear? Project is closed (dead)?
  10. Account abnormal?

    Maybe you changed the bound email address or password but forgot it.
  11. Account abnormal?

    Hello, I opened Maxthon today getting a warning/error that my account status is "abnormal". I did not update or change anything in the last few weeks, including configurations, add-ons and so on. Nothing. Before I consider logging out and logging in again, I want to know what happened and why. I also don't know if log-out and log-in back will make some of the data to go bad (i.e. saved passwords, addresses, config for the browser and so on). See image below:
  12. [] Blank quick access page

    I encountered the same thing occasionally on v5.2.7.5000. Apparently, it's gotta do with your IP and maxthon servers. Some IPs just do not play well. The page will load alright, but only after a minute or so. If your ISP gives out public IPs, the easiest thing to do would just to be rebooting your router.
  13. Hi there, are you on roaming? Could you try to reset the handset?
  14. I can't received my code yet ! I talked with me telecom provider ! They told that everything is ok.
  15. I can't acces on this page !

    My problem was solved, thank you @Magdalene and @BugSir006
  16. I can't acces on this page !

    @Icehouse. You are missing some full stops in your UA it should be this Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; IA64; en) AppleWebKit/599.0+ Maxthon/5.3 Chrome/78.0.3904.108 QupZilla/2.2.6
  17. I can't acces on this page !

    Can we have a remote via UltraViewer?
  18. I can't acces on this page !

    Hello, Which is your user string ? I dont have good result ! I did it "restore defaults" Still persist
  19. I can't acces on this page !

    Please try to restore the browser settings to defaults then restart the browser.
  20. I can't acces on this page !

    I just put the user strings and it doenst work ( I got the lastest version of maxthon) Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; IA64; en) AppleWebKit/599.0+ Maxthon/5.3 Chrome/78.0.3904108 QupZilla/2.2.6 Even when I using the lastest user strings do not open Maxthon Community
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  22. I can't acces on this page !

    Works fine here. Try changing your User Agent.
  23. Hello maxthon team , I can't access on this website. With others browser I can do it ! What’s going on with you maxthon !!!

  25. MX5 PC Official Release

    Ironic mode on // On Dec 25 (2 months later), for Christmas gift we will have the beta v. Ironic mode off //
  26. MX5 PC Official Release

    released on 25th Oct - thats 5 weeks ago - has nothing been fixed in that time thats worth sharing - a core thats over a year old - bugs that are many years old it would seem the project is dead is any one from Maxthon going to comment @BugSir006

    Can we have a remote via UltraViewer? Please try to update the browser to the latest version

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