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  2. Reseting forum moderators

    I'm taking fulltime ready to train for a new job after some multiply uhm...crippling life paths I've been considering a return for some time. I'll PM you now; seems redundant having contacted you already on Linkedin but...
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  4. Mx6 questions and discussions

    Sorry to say this Jeff, but from what you've said in the video, it seems you are not trying to develop the best browser for people anymore, you are simply making this a playground for crypto schemes. I've spend 30522 hours using Maxthon (that's almost 3.5years of real time) over the past few years. Started using it since the era of MyIE2 actually. But in the past years the development cycle of MX has slowed down to almost a full stop. Simple bugs persist tens of version and most requested features and functionalities are ignored. There is no innovation, no interest in upping the security, compatibility or speed of the browser anymore and now, by introducing even more unneeded gadgets,tools, wallets and protocols to MX6 coupled with using "heavily customized core" you are again sinking into the depths of unamageable dependencies, that will only slow down the browser and annoy the users. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE maxthon. As i've said above, i've been loyal to maxthon for well over a decade now. But you are simply ignoring what people want from you and that is costing you your users that are migrating over to Vivaldi, Brave and other similar browsers that actually care about opinions of their users and let them shape the browsers. You are a visionary, nobody can take that from you. But perhaps you should think about your users in the first place and create a product they want to use. And then, only then, make the bloatware something that can be added by plugins and not as a main feature. That's my five cents to the topic.
  5. Reseting forum moderators

    but you are still a mod - its just the admins he has sacked - seems odd as they did all the work over the years - not that theres much to do these days - Maxthon say they have 700 million users - you can pretty much count the users here on two hands - wonder where the other 699.999.990 are
  6. Reseting forum moderators

    Jeff, It is no secret that I have expressed hot and cold posts on here over the years. Despite all of that, it has been an honour representing Maxthon as both an ambassador and, at one point, as a community manager. I do not regret being part of Maxthon's growth and what it stands for, and being able to be part of a community that shared those common values. However, I do not wish to request for my moderator privileges to be renewed. I wish you and everyone the best for the future of Maxthon. Kind regards, Bricky
  7. Twitch issue

    Hello, try using the default User Agent, please. test.mp4
  8. Reseting forum moderators

    Dear all, Thanks for all your support at Maxthon forum. It’s a long journey. Maxthon has been very popular and innovative in the earlier days and been not that sexy for several years. I want to send my thanks to all forum moderators who helped in this journey. I know some of you are not happy with Maxthon today, some are busy working with other things. It’s 100% normal. You may know that we are building Maxthon 6. The team is still trying their best to be innovitive and put 100% energy into it. We also need all forum management team have time and energy to activly helping people and manage the forum . Here I have reset all community moderators to member level, allowing all people who want to help in managing the forum to start from the very beginning. Anyone who still want to help managing the forum, being moderators of any sub forum, can PM me your request. But before the request, please consider the following requirements, 1. You shall have helped other people in the forum constantly. 2. You shall have shown positive attitude in handling different issues. 3. You shall have enough experience in browser product. 4. You shall have some basic understanding of managing communities. All the best Jeff
  9. Hi there, could you let me know the version number of your browser? The automatic update is not available in Maxthon 5 browser, so we recommend you to install the version
  10. Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded your suggestion to the product team.
  11. Mx6 questions and discussions

    Here is a presentation I gave at CoinGeek, talking about Maxthon 6 browser and other ideas.
  12. Last week
  13. Well, Maxthon is cool, and, at times, very useful, but I'm still not using it as my main web browser, and, in fact, only using it once in maybe a few months or so. So I don't really need to keep it up to date all the time, but I would rather prefer to update it from time to time manually when I actually need that. At the same time, I'm really limited in free hard disk space, and I can't expand it or free a significant amount of disk space right now - sometimes it's only about 30 Mb free or so on my hard drive - and Maxthon keeps popping up almost every few minutes asking for an automatic update, annoying me with these messages and eating the last megabytes on my hard disk in attempts of downloading and installing those updates that I don't even really need at the moment. And it gets really annoying and frustrating that I can't stop that and disable the automatic update - not to mention that the auto-update process takes part of my already far from modern laptop's hardware resources and internet traffic. I'm trying to counter this behavior with third-party software, but I would really prefer it if I could configure that in the Maxthon browser itself (in the Options). Am I missing something once again, and there is such an option already, or is it something that you've missed and haven't thought that someone would possibly ever need and it's a good thing to add in the future versions of the browser? Also, where exactly does Maxthon put those downloaded update files (so I could locate and delete them if I don't need them and free at least a few more megabytes for other, more relevant stuff).
  14. Well, it's pretty much all in the title: Can I edit and or remove fake mail addresses I've already created in my UUMail account if I don't need them anymore, or if I've made a typo when I've created them? Can I group them into folders? (for instance, I'm using UUMail to create multiple accounts on some websites - can I group such addresses into folders by the website name?) or, at least, change their position in the address list, so they would all be next to each other, and I wouldn't have to search for those that I need at the moment through the entire list of addresses that I've created? That would be really nice if that would be possible.
  15. Thank you. That was kinda unobvious for me. I've looked for that option somewhere around the Bookmarks menu...
  16. SIMPLICITY skin (support 5.3.8 version)

    DARK Wallpaper for better looking newtab page
  17. Hi there, this issue has been submitted to the dev team. You could change the User Agent to Firefox then restart the browser.
  18. Extensions

    Hi there, we recommend you to update the browser to the latest beta v5.3.8.2100 and disable the autoplay in Settings.
  19. Extensions

    I need to disable my video autoplay. I believe I can do this in an extension, however, I cannot find my extensions in v5.2.3.4000. Please help
  20. Mx6 questions and discussions

    Nope... You are right.. I'm too fast, sorry ((
  21. Mx6 questions and discussions

    did it say which year?
  22. Mx6 questions and discussions

    AFAIR MX6 was announced to be alfa/beta released in a second half of February. It's only 4 days left. Is there is any news?
  23. It is not as "updated" as you think, it has a very old core (more than a year, almost a year and a half)
  24. Try changing your User Agent.
  25. i know that everything is working fine ,but its funny a website says that on such updated browser.
  26. All I did was dismiss the message, put in my date of birth and was able to see everything on the site. I'm using version
  27. first time i've seen something like this with maxthon
  28. Twitch issue

    I cannot view all correspondence in Maxthon I can also view in Google Chrome or other browsers When you turn on ultra mode, the image gets old and the browser slows down too much
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