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  2. Account abnormal?

    Hi there, usually, this issue caused by users changed the registered email address or password but forgot to update. So I recommend you to change the password to log in. If you still experience the issue please let me know the email address of your browser account I will forward it to the engineer for checking you changed the email address or not.
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  4. Account abnormal?

    I did not log out and back in again - so that I can send whatever bug report/identification needed to see what happened. It does not prevent me from running Maxthon "as usual", with the exception of accessing Passkeeper and such.
  5. MX UI issues... let's make a list!

    On QA Favorite editing: New tab icon is Internet Explorer's icon. Can not upload a picture for a favorite. This would be a nice function.
  6. how to export passwords

    7twenty, thank you very much!
  7. how to export passwords

    Getting the data out of the HTML is a little bit of work. There's sites online that can strip the HTML and leave you with mostly readable text, but that's obviously not the most ideal option seeing as passwords are involved, and is NOT recommended. Most decent text editors can search and replace any text. I found using the cmd line find command a few times cleans out most of the HTML, and leaves you with a pretty reasonable amount of stuff that can easily be cleaned with search & replace command of the repeated lines. Where x1.txt is the name of the file that you saved. find "View details" x1.txt - finds site name find "search-item" x1.txt - finds the urls for each site find "caname search-item" x1.txt - finds usernames find "readonly value" x1.txt - finds password From there you can copy/paste as required to get it into the correct format. Or even better just use Excel to combine the cleaned data into the required CSV columns if you're familiar with that. There's probably a number of other ways you can do it as well. That's just what i've played around with and am familiar with.
  8. how to export passwords

    There's no direct way, BUT there is a workaround, that with a little work should be able to get all your passwords into whatever browser. To get the passwords out of Maxthon follow the instructions in this post: From there you'll need to clean up the file to remove all the extraneous data to leave the site url, username and password. Save that as a CSV file in the following format: name,url,username,password maxthon,,myusername,mypassword name - can be anything, doesn't seem to be imported - used as reference only url - to be used to match for auto-fill. Must start with http:// or it won't be imported username - username for the site password - password for the site Using Chrome, goto chrome://flags, find the option for "Password import and export" and set it to Enabled. Restart Chrome, goto Settings > Passwords & forms > Manage passwords > import, select the .CSV file you saved above. The passwords should be imported. From there you should be able to go to almost any other browser and just import the data from Chrome.
  9. MX5 PC Official Release

    Hi there, I recommend you update the browser to the latest version Install Version: Portable Version:
  10. Account abnormal?

    Could you log in properly now?
  11. Last week
  12. how to export passwords

    i did it one at a time - i have a memory that may be wrong that it can be done by a html file but that would only give a list if it is even possible - you would still have to enter them back manually
  13. Is there a way to export passwords from Mx5? I have about 800 passwords stored, so manual export isn't an option. Guys, who already migrated to any other browser, how did you do it?
  14. Account abnormal?

    No and no. Literally no changes were made on my end (I'm still logged in with the same account)
  15. MX5 PC Official Release

    Disable extensions and scripts. Use build. No problems on it.
  16. MX5 PC Official Release

    Website renders incorrectly. The Airbnb website renders differently in different browsers but there is a definite problem in Maxthon For example on page if you click on the "Photos (19)" link, the images will not open correctly (they will be on top of eachother).
  17. MX5 PC Official Release

    When the new build with fixed bugs will appear? Project is closed (dead)?
  18. Account abnormal?

    Maybe you changed the bound email address or password but forgot it.
  19. Account abnormal?

    Hello, I opened Maxthon today getting a warning/error that my account status is "abnormal". I did not update or change anything in the last few weeks, including configurations, add-ons and so on. Nothing. Before I consider logging out and logging in again, I want to know what happened and why. I also don't know if log-out and log-in back will make some of the data to go bad (i.e. saved passwords, addresses, config for the browser and so on). See image below:
  20. [] Blank quick access page

    I encountered the same thing occasionally on v5.2.7.5000. Apparently, it's gotta do with your IP and maxthon servers. Some IPs just do not play well. The page will load alright, but only after a minute or so. If your ISP gives out public IPs, the easiest thing to do would just to be rebooting your router.
  21. @BugSir006 Thank you!
  22. Hi there, are you on roaming? Could you try to reset the handset?
  23. I can't received my code yet ! I talked with me telecom provider ! They told that everything is ok.
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  25. I can't acces on this page !

    My problem was solved, thank you @Magdalene and @BugSir006
  26. I can't acces on this page !

    @Icehouse. You are missing some full stops in your UA it should be this Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Windows NT 10.0; WOW64; IA64; en) AppleWebKit/599.0+ Maxthon/5.3 Chrome/78.0.3904.108 QupZilla/2.2.6
  27. I can't acces on this page !

    Can we have a remote via UltraViewer?
  28. I can't acces on this page !

    Hello, Which is your user string ? I dont have good result ! I did it "restore defaults" Still persist
  29. I can't acces on this page !

    Please try to restore the browser settings to defaults then restart the browser.
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