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  2. how to deactivate SPDY

    The same thing happens in Chrome 62, Vivaldi 1.13.1008.21 , Firefox 58 and Brave 0.19.95. Only one that does work is Edge.
  3. Hi, Maxthon beta got installed in C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\ instead in C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\ as it was selected in the installer. Since than even the previous version installs in C:\Program Files (x86)\Maxthon5\\ even after uninstalling the software and reinstalling it again (I kept my user settings of course). Is this a bug or will future versions always install in subfolders named after the present version? Bjoern
  4. works well here also with the two engines
  5. Maxnote's new version issue

    I think that is theme is very important. If the people who read these forums, we have suffered some mishap, I do not want to think about those who do not read these forums Un Saludo
  6. Yesterday
  7. Unbelievable! Works fine! Just created a new profile (portable), imported the data and make some adjustments! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  8. works fine here too don't know what this error code means "inadequate transport security" may be related to adhunter, or your antivirus ?
  9. Same as happened to pantarollo. But the star (favorites) does not showed. I will try to create a new profile (portable version too) according to his suggestion. Thank you for your reply!
  10. Works fine in the latest Maxthon 5. Which version are you using?
  11. All other browsers work. Error is: Error code 360 (net::ERR_SPDY_INADEQUATE_TRANSPORT_SECURITY)
  12. Fast image save function

    Works fine here. Enable/disable the option. Restart the browser.
  13. Two last updates, i look not working Ctrl+click to "save image" function. It's just create file with name "i". Update and now on Can someone test it? i - file contain: RIFFTd WEBPVP8 Hd Pќ*Рђ>a0•G$#"!%УIЂ....
  14. I am not sure the detail when you posted ''all my favorite disappeared' Please don't worry, if you delete the favorites mistakenly, you can find it in Maxnote-trash-recover. And just as ody said, you could read my pinned post, maybe it's the same problem.
  15. How to disable Maxnote?

    For 'Note' and 'Favorite' are still not seperate in Maxnote feature. After you 'Add' the website, you should check in favorite button or folder, like the following image. Then you can find it save as a 'bookmark/website'form If you check in Maxnote(background), it is display as a note feature. Like my following image: Maybe in future you can try our Maxnote' new version(since you can find it in beta website and Max news section~ In the newest beta version. Notes feature and favorite feature had been seperated. Maybe it's clearer for you. You can download a portable version to have a try first.
  16. how to deactivate SPDY

    unfortunately the engine is already retro:
  17. Point 1 - Solved, with a new profile. In the old perfil (a version beta previous to the .800, the "favorites" extension did not appear, which did not work because it was not active :-) Point 2- This point, no longer makes sense, because then I had confused the different extensions, favorites <-> maxnote Un Saludo.
  18. How to disable Maxnote?

    Thank for the detailed replies. However, I have always been creating bookmarks a different way. I use the "Add to this folder" option in the bookmarks pull-down menu. Then the next window looks like the 2nd image I uploaded. There is no option there to add it as a Maxnote. Once the attempt to create a bookmark is done, but it becomes a maxnote item, I cannot find any way to convert it to a bookmark, or to even get it to open. The last image [Maxnote issue.jpg] shows that window with the maxnote item. It is the "Undercover Men 1934-Youtube" link i just tried to create a bookmark again, but this time it worked! I don't think I did anything different. But, it is hard to recall what you did a day ago, in detail. So, perhaps something was different, and I just don't recall. Oh well, a new program always has some new things to get used to.
  19. Hi, Something similar has happened to me with the portable version of the last two Betas versions, the .800 and the .1100, installed on an existing profile of old versions. 1- The favorites icon in the top bar does not work. 2- Since the access the favorites from the sidebar, it shows me the folders, but empty, with 0 markers. 3- In the first installation of the .800, I could not define the root folder to show in the top bar of favorites (the bar which can be hidden) The only solution I have found is to export everything exportable, and create a new profile, so in some cases, it has worked for me, at least with the latest .1100 beta version.
  20. how to deactivate SPDY

    Hi. Although it is not a solution to what you ask, look to see if the engine to IE Explorer you can enter
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  22. how to deactivate SPDY

    not an option in maxthon unfortunately. Not that it hasn't been brought up countless times to give access to such options.
  23. Hi, how can I disable SPDY in Maxthon browser? something like this in Firefox (attachment). Unfortunately I have some transport errors with some websites like this one: It crashes before the login. The issue is solved if I disable SPDY in other browsers. I also attach the error message. Thanks!
  24. Load mx core.dll failed

    The browser's list is inconsistent or damaged that lead this issue. I suggest you uninstall and reinstall the browser. If the "error" still pop-up, please try to change the installation directory(or clear installation directory before reinstall).
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