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  2. Snap tool freezes Maxthon

    I have used it before without issues but today I tried it and it froze my Maxthon. I thought it was this particular version on my Windows 7 PC. I then tried it on Windows XP with the same Maxthon version and it froze it also. Then a few hours later I tried again on Win 7 and this time it didn't freeze it. But on XP is still frezes. Haven't been able to figure out the pattern. Will post back when / if I do. Thanks for replies.
  3. Snap tool freezes Maxthon

    Works fine here also.
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  5. Snap tool freezes Maxthon

    Works fine here.
  6. I have tried to search the forum about this but found nothing, which is surprising since it's so obvious and ugly. Basically when I try to us the Snap tool to capture a region of the page, it causes the Maxthon to freeze and I have to kill it via Task Manager. The reasiest way to reproduce is to click on the arrow next to the Snap tool icon and select "Snap region". Then select a region and click the red cross to cancel. Or click Copy. Or press ESC before you actually select a region. It should freeze the browser. Can anyone confirm ?
  7. yes and no - the problem is it works - well it does some of the time - it still has features that i have not found on other browsers - silly things that many may say are not important its possible to skin it - i have not worked that out on any other browser - mine looks nothing like the stock theme - all the others are the same - just different colours - i agree its just a tool at the end of the day but familiarity breeds contempt they say so i stay and complain - i doubt anyone takes a blind bit of notice but whilst its downloadable there is always hope
  8. Hi brother,
    I have read all your lines about the security of maxthon. And I would like you to recommend me which version of maxthon is similar, with the same features even "resource sniffer"   In your experience, please!




  9. Honestly, I'm not surprised at all. Maxthon is an expired project, you just have to see the implementations of the core and the delay they have in front of the competition. We have to think about real alternatives, with large communities and large support teams. Here the users ONLY have bugsir006 as a connection with the developers and nothing else (at these time I have not seen anyone else) In other communities that we already know, even the DEV itself answers in the forums and the blog. I think it's best to let him die in peace
  10. ESET NOD32 popup

    Try adding the No Coin filter subscription to Adblock Plus. Here
  11. ESET NOD32 popup

    Got 2 more later, while again connected to the proxy. Can't tell though if this was just a coincidence or if it would have happened without the proxy as well. After that, I did not get more popups either with or without the proxy. In all cases the popups warned of addresses under , never on any other website. Another interesting things is that I use Maxthon on a second, separate PC as well. So I then used Maxthon on that second PC to visit the Maxthon website / forum. On that PC I never activated a proxy, but I got the same 2 popups there! Unfortunately I didn't screenshot the URL it was accessing, but I think it was another and Maxthon on that PC does sync with my Maxthon clould account so it did sync all favorites and also the proxy list which I entered on my main PC. But again, I did NOT activate the proxy on the second PC (option "Disable proxy" was always selected). So then why the NOD32 popup on the second PC as well ?
  12. ESET NOD32 popup

    Got this warning by my ESET NOD32 Antivirus today. A threat (JS/CoinMiner.BK) was found when Maxthon tried to access a website ( What does it mean ? Can it be something on my end ? I WAS using a public http proxy at the time I got this message. I don't think I clicked anything specific before it popped up. It may have appeared when I opened a new tab page and the tiles loaded up. I did get it once again after disconnecting from a proxy (the second popup was the same but the URL was shorter: ) After the two popups, I got no more. But I did get an instance of a grayed out symbol appearing on the right side of the address bar (next to the proxy selector) on the new tab page. The symbol said something like "the page is trying to load a script". I did not allow it. Could it be something to do with the proxy / traffic through the proxy or is it the page itself ?
  13. появилась на windows 10 64bit
  14. Data being deleted on browser exit

    I tried installing the last two "non-beta" versions, and, and now I am having the same problem. Every time I exit the program my log in information is removed. Very frustrating.
  15. Data being deleted on browser exit

    Pablo, I came up with my own solution. You need to understand that anymore there is almost no help. Beta Beta Beta. I found a browser with real tech support where you are not a test subject. So far no usable answer to the problem i originally posted that is noted above(the first of the links) by Magdalene. I also submitted a bug report asking for help and here were are going on 5 days later and no response. I went back to firefox. Does everything i used his browser for. I am Beta free.
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  17. Data being deleted on browser exit

    See here and
  18. To BugSir006, Thanks for your help. As you suggested, I deleted the "Maxthon 5" folder and, after recovering my favourites, the browser is working well without crashing for over 3 weeks. I venture to say that my problem is now solved. Again, many thanks for you assistance. CRB.
  19. Hello, All of my website log in information is being deleted once I exit Maxthon. This has never happened before. I don't have anything checked on the settings to delete data on browser exit. And today I tried installing the two newest versions and still have this problem. Has anybody experienced this?
  21. Totally Agreed ! Security is the mainstay of this maxthon project. ¡It is useless to make extensions, or to correct something so simple, that one goes into the big problem, SECURITY.!
  22. wheres the updated versions to fix the bugs that are blighting the last releases in both branches wheres the release to fix the security hole that was spotted last week but has likely been around for months - it was agreed it was urgent - does that mean something different in China - like lets not bother if releases get any more extended you will be able to give them a year number - you [Maxthon] are becomeing a non entity in the browser market or thats how it seems if bugs and problems cannot be solved then say so - users stick by you in hope - be honest enough to tell them whats happening
  23. I am ashamed, but I am the root cause of this problem. In November 2018 I found issue with MX's history on my work computer. History collection is stopped at 2018-10-10. This problem was taken by developers into work and the first step was changed MxHistory.dll file. This private debug DLL was have an added functionality - extensive logging of history tasks. Problem is still not fixed for now (6 months) but it looks like somehow this private debug version was leaked to production branch!
  24. This bug has been around for several versions of Maxthon. The Violent monkey developers will have to fix or update it
  25. I need to disable and re-enable this tool everytime I start maxthon in latest version
  26. Parallel Beta Versions?

    Fair enough.
  27. Today I tried to use my maxthon account and after closing the program all the links are still in MX_LOG_21.log. This bug is serious
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