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  2. UUMail Not Forwarding

    That's great to hear, though I'm still receiving emails minutes late.
  3. No words, nothing to say .......
  4. Today I started having problems logging into PayPal with Maxthon It worked fine yesterday. After I enter my e-mail and password and press "Log-In", the page just refreshes and prompts me for e-mail / password again. Sometimes it also displays a captcha, but ultimately logging in still doesn't work. It seems the issue is the User Agent. Like I said, it worked fine until today. Does that mean PayPal changed something which prevents current Maxthon User Agent from logging in ? My User Agent currently is enabled and set to "Maxthon": Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/61.0.3163.79 Safari/537.36 Maxthon/5.0 I have tried disabling it (untick the checkmark) but it doesn't work either (starts showing captcha) on PayPal log-in page. "Chrome" User Agent in Maxthon also does not work, although the actual Chrome browser does work fine ! I then tried the User Agent "Internet Explorer 11" and that one did work. "Firefox" UA also worked. Can anyone confirm this ? Will it be fixed (I kinda don't want to use that UA just because of Maxthon not working right with PayPal).
  5. Hallo, I saw just, that's impossible to copy in Read-Mode! With regards : Martin
  6. UUMail Not Forwarding

    Hi there, it has been solved.
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  8. UUMail Not Forwarding

    What a bummer. How is the mitigation going? I hope it goes well. I'm using UUMail a lot.
  9. UUMail Not Forwarding

    The server was attacked.
  10. Last week
  11. Youtube BIG Icons

    Iridium is now for Firefox only. The script version still works fine.
  12. Youtube BIG Icons

    Does anyone also have those awful (big) icons on youtube? And is there a solution for them? As a new version of idiridium? Thanks for the answers
  13. UUMail Not Forwarding

    I just received the email but it took hours to be forwarded
  14. Individual volume control? (mp4/animated gifs)

    Hi there, Please right-click on the system speaker, open volume mixer to customize it.
  15. What's wrong with Extensions Center?

    As an addition to what Toni says, which I affirm Community? but is there a community? If these forums, which could be the basis of your representation, do not have any movement to be able to be called, "community".
  16. What's wrong with Extensions Center?

    all good points but no one seems to be listening - the browser is dying/dead with a conspiracy of silence from Maxthon - unless Jeff can release something that is ground breaking as MyIE was then we all need to find another browser
  17. Did you miss me? Because I'm here and I will grumble... Again! What happened to your Extensions Center? After years of controversy, we finally realized that users really need extensions. But if you browsers does not have extensions what you users need, it does not mean you can just forget about the extensions that already exist. Does not matter what do we think ab out the browser, does not matter what the developers want to do with the browser, there are too many users who love it and will use even if Maxthon close the project. And this people probably would like to use the extensions. Maxthon's Extensions Center does not work: Users can not write reviews. Just check any extension page - last comment was written in February 2018, almost 2 years ago. I'm almost sure this is because of Mining Go and referral links/codes. I think Maxthon tried to stop all this spam and just close all comments. But why did you do this for all gallery, not for Mining Go page only? Sometimes we need a feedback, but you took that opportunity away from us. Where are all updates? There are not so many extensions for Maxthon, but I can not believe that no one developer has made any update for his extension. Just check Recently Updated - the last update is Shopping Assistant - August 1, 2019. The developer of SaveTube and ViewTube made several updates this autumn, updates for Maxthon is already done and uploaded, but still not available for users. When Twitter released new UI, I updates my mxaddon, but it is still not available too. Even if Maxthon fix the issues, the communication on Extensions Center is broken. There is no way to inform the developer about a problem with his extension: even if you write w comment/review, he will never see that. There is no notifications for developers. And if you like an extension, you can not see other extension from the developer. We don't know you plans, but almost every you user can explain what we want to see and what you should do.If you close Extensions Center (as you did for Skins Center), it will be very bad for the browser, the community and every your user. Come on!
  18. Some of my UUMails are not being forwarded. The switch is On. I tried switching it On and Off but still nothing. In the past, the mails in the past are being sent 5 minutes late but I'm not receiving any now.
  19. Individual volume control? (mp4/animated gifs)

    I didn't mean muting, I meant controlling the volume. In contrast to YouTube and such, when mp4/animated gifs are played in websites, they do not have the volume bar shown and always at max volume. I do not want to mute them, just lower the volume to reasonable levels...
  20. doesnt work !

    Hi there, please try to log out the browser account then log in again.
  21. Individual volume control? (mp4/animated gifs)

    Hi there, open the browser menu (Alt+F)>Skins>Status bar>Global Mute.
  22. Hello, maxthon team, Another bug,I cannot acces on from the browser link (quickacces) here the picture
  23. Get Up MAXTHON !

    I stopped using Maxthon when it became a Standalone Browser, rather than a "Shell" as it started out as aka Maxthon Classic. - It became bloaty. - Extension support died, and you could no longer easily make your own extensions. - I don't like the new link selection screen on browser open, it's missing select all/unselect all links or something, can't remember now. I now have to use 360Chrome to get most of the Maxthon features I like: Drag and Drop, settings to control how Tabs and Favorites open, Tab Bar below the Address and Favorites Bars just above the page so the Tab looks like it's part of the actual page instead of on top of the browser which is a pain, you have lots of Extensions to choose from (you can use Googles Extentions), etc. Though, am missing a couple of liked features, I miss saving Notes, the Popup so you can select what Tabs/Pages you want to open on Browser Start, Sniffer, etc. I hate Google Chrome because they refuse to add the above BASIC features (at least the Drag/Drop and various Tabs/Favorites features), requiring an Extension for every little feature, which some are now gone and when they were there they made the browser more of a hog and crashy, and the Browser is just made like crap, cause it for YEARS likes to just "crash". I'm hoping that Microsoft Chromium will finally add the Basics so I can use a Western-based browser (or doesn't have the poor programmers 360Chrome has that much of the browser is still in Chinese), and then have plenty of Extensions to choose from for non-basic needs. I would like it to be Maxthon, but they went the wrong way not being a Chromium-based browser, so can't use Chrome Extensions and developers would ensure they also worked in Maxthon given there are so many. If they changed to the Chromium core, I might come back even if Microsoft adds most of the needed features to their browser, Maxthon would still just be BETTER due to their few extras. So, if Maxthon is going to be saved THIS is what they are going to have to do. Anyway, I pop in on occasion to see how they are doing. But just sad now. I've tried Maxthon Classic over the years, it's amazing how FAST it is. They likely should have stuck with it. So, I think I echo many people as to what I've listed why Maxthon is dying and what would save it.
  24. Is there a way to control the volume of mp4/animated gifs that are played with the built-in player? (Not through the Windows volume control, as that silences all the Maxthon volume)
  25. Earlier
  26. Hi there, how about the ultra mode? I attached screenshots for your reference. You can also go to settings>functions&addons>addons, disable the extensions which you installed from Maxthon extension center then restart the browser.
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