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  2. Cannot copy address bar segment

    Yes I tried in Youtube. It really is. And it works in Chrome. Asking for developers…kindly wait in patient.
  3. Please re-download the install package from official website. This issue had solved.
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  5. Same as above. Weird problem.
  6. Cannot copy address bar segment

    I succeeded in selecting just the video ID, did Cntl-C and when paste I get ... nada/nothing. So I confirm this glitch/bug but in beta. <<SL>>I
  7. Currently running v5.1.5.3000 on Windows 10 x64. For this and the past couple of builds, I've found myself suddenly unable to copy a segment of a URL from the browser address bar, for example the ID for an IMDb entry or YouTube video. Same in both cores. Doesn't matter how I select the section of URL I want to copy, or whether I right-click and hit Copy or Ctrl+C, nothing ends up on the clipboard. Copy and paste working absolutely fine in any other program or browser. I can copy the entire URL fine, but not just one substring of it. E.g.
  8. Facebook full screen videos

    I don't know; the Facebook video goes "full screen" with one click, except that Facebook's "full screen" includes stuff other than the video image. And the second click restores the video to what it was originally - it does not increase the size of the video image. I am using Mx OH ... on second check, the video does go "full-screeen, but the video's aspect ratio leaves stuff on the sdes in the black fill areas for the square (not $:3 or 16:9. I would'not want to see the distortion if the square were stretched to foll mr computer screen. Is the square aspect ratio typical for Facebook? I think I've seen other aspect ratio videos on FB. <<SL>>
  9. Confirm here. Thanks for reporting.
  10. Thats is not the point, the Point is when we download New Version and compare with the previous versions the performance degradation Shows the Marked change, then only we complain as to some thing happened while coding this which needs to be rectified and needs a relook. Even if it is working fine in your case, the difference might have happened in our case. This version is not stable...
  11. I fully understand what the moderators said and I have no misunderstanding. [can't opening of a local file through from a shortcut to that file]-- This problem is caused by shortcut protection, the shortcut which is only sent to the desktop through the Maxthon browser can with double-click to open, as for shortcuts created by manually or third party software will not open, it will open 'Maxthon Now' instead. The main purpose is to protect the home page not to be tampered. [Now you can right click the tab and select send to "desktop shortcut"] This is a way to solve the issue, if users create a shortcut via tab in Maxthon browser, it can open directly, and will not be"protected" because it create by Maxthon browser, we can totally 'trust' it.
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  13. Facebook full screen videos

    This is what is being discussed. As i said above, using MX facebook has an option on the player but it's set to "enlarge" the video. Then once the video is enlarged, the same button then changes to "fullscreen" which makes it full screen. Here's a random video to check with: Same
  14. How can I acces my cloud storage?

    The cloud storage is for synchronizing your Maxthon account data (Maxnote, Passkeeper, UUMail entries, settings, etc.) across multiple installs of the Maxthon browser. The storage bar just lets you know how much space is available for that, mainly to alert you in case you're nearing the limit. It's not designed as a way to share files with other users (like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.).
  15. Facebook full screen videos

    Youtube works well in full screen (check your third-party extensions) In my case, a single click for it.
  16. How many tabs do you have open? I'm on Win7x64 Enterprise running Mx and Firefox 59.0a1 simultaneously. I'm monitoring memory with TaskManager. Each browser has about 500-600 Mrgs spread over multiple "instances; Firefox has 7 and Maxthon has 10 "instances" in TaskManager. Each has on the order of 0.5 Gig total. On Firefox there are 2 tabs one playing a video silently; on Maxthonn 2 two tabs open one playing the same video with audio and this tab.. I did see one instance close down in Maxthon and the memory appears to be cleared (~32M in that case). I decided to confirm how much memory is used by the system vs. the browser. I exited Windows and logged back in: 4 Gigs used by the system. Launch Maxthon and open the video tab and this one: 4.69 Gigs. Shut down the browser: immediately memory drops to 3,94 Gig (~4 G). I can't say much about Win10 behavior ... <<SL>>
  17. Facebook full screen videos

    I only need 0ne click to go full screen. But I do not usee a browser control; I use the video player's full-screen control. Examples are the Brightcove player on and the non-Flash player on YouTube. (I have disabled Flash in Maxthon ... advance testing for the ending of Flash in 2020.) I don't recall seeing any viseo player without a full-screen control. If so, F11 or a click on the statusbar's full-screen icon are one-click options fro the browser. Sorry, I rarely visit Facebook and can't find what I consider a safe video to play right now. So I haven't check the Facebook video player.. <<SL>>
  18. it runs away on mine, ok... it's a fact with mine. I always do clean installs and I've used computers sine 1974 and have other bonifides including degrees and career experience, but it isn't important. I see it climb in real time using a gadget on my desktop and no the memory does not clear on closing the program. The program parts clear but not the memory used. Ram usage is fine to a point but it also interferes and actually the program slows if too much is used 9 or 10 gig, say. I am talking about my machine: i7 intel, windows 10 pro, 18 gig memory Install this gadget if you want and track it in real time yourselves. Up to you. btw, is this a browser or a cult?
  19. Facebook full screen videos

    Two clicks for me. First one "enlarges" the video to take full frame of the browser, second one is to make it full screen. You're right, other browsers go fullscreen on first click. They must be using a slightly different video player for certain browsers(?) or something. Could be something that might get fixed when the new blink core is done.
  20. YouTube Center Alternative

    Thans at lot. Just what I wanted. <<SL>>
  21. You can install Iridium from here
  22. Have updated post with a direct link, or you can click on "RAW" button.
  23. I've never understood people's problem with RAM usage. RAM is designed to speed up the recovery of data. M5 allocates a small amount of RAM for various tasks, such as addons, RSS reader, etc. So unless you are stuck with only one or two GBs of RAM on your machine, 1.5GBs of RAM usage by M5 should not be an issue unless you are running other programs simultaneously.
  24. YouTube Center Alternative

    I have not found a way to install Iridium into Violentmonkey. I have found the "iridium.user.js" link, but when I save the contents they are actually an HTML page that lists the Javascript code complete with line numbers; it's not a *.js file and with 6202 lines it's practically impossible to extract the code without the line numbers. Does someone have a link to the actual installable script? I can't find one. <<SL>>
  25. It's time to contact with man, who made addo-on for Maxthon. It was removed because of new YT UI. But if script works, he can make new version!
  26. I don't know what you call "facts" but I don't have any of the memory problems that you are reporting. Not sure what you mean by "leaks bad" on your system either, but Maxthon clears completely for me when I close the program, with no trace. I am using Windows 10 Home fully upgraded with 12GB of RAM. And I install each new version in a new folder (well most of the time) but leave the data folder in Roaming intact; betas I tend to install in the same folder as the previous beta version but never install a beta into the same folder as a final version or a final version over a beta. Many folks never tell us just how they installed so we don't know if that is the problem or not; they just say "just upgraded to the latest version" with some actually identifying which version that is by number, as the OP did on this thread. I have found that how one installs a new version does make a difference.
  27. Hello everybody!

    Hello Friend The forum is perspicuous, you'll easily adapt.
  28. memory usage in Maxthon is poor. It is a fact, Leaks bad on my system. Does not clear ever without a re-start, I've seen other browsers with options to purge memory every 30 minutes or whatever or on closing at least, etc. Just a fact
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