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  2. It's a CANARY version, so give it some time. I've already submitted some requests for more tab control, among other things.
  3. New with Problems

    Hello and thanks for welcome i am new have Mx5 for long time but now last week mx5 chrashd and every time when i will startet he dont start chrashed again i have 5 new installtion mx5 but nothing i hope any can help me i have windows 10
  4. Mobile version and new outlook beta

    Maxthon Mobile MX5 ver, Device: Huawei P20 EMUI 9.0
  5. Mobile version and new outlook beta

    Hi there, could you let me know the specific version and device info?
  6. Microsoft is activating to all users the new beta version of outlook mail site. With Maxthon mobile, on mobile site, the site is completely broken. If you open a mail you got just a blank page. Sidebar menu is not working. And many other problems, like extremely slowness.
  7. Please try to delete or rename the local data folder then restart the browser. To find the local data folder, you can press keyboard "Win+R", type "%appdata%", press the keyboard "Enter", find the folder "Maxthon5".
  8. Can you double click tabs to close them? Can you drag and drop text to search/go to link, etc.? I need these default in a Browser like Maxthon and 360Chrome do, as well as some other little Settings that both have, how tabs are opened etc. UPDATE: Answered my own question. Edge Canary CANNOT do the above. (yet anyway, but I wouldn't be surprised if MS isn't smart enough to add those features, Chrome still wouldn't.)
  9. No, I do not have any extensions or add-ons installed.
  10. Yesterday
  11. released every night - hell we are lucky if we get one update a month - the 5.3.8 branch seems to have died - maybe all the programmers have gone back to school
  12. Try Microsoft Edge Canary (search for it) Can add Chrome extensions. It's wonderful.
  13. Thanks a lot!! That does the job!
  14. Did you install any extensions? Please try to disable them.
  15. Yes, I have a problem with the status bar disappearing about once a week.
  16. Hi there, in this thread, they have the status bar disappearing issue when switching language, you sure you have this issue?
  17. Can't stay connected

    Hi there, if you install then install v5.2.7.xxxx, it will cause this issue. To fix this issue please press the keyboard "Win+R", run "%appdata%", press the keyboard "Enter", find the folder "Maxthon5", rename the folder or delete it then restart the browser.
  18. Donka... Crap, now I remember why I couldn't come back to Maxthon. The one Extension I absolutely need is the Google Voice Extension. Ugh Mostly loving Maxthon now, but STILL can't come back. Crap, back to 360Chrome.
  19. Last week
  20. Like the last two are.... MX5 PC Beta Release and MX5 PC Beta Release But then the download page only gives you the first one above, but they both link to the same beta download page? (p.s. Hey all, long time, just checking out the browser again to see if I can live with the lack of extension support.) Also, two other things. Is there a way to lower the tab bar, I don't like it on the "Top" of the browser, I like it just above the page. This is one of the reasons I used to like Maxthon. Also, is there any way to "clean" Bookmarks, i.e. check for duplicates and dead pages? This is one of those lack of extensions issues I'm sure. But without that, is there a way we can access our bookmarks to like use a third party tool then?
  21. Hello! I am using Windows 10. I'm also having the problem of all login information disappearing once I exit the program.
  22. Can't stay connected

    You're probably clearing cookies when you exit your browser. Or you have a program that clears data to save disk space
  23. Newcomers, look here!

    Hi all! Im from Poland. I used maxthon before some people here were born I like this program, but I have few critical problems and I need talk with another users, so I need possibility to write posts. Now I can only read.
  24. Sorry, but I don't see the point of posting a video. When I open the browser, I want to login in Google. Maxthon remember my username and password, then I've got the security check which send me a code by SMS to effectively connect to my account. Then I close the browser. next time I open it, I am no more connected in google, and have to restart the whole procedure. The same thing is happening with facebook, linkedIn, ...
  25. Can't stay connected

    Could you provide a short gif video? The recording tool has been attached. licecap.exe
  26. for now, I'm using I tried the latest Beta version (both, in fact and, tried also Impossible to stay connected to Google or Facebook. This is occuring since I first tried I cannot post screenshot as there is no error... just I am not connected in google... No VPN, or anything
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