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  2. delete logg

    How to delete logg in "ofte" ? In "Last Session" this is easy, but not in "Ofte" Ofte = Often used
  3. I cannot reproduce this issue please check my operating video. test.mp4
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  6. desktop shortcut anomality is that ok? after install, on login screen i click "skip login", mx crashed and poped up a crash report screen. sent the report but forgot to take ss of crash. reinstalled, now its working. i'll use it and give feedback if meet bugs.
  7. desktop shortcut anomality

    Hi there, if you check "create desktop shortcut" on the installation page, then delete the desktop shortcut after the installation, it will pop up the message. If you close the message, it won't pop up again. I uploaded an internal test version, would you like to have a try? mx5.3.8.1600.exe
  8. this bug still exists. additionally i discover another bug connected with maxthon, exists long time. that problem was gone after registry repair. but came back after reinstall maxthon. maxthon makes some registry changes that brokes explorer's stability. i think the bug i reported last year was connected with same registry changes:
  9. Get Up MAXTHON !

    Is Maxthon 6 in production or is it something we just speculate and want to happen?
  10. Thanks for the tip! For 2nd question, here's the screenshot, first is normal default and 2nd is after copying UserData, both are newest version.
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  12. Hi there, Please enable "to the right of all tabs".
  13. I cant log in !!!

    Hi there, have you checked "allow cookies"?
  14. Hi maxthon team, I am trying to log in on (emails), its very weird, that in other browser I can log in. But on maxthon , its imposible ! Message ; ""This site uses cookies to perform analysis and provide personalized content and advertisements. By continuing to browse this site, you accept these uses.""" with WINDOW BROWSER NO PROBLEM !!
  15. Hello. When tabs are "locked" and the browser is closed, at next opening, locked tabs are re-openend in reverse order. To restore desired (initial) order, Maxthon browser must be closed and re-opened again.
  16. switch off : Last session

    i think this will do it. @BugSir006 , no it's unchecked.
  17. switch off : Last session

    Hi there, Did you check "close to system tray"? If you check that option and forget to exit the browser before closing the computer it will display the last session on the next launch.
  18. switch off : Last session

    Go to Menu, then Clear Data and try clearing Last Session.
  19. Switching cores fixed it for me. Thanks for the replies
  20. switch off : Last session

    Guyz My Fault I thought the issue was resolved, but No. The last opened links still come up ( see image 1) My settings have the right section chosen ( see image 2) so basically I am back to square One here. any other tips please anyone. Thanks in advance
  21. switch off : Last session

    Issue is not resolved.
  22. Max, v = when i open the M browser, it shows me a list of 'Last session' links (see image please) I do not want this . what setting switches this to : Off I searched in the 'settings' but did not get the Toggle switch to switch this functionality ON or OFF. Thank you
  23. Hi there, this issue caused by the Adblock please try to disable the Adblock then refresh the page. Cannot reproduce... Could you provide a video about this issue?
  24. Get Up MAXTHON !

    6 is said to be coming - will it be too late - i think it probably will for the majority of international users who seem to have all but abandoned Maxthon if this place is anything to go by - Chinese users may support it which i think has been the target user for a long time as to contributing - why? - what has Maxthon got that the many other browsers out there cannot offer with a little work - imo Maxthon has 2 feet stuck in the past - unless 6 uses a standard core that will continue and if it does then its just another browser of which there is endless choice it seems to me Maxthon as we know it is dead - it will take something special to change that and past history tells us that wont happen - we have had addons and initiatives that no one wants that were there to attract users - i want to be wrong but i dont see anything changing if Jeff was interested then he would comment - he is conspicuous by his absence as are all at Maxthon we should plan a wake and be happy for what Maxthon was and move on
  25. Get Up MAXTHON !

    I'm waiting for maxthon 6, hopefully with an updated core, and ability to use chrome extensions. let's hope it won't come too late....
  26. Verification code ?? ZZzzzzz

    Hi there, if you have the issue about "network error" please let me know the specific date and time, your time zone and browser account.
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