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  2. Dev's, what's wrong with you? Another 3 weeks passed. When Violentmonkey and Stylish bugs will be fixed? (and a huge number of other bugs) Without these extensions, this is not a browser. 5.3 is a mockery. Wake up, until you have completely lost all users.
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  4. strange. works for me on but extensions (violetmonkey, viewhance, vkopt) not run with the browser start up. have to turn them off and on in the settings. on they sometimes run with a browser
  5. Still no fix for autodeleted letters in addressbar
  6. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website
  7.         V

    + Added the “upload” text for the cloud storage websites - Fixed the issue that the core could not be switched to retro mode - Fixed the issue that the download function could not work properly in Windows XP SP3 - Fixed the issue that the print button of the web page could not work - Fixed the resource sniffer issue of the bilibili video website - Fixed the issue that the Netflix needed to install Silverlight
  8. thumbnails of videos suddenly don't change.

    Your version of Maxthon and a link to a page you are having the problem with would help a lot.
  9. Until a few days ago, if I ran the cursor over a video thumbnail on some pages, it would change, giving samples of that video. Suddenly it's not working on pages where it's always worked. I don't know what you call this so I can't google it and I need to know how to fix it. Thanks.
  10. It is supposed to be fixed also in the 5.3.x series, let's hope ...
  11. I suppose that's ok, but the issue was actually found in probably should have mentioned that ... ooops.
  12. Yesterday
  13. You have also retouched the issue of web certificates ssl, now YES at least appears the SSL certificate information on the web, although if you could have left another color when the certificate is correct, and not leave it in red (confusing)
  14. It seems fix
  15. It seems fix in

    Same problem. Started 5-6 days ago when i upgraded. The most help i have gotten so far was being told that ti need to expect things like that when using a beta release(it was out a week). You need to understand that anymore there is almost no help here. Beta Beta Beta. So far no usable answer to the problem i originally posted. I also submitted a bug report asking for help and here were are going on 6 days later with no response. I came up with my own solution. I went back to firefox. Its a browser with real tech support where you are not a test dummy and treated like one. It does everything i used this browser for, lots of extensions/addons for getting what you want. I am Beta free.
  17. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website
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    - Fixed the certificate issue in the Windows XP system - Fixed the issue that the quick app closed abnormally - Fixed the issue that the local electronic certificate could not be activated - Fixed the issue that the content of new tab page address deleted automatically - Fixed the issue that some function of Passkeeper could not work properly - Fixed the issue that the certificate could not be viewed when unchecking the secure URL scan - Fixed the gap issue between the browser and the Windows 10 system taskbar - Fixed the issue that some video websites played abnormally when disabling the auto-play - Fixed the issue that the browsing history log created automatically under the system folder “Temp”
  19. thats one issue - is that the extent of all the devs work - what about all the rest that are well documented - the new branch is a mess - search is impossible as it deletes the first few characters typed is there actually anyone working on the browsers full time - the [slow] speed things happen the impression is its one person at most part time
  20. The log issue will be fixed in version
  21. it may or may not - you cannot know - unfortunately it does not make them do anything to get a fully working browser released - they seem to have abandoned their users
  22. such as? if it makes you feel good...
  23. Snap tool freezes Maxthon

    I have used it before without issues but today I tried it and it froze my Maxthon. I thought it was this particular version on my Windows 7 PC. I then tried it on Windows XP with the same Maxthon version and it froze it also. Then a few hours later I tried again on Win 7 and this time it didn't freeze it. But on XP is still freezes. Haven't been able to figure out the pattern. Will post back when / if I do. Thanks for replies.
  24. Snap tool freezes Maxthon

    Works fine here also.
  25. Last week
  26. I have tried to search the forum about this but found nothing, which is surprising since it's so obvious and ugly. Basically when I try to us the Snap tool to capture a region of the page, it causes the Maxthon to freeze and I have to kill it via Task Manager. The easiest way to reproduce is to click on the arrow next to the Snap tool icon and select "Snap region". Then select a region and click the red cross to cancel. Or click Copy. Or press ESC before you actually select a region. It should freeze the browser. Can anyone confirm ?
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