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  2. Gesture mouse is BAD !!

    I suspected you installed some extensions and they limited the mouse gesture function. test.mp4
  3. Gesture mouse is BAD !!

    Are you sure? try this website ! here the video that I made !
  4. Gesture mouse is BAD !!

    no such issue here either
  5. Gesture mouse is BAD !!

    Sure, I got the lastest version of maxthon (V5.2.7.5000). And my system is Windows 10.
  6. We haven't updated the forum.
  7. Gesture mouse is BAD !!

    Hi there, I tried this issue in v5.2.7.5000 in Windows 10, but haven't reproduced. Could you let me know your browser version and system?
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  9. It is indeed pretty sad that you HAVE to use a BETA version instead of a FINAL / STABLE version if you want to watch one of the most popular video sites on the Internet. I'm surprised that YouTube works in the current final "stable" version. At the moment is the version which is downloaded from the main Maxthon site by visitors. So people who download Maxthon from automatically get the version which they can't use to watch Netflix. This is pretty crazy if you think about it. Of course I will not install BETA. I just moved from 5.3.8.x to 5.2.7.x because BETA has issues of its own (I already posted about a BUG with snap tool). So whichever version I use, I will have problems in any case. That's just normal for this stupid Maxthon. These things are the reason I don't actively recommend Maxthon to other people.
  10. Why mathon communitive do not have the lock on http"S" ??? Some reason ?
  11. Hi, Maxthon Team, I have realized, when I am log in ON maxthon passport. The mouse gesture doesnt work well. In this case is "PAGE DOWN" . Low between cuts ! When I am out of Maxthon Passport, everything work well. This ussue alredy has 8 months ago.
  12. If the recommendation is to install a beta branch 5.3.8.xx, with the added incentive that it should not (commented in these forums) mix with the stable installation of the branch 5.2.7.xx, I think we're going to fix Better would be, in the absence of stable solution, openly recommend another browser, and we stop wasting time all of us That in the end, I think that is what we are all doing (or almost), leave things "serious" for "serious" browsers, and continue browsing through a few webs with maxthon, what's a pity
  13. Hello, is anyone working here?

    You can take it as a review written in Google translator. I agree with pantantrollo, in its current state, Maxthon just looks like a degradation of a good product. I have been using this browser since the end of 2008 and already then I liked it with its own distinctions and very convenient customization of the appearance and plug-ins. MX2 had functions because of which I loved this browser. MX3 was an interesting update for me, especially the function of dividing the screen into two parts became convenient, which allowed you to somtret on one half of youtube while you are doing other things on the Internet. Extremely unrequited feature for me since the release of this version. What I didn’t like was Ad Hunter, who worked poorly and rarely blocked ads. Otherwise, it was a very interesting browser update that I liked. MX4 is already the very moment when some extensions started to stop working correctly. Ad Hunter began to work better, but still did not completely block ads. Resource sniffer became a karyne nice and convenient feature that I used very often. Well, the ability to save files to the cloud service was useful. MX5 is already an example of where the developers began to follow the browser carelessly. Bugs began to appear more often, critical errors due to which the browser crashed began to appear more often. The support for custom browser themes was lost, the share of extensions does not work either, or it doesn’t work at all. The last few months, the browser has so many problems that you don’t even know what to do. Sites do not work, they do not work, then errors in the browser, the password manager cannot be accessed from the computer, because it does not accept the authorization code (you have to do it from the phone), it’s scary to update to the new version the last months because you don’t know what problems come out of nowhere. Each new version introduces new bugs, and the old ones are not corrected at all. Not to mention the always outdated kernel of the browser. MXNitro is a separate song. The idea was good, it is always convenient to have on hand a browser that is not overloaded with anything. If MXNitro had open source, I think fans would bring it to mind. I will go through the forum. There is no support as such. BugSir006 is responsible for everything, yes, there are answers, but there is no answer for technical problems. The developers, who, as it seems, have only two or three people doing their own without looking at the community (which, in turn, is diminishing before our eyes). There are two branches of the browser and both work very badly. Both are full of problems, but instead of solving problems of one browser, developers create them in both branches. The browser has long experienced its golden age, when it was very popular. And if the developers do not take action (it's better one browser without extra beta versions, with stable updates, than two branches full of problems) then those who still love it will leave this browser. That's all.
  14. Hi there, this issue fixed in the, so I recommend you install v5.3.8.1200.
  15. Last week
  16. same here with Maxthon portable and with the user string that you comment It happens not when you enter netflix, nor when you surf within netflix, but when you play some content Error de Netflix M7121-3078 Si recibes el código de error M7121-3078 en tu ordenador, a menudo acompañado por uno de los siguientes mensajes:
  17. Works fine here. Try changing your User Agent
  18. I have really gotten used to treating Maxthon as a second-class browser. Every time I try something new, I automatically say to myself "I better try this in Chrome or Firefox because Maxthon will probably not work". And sure enough, I registered on Netflix, logged in and tried playing a video. Immediately I got an error page on Netflix saying that the browser is not supported. It's really sad. Nothing ever goes smoothly with this browser. It seems the most incompatible browser that I use.
  19. BugSir! Sorry to say again... PERMANENT problem with *.torrent files!

    Once denied ("wrong bencoding") correct download needs MX restart, some times several restarts...

    1. BugSir006


      Hi Dezinto, I tried to download the torrent file on but haven't reproduced this issue. It will be appreciated if you can provide a short video about this issue.

    2. dezinto


      here's it. others like this... as I said, after restart MX (or several times) torrnet loading correct.


    3. BugSir006


      If you open the file in the local disk, can it be opened properly?

  20. New tab - all black window?!

    @BugSir006, I have tried this and it is not a function of the user (log in and out did not change anything) nor did update the the most recent version helped (See edit in OP).
  21. Push notifications not work

    Hi there, I rarely use the notification function and cannot confirm which website will push the notification under which situation. When opening the Facebook, it popped up the window to let me set the notification then I allowed. Could you let me know how to operate to let Facebook push notifications or Gmail push notification?
  22. Push notifications not work

    Still the same problem ((( Could you please share with me sites where push notifications work?
  23. Hello, is anyone working here?

    Yep. I'm use Maxthon last 10+ years, but now I really don't see a progress, because we have outdated developer tools (important for me), useless addon store (as I remember, old roadmap included supporting of chrome extensions) and various small (and not small) issues with websites (but here I see that developers try to fix something time to time). Very interesting to hear something about future plans, instead 'funny' posts in twitter.
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  25. Pop up windows Maxthon Up

    Hi there, This issue has been fixed please update to the latest version Install Version: Version:
  26. Thank you for your feedback. It will be fixed as soon as possible.
  27. When you try to create a bug in you get a 500 Internal Server Error
  28. Hi Atavus, this issue has been reported to the dev team as a bug, I will try to urge them. #bug 19402
  29. Pop up windows Maxthon Up

    I keep the IE as default browser because of some features in Windows 8.1 but I use Maxthon. But the annoying problem is pop up windows of Maxthon: + sometimes there is a pop up window with the desktop icon which I don't use (it is deleted). I really hate it because when I play a multiplayer game I close Maxthon to gain a better performance. But after several minutes the Maxthon pop up window appears and Windows switches the game to desktop!
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