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  2. I am ashamed, but I am the root cause of this problem. In November 2018 I found issue with MX's history on my work computer. History collection is stopped at 2018-10-10. This problem was taken by developers into work and the first step was changed MxHistory.dll file. This private debug DLL was have an added functionality - extensive logging of history tasks. Problem is still not fixed for now (6 months) but it looks like somehow this private debug version was leaked to production branch!
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  4. This bug has been around for several versions of Maxthon. The Violent monkey developers will have to fix or update it
  5. I need to disable and re-enable this tool everytime I start maxthon in latest version
  6. Parallel Beta Versions?

    Fair enough.
  7. Today I tried to use my maxthon account and after closing the program all the links are still in MX_LOG_21.log. This bug is serious
  8. your default browser is at risk maxthon

    I have both unchecked. Should I leave ''Enable Browser Security Protection'' unchecked?
  9. netflix not working again

    "You'll change your mind about that when you hit 20,000 hours, kid!" It never ceases to amaze me how differently users look at features and feature changes. I didn't hate the integration of notes and bookmarks in the beginning, though I was pretty skeptical. Once I figured out how to use it — partly for leaving notes with the full titles of folders whose names had been truncated by Infobox — I got heavily vested. Most bugs or features I want to keep an eye on have a subfolder under "Maxthon" with a note that's just a laundry list of search terms to help me find that folder in the future.
  10. Parallel Beta Versions?

    I only mean that my native workflow is based around the install version. I considered using the portable exclusively once or twice, but I'm carrying forward some (very) old habits based around syncing my appdata folder and keeping notes related to programs there. The possibility of updating tweaks to individual files in the appdata folder when I updated versions held me off from it once, but it's been a long time since I've been editing those files by hand. Nowadays, there's the fact that I have other people using Maxthon under different Windows user accounts in my household and an install version allows me to keep all those users up to date at the same time. So I say "real world" only to mean the way that fits with the rest of my daily workflow, the way I'm likely to graviate toward when I'm not in a testing/experimenting mindset. There are definitely advantages to the portable version.
  11. netflix not working again

    That was a mistake, I really hate that they merged those two, they needed to stay apart, me and a few other members agree with that statement XD I only have a little more than 12k hours ... 12079hours level 76 XD
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  13. Parallel Beta Versions?

    Maybe you have a wrong impression of just what the portable versions are. They are every bit as "real world" versions as the install versions. They are all that I use any more and they perform just as the install versions do such that I can not tell the difference while using them. I haven't installed a version for my regular use in over 2 years; I installed one to help a user with a question to see if the installed version acted differently than what I was experiencing with my portable version, but found that that user's problem was not related to which type of version was installed and then I simply deleted the installed version. I also never get warned that my desktop icon is abnormal using the portable version, an added benefit. Please don't let the title "portable" turn you away from using it in "real world use".
  14. Parallel Beta Versions?

    Thanks for the clarification, @rick.lane. That's the picture I was starting to get of the Early Access Area, though it's taken me a while to cobble it together from what I've seen on the forum. I may be giving users a little too much credit in assuming everyone knows the risks and responsibilities of running a beta version. It might help to have different boards entirely for the latest official release and for the latest beta release. If betas for the next-generation series are going to be available concurrently with betas of the next release of the current-generation product, I definitely recommend segregating them into a separate area. I like having the installer versions of betas available because (as I described above) I like to run with the beta in real-world use as much as possible. But maybe, if betas are going to be publicly accessible, only the portable version shoud be posted. (If the URLs stay consistent, those of us who really want to install them can figure out where to point Maxthon to download the setup .exe. )
  15. I've been having issues today with Maxthon crashing when I open the Maxnote tab (mx://note/). At first, I thought the crash may be occurring when i switched folders, but it seems to be a problem building out the center space/file listing part of the page. I tried opening and immediately switching to "My File" (rather than the chunky folder that was already selected when I opened the tab), but it still crashes. The Favorites sidebar is working fine. Also, I can open the Maxnote tab fine on a different computer running the same version of Maxthon ( Both installations indicate the Maxnote contents are in a "Sync completed" state. I'm thinking something happened to a local file during a crash this morning — but I'm hoping to avoid deleting my local Favorites file and resynchronizing/redownloading everything from the cloud, as that usually takes most of the day. Any ideas?
  16. Parallel Beta Versions?

    What you are referring to as the "pre-release channel" is formally called the "Early Access Area" and it still exists, and is only accessed by those that have special clearance. Unfortunately, the developers are not using that area as much as they used to and in my opinion that is where the first versions of the 5.3.8.x releases should have been posted so as not to confuse regular but knowledgeable and concerned users, like yourself. Also in my opinion, there have been way too many complaints concerning these versions but the only ones that seem to understand what is going on and how to deal with betas are from long time testers and insiders that know not to install betas such as these onto their computers. Most non-tester users aren't aware that when one installs a new version of the MX5 series that one's previous version is over written or even if one installs it into a new folder, the previous one is deleted, so there is no going back without re-installing the older version, hence my suggestion to use portable versions for testing. So, you are correct that the Early Access Area is most of the time these days mostly dead and it is disappointing that these 5.3.8.x versions were posted on the public forum way before they were ready, without having first been posted on the Early Access Area, and unfortunately many users joined the ranks of those that have left Maxthon behind.
  17. netflix not working again

    So. I like Vivaldi quite a bit. I was skeptical of its mission statement and ambition at first, but their team has worked steadily make progress in the directions those early press releases pointed to, and I'm impressed enough with the browser that I use it almost exclusively for one of our Web apps at work, having gone so far as to install it on one of the utility computers where we use that app. But ... ... Vivaldi's notes don't integrate with Favorites in the same way Maxthon's do, and I've acclimated to having notes, screenshots, and favorites together in a single folder in Maxthon. Troubleshooting a problem at work? Create a folder in Maxnote, and in there you can put a link to the issue on the bug tracker, screenshots from users, e-mail reports you copypasted, your own troubleshooting notes, and maybe some other stuff I'm not thinking of right now. I like that. Heck, I wish Maxthon didn't segregate the views for different types of content when you're in the mx://note/ tab. I'd love to keep the same list on the left and just get slightly different main windows depending on the type of content I'm looking at. (But that's probably just me.) It's certainly the closest thing to a power-user browser I'm aware of, and the dev team's stated aims to bring customizability and functionality back onto the browser priority list alongside security and speed are music to my ears. It's a real competitor to Maxthon — and, for me at least, that's saying something. I like trying out new browsers (though I don't do as much of it as I used to), but suggesting I switch for my day-to-day use is like telling me there's another internet I should take a look at. I want to see that other internet, yeah — but give up the one that's been my window on the world for so long? :O @7twenty's always been pretty fair about Maxthon's accomplishments and its stumbles. It's part of what make his such an asset to the community!
  18. your default browser is at risk maxthon

    And just to be sure, make sure that the checkboxes at Menu>Settings>General>Default browser are NOT checked.
  19. Parallel Beta Versions?

    I know Maxthon's been built around the Blink engine for a while, but doesn't Chromium compromise more than just that rendering engine? I was thinking it comprises code and UI elements as well and that Maxthon's long-term plan is to build a new version around those, doing away with some of the code they've built on their own around Blink (or around Webkit and adapted to Blink when they made that transition).
  20. I dunno. File trees prevent this from happening not to protect the user but because the file system has to know the difference between two folders in the same location. Maxthon presumably has a hidden identifier field that makes the first Test_1 different from the second Test_1 and uses that, rather than the displayed name, to distinguish between the two folders. I have moved folders from one parent folder to another, where there was already a folder with the same name. In those cases, I've wanted both folders to exist side by side temporarily until I could rename, consolidate, or otherwise handle them and their contents. I didn't want to have to rename the new one during the move from a dialogue box or (worse) have them consolidated into a single folder. (Of course, that's different from user to user.) One thing to consider is that Maxthon has to sync folders from the local copy to the cloud and back again. That's another aread where having a system-decided, unique identifier is better than using user-created names to identify each folder. (Consider the confusion a user could cause by moving a folder then creating a new one with the same name in its place if the folders didn't have unique identifiers.) Given that Maxthon has this unique identifier in place behind the scenes, the devs would have to go a little further to create validation tests for duplicate file names in the same location. (It's not like the file names are the unique identifier already; something else is. So a separate bit of code would have to check the file names against each other.) I'm not sure the performance impact would be worth it just to protect users from potential confusion. That said, there are some context clues that can help users. In your example screenshot, we can see the number of Favorites in each Test_1 folder and the order in which they're listed. Both of those might help us figure out which folder we want to save to without having to open each one in MaxNote and look inside.
  21. Parallel Beta Versions?

    Maxthon is built with blink core (chromiun) The current branch 5.2.7.x has 61.x and the 5.3.8.x has 69.x
  22. Bug multiple folders in maxnote (favorites)

    I understand, as in any file system, to be able to create folders with the same name, it is obvious, but having a folder with the same name, INSIDE the same branch of the tree, is not only not logical, it is not functional. In the example of the image above, where everything hangs from the same branch, how do you know where the tests I am looking for are? Looking at all the test_1 folders one by one? File trees prevent this type of case, precisely because it would be chaos to have many folders with the same name within the same branch, not only for the user, but for the system itself.
  23. I don't believe I've seen this bug in action, and I haven't been able to recreate it on my end. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what is IS. Is there a way to save Favorites where Maxthon automatically creates a new folder with the same name as an existing one? As far as I can tell, you have to create the folders manually, then choose to add Favorites to them. (For example, I can invoke "All all pages to Favorites," but it just adds them to whatever folder I select; it doesn't create a folder for them to live in.) True, I can have multiple folders with the same name (in different locations or even within the same folder), and that that can create confusion when I'm using the dropdown menu to decide which folder to save to — but I actually like having the ability to give folders the same name. (Presumably they have a unique ID that isn't visible so Maxthon can tell the difference between them.)
  24. Folder length very short maxnote

    This is one of those minor quirks I've intended to post about ever since I switched to 5.x but keep forgetting about. I like longer folder names and have had to fall back on some ugly (and sometimes hard to decipher!) abbreviations since bringing my Favorites over to MX5. The shorter names gave me a good excuse to do some cleaning up, but there are many folders where I'd really like to be able to go back to longer names.
  25. Parallel Beta Versions?

    Thanks for the link to your original post, @Jus5631410 — and for reposting @rick.lane's reply here. I missed your original post — mods, if anyone wants to move mine into that thread, please feel free! — but I've been following Rick's advice about running betas via the Portable version for a while. I used to keep a couple of versions installed at any given time, but once the appdata that was saved by different versions began diverging, I started running into issues. Now I test-drive the beta version for a couple of hours from the portable version, then jump the gun and overwrite my "official" install to start using it for my regular browsing. Sometimes this isn't so smart, as I'll discover quirks or bugs the leave me having to step back and reinstall. For my part, I'm wiling to take the risks of running a beta version (as long as they're mostly stable, as Maxthon's) are, but I don't have the time to put a beta through its paces in an isolated environment. I like to integrate it into my workflow (and be prepared to step back if I need to). Is the pre-release channel mostly dead these days, @7twenty? Is that why the 5.3.x betas are out here on the public forum alongside the 5.2.x betas? My issue isn't labeling the betas as betas. As you say, Team Maxthon does a pretty good job of that, and users have plenty of info for deciding whether or not they want to try a beta or stick with the official releases. My concern is there isn't enough context for the slightly unusual practice of having two different beta channels. Mixing the releases on a single board sorted by release date invites confusion and raises questions there's no place to find answers for. ("Does Bug X that was fixed in the latest 5.2 beta exist in 5.3? Was it addressed? Will it be addressed in the future?") I'm glad 5.2.7 is being maintained while 5.3.8 is being developed, but some boilerplate about the two beta channels could make matters clearer. Maybe it's as simple as saying, "Security patches and bugfixes are being made in 5.2.x. When these apply to 5.3.x, they're being made in parallel there. New features are being added only to 5.3.x." Speaking of development (and hopefully not wandering too far off-topic): Are the 5.3.x versions built on the Chromium engine? Or is that change still further down the road from what we've seen here on the forum?
  26. your default browser is at risk maxthon

    It's more windows problem, especially windows 10.
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