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  2. same here with Maxthon portable and with the user string that you comment It happens not when you enter netflix, nor when you surf within netflix, but when you play some content Error de Netflix M7121-3078 Si recibes el código de error M7121-3078 en tu ordenador, a menudo acompañado por uno de los siguientes mensajes:
  3. Works fine here. Try changing your User Agent
  4. I have really gotten used to treating Maxthon as a second-class browser. Every time I try something new, I automatically say to myself "I better try this in Chrome or Firefox because Maxthon will probably not work". And sure enough, I registered on Netflix, logged in and tried playing a video. Immediately I got an error page on Netflix saying that the browser is not supported. It's really sad. Nothing ever goes smoothly with this browser. It seems the most incompatible browser that I use.
  5. Last week
  6. BugSir! Sorry to say again... PERMANENT problem with *.torrent files!

    Once denied ("wrong bencoding") correct download needs MX restart, some times several restarts...

  7. New tab - all black window?!

    @BugSir006, I have tried this and it is not a function of the user (log in and out did not change anything) nor did update the the most recent version helped (See edit in OP).
  8. Push notifications not work

    Hi there, I rarely use the notification function and cannot confirm which website will push the notification under which situation. When opening the Facebook, it popped up the window to let me set the notification then I allowed. Could you let me know how to operate to let Facebook push notifications or Gmail push notification?
  9. Push notifications not work

    Still the same problem ((( Could you please share with me sites where push notifications work?
  10. Hello, is anyone working here?

    Yep. I'm use Maxthon last 10+ years, but now I really don't see a progress, because we have outdated developer tools (important for me), useless addon store (as I remember, old roadmap included supporting of chrome extensions) and various small (and not small) issues with websites (but here I see that developers try to fix something time to time). Very interesting to hear something about future plans, instead 'funny' posts in twitter.
  11. Pop up windows Maxthon Up

    Hi there, This issue has been fixed please update to the latest version Install Version: Version:
  12. Thank you for your feedback. It will be fixed as soon as possible.
  13. When you try to create a bug in you get a 500 Internal Server Error
  14. Hi Atavus, this issue has been reported to the dev team as a bug, I will try to urge them. #bug 19402
  15. Pop up windows Maxthon Up

    I keep the IE as default browser because of some features in Windows 8.1 but I use Maxthon. But the annoying problem is pop up windows of Maxthon: + sometimes there is a pop up window with the desktop icon which I don't use (it is deleted). I really hate it because when I play a multiplayer game I close Maxthon to gain a better performance. But after several minutes the Maxthon pop up window appears and Windows switches the game to desktop!
  16. Push notifications not work

    Please update the browser to the latest version then try again.
  17. Earlier
  18. delete all finished d/l from List in One go

    How did I miss it ... Thanks a Lot , Issue closed
  19. "Clear history" at the bottom of the window?
  20. Hi All In the attached picture file, there are 3 downloads (and some are dead downloads.) Now I can press the 'x' button individually to cancel all these finished downloads [ to clear the List ].(No issues at all ) BUT, is there a way to delete them all in one go , or delete all finished d/l from this List in 1 go (rather than going individually for the 'x' ) ? That way it saves a lot of time . Thanks for any assistance.
  21. MX5 for linux

    What can we user do to get MX for linux back?
  22. MX NITRO

    I moved your post here, there's more chance someone looks at it.
  23. Passkeeper questions

    Thanks! Appreciate the help.
  24. Push notifications not work

    That settings are active. But i did not recive push from all sites
  25. This bug has never been solved for me. User Gudkov has the same issue and was able to shed more light on the problem in the linked post. We provided images and videos to showcase the issue. I tried everything listed previously to no avail, including a full clean install, no passport login, no addons. I kinda gave up at this point I will have to either use Maxthon with this broken feature, or stop using it and switch to something else, which would be a shame as I've been using it for over 15 years since its inception.
  26. MX5 for linux

    very sad
  27. MX NITRO

    I don't know where to post this, because help with it wouldn't be covered by any of the other boards I looked at. i am and have been a beta tester since early-ish mx4 onward. ive had to figure out some desperate measures to make my middle son's computer be able to load pages ... his resources suck. (Read my other post about supporting maxthon for more context). I've been hunting down lightweight browsers and doing some benchmarks and other network tests, and the best I have come across so far is maxthon nitro. don't just walk away from the question because i said nitro. yes, i know that it is not under development, yes i know it is not advertised, and yes i know it is probably something you don't want to deal with right now - but HEAR ME OUT. All I am asking for is that there be a mod that can link it to my cloud bookmarks, OR, i can make my accounts bookmarks available by using the website version of maxnote. but i need it to be fully functional. i need to be able to import bookmark files from other browsers as well as export the bookmarks (without the notes I am assuming) along with adding new bookmarks and the ability to delete old ones. Pretty muchh thats all i need. i'm not asking for all of maxnote, i dont need a password keeper or an email address generator. can someone please help me out? its fast and simple browser that so far seems stable and fast and i am suprised its been swept aside so quietly. so, any help you could give, or even a rediculous workaround would be greatly appreciated. please?
  28. Hi,


    I really wish I could convert and download videos from YouTube and DailyMotion form both Online Video Conveter and fix those issues and please make Online Video Converter convert and download videos from YouTube and DailyMotion please

    Error...go away please.png

    No more errors please.png

    Please make it faster please.png

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