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  2. New Shortcut or Gesture Request

    Hi there, it could not be customized. We will record your request and forward it to the product team.
  3. MX5 PC Official Release

    It now works again for me as well on For a few days it was not working. Go figure.
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  5. Hello, is there a way to implement a new keyboard shortcut or gesture for saving an image similar to the "Quick Save images by clicking while holding the Ctrl key" option? This feature is very helpful, but it would be nice if we could customize the shortcut/gesture.
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  7. Mx6 questions and discussions

    While everyone decides to be Maxthon or not, I recommend to catch up on the inconspicuous Pale Moon. It is an amazingly fast and lightweight browser, without crashes and problems. Hope that Maxthon 6 will soon appear fast and convenient. Thanks
  8. MX5 PC Official Release

    works fine here too
  9. Mx6 questions and discussions

    this post add on MX6 please The settings section should be very advanced, for example advanced settings in google chrome I want Turkish language support Quality plugins The core should be developed (In the private messages section on Twitch etc. it is very problem) There are too many problems in MX5 right now
  10. MX5 PC Official Release

    It opens correctly for me
  11. Mx6 questions and discussions

    I think that there needs to be adequate comms up to the end of February as to whether we can expect MX6. Everyone appreciates the work going into MX6, but enough is enough...
  12. MX5 PC Official Release

    Can anyone check if they can open in ? I'm still using because I didn't want to upgrade after reading the comments above, but recently that website stopped opening in my Maxthon so I'm wondering if only my MX version is affected or the latest official one as well. For me it opens with a blank (white) page. Thanks.
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  14. Mx6 questions and discussions

    OMG.... It's a MIRACLE! 1. Will I finally be able to come back to Maxthon, after stopping usage of Maxthon after "Maxthon Classic" due to the program becoming fat/slow/bloated, and losing good plugin support? This all caused me to stop using Maxthon and start using "360Chrome" instead which provided most of the features I needed in a Browser, i.e. much like Maxthon and nothing else out there, but also had Chrome plugin support. 2. The moment I saw the result of the new Maxthon I knew you guys needed to switch to Chromium instead due to the above reasons, but sadly it took you YEARS to do so, and I haven't been using Maxthon since Maxthon Classic. So, I'm very happy to see the change. I've been wanting my Maxthon back, 360Chrome was obviously missing a couple of things I liked with Maxthon. 3. Wth is with the "Bitcoin" gimmick? Guess I'll have to read through the thread to see, but honestly, this just seems dorky. Personally, I think you should just focus on making a BETTER Microsoft Chromium, stand above the rest like Maxthon/MyIE2 used to. Though, I'm okay with not being a shell anymore like they were, as long as we don't have the bloated crap of the recent Maxthon, as well the crashing crap of Googles Chrome, etc. 4. Microsoft Chrome Edge if they actually listen to me (unlike the ****'s of Google Chrome), implementing the missing features of Maxthon and 360Chrome, are you worried Maxthon will die? Is this part why the change, cause you've finally realized you've lost a lot of people, and seeing how the market's going? Of course, that's assuming the jerkwads will listen, but I suspect they won't like Google didn't, and the fact that Microsoft won't listen to people in relation to how we want Windows Updates to work, doing what THEY want instead. Anyway, looking REALLY forward to this.... I hope Maxthon can be my LOVE again like it used to be before the last several years crapshow. Thanks much...
  15. Hi there, open the browser menu (Alt+F)>Tools>Export/Import user data>Export bookmarks.
  16. How did you do that? I'm using Maxthon Browser v5.2.7.5000 on Windows and I can't find any way to export even my Bookmarks to a file...
  17. It works, thank you again.
  18. Thank you so much for your reply, other alternative ways to get the same what I need is not possible ? Anyone know about it by chance?
  19. Mx6 questions and discussions

    As for me, I still want to retain the Features: Sidebar Status Bar (Especially System Info for Up & Down Speeds) Night Mode (Possibly Improve) Developer Tools Resource Sniffer (Especially! Barely used but helps BIG time) Snap (Frequently used. Useful at all times). Lastly... Gmail Notifier Extension (Not sure if Chrome has a similar/better alternative but this is very useful to me) I'd probably still stick to Maxthon as my all around browser no matter the changes. It carries most of my browsing data and I feel more secured with Passkeeper than Chrome's. One concern would be LivesOne & LivesToken. As Mx6 will support BSV, LivesOne will probably be left out. Hope the feature is still the same, Reward for Browsing, but please, no eating away CPU usage. Browsers already consume a large amount of RAM. Don't make it harder.
  20. Image in New Tab's Background Color

    Could you add the browser to it manually?
  21. Hello, As says @karajan, the certificate ends 02/07/2020, it has to be renewed, it's the job of the web master of The use of a certificate is to certify that the Web page you want to acces is genuine, so that the domain is not faked, but you always keep the right to bypass this, at your own risk !! So send a mail to the webmaster.
  22. Mx6 questions and discussions

    As you have been told in another post with the same suggestion, I think you should look for information about what an SSL certificate is, and why what you are asking for is not applicable Same here, and more when what I want is a simple "web browser", without telemetries or weird shit (Bitelf style with things I can't even uninstall)
  23. Mx6 questions and discussions

    i have seen and read that - let me be as simple as i can be - i do not understand bitcoin - blockchain and all that it links to - i have more chance of understanding Ody in her own language or Jeff in his than this technology - hence my question
  24. Mx6 questions and discussions
  25. Mx6 questions and discussions

    interesting can someone explain that in simple english to someone who has no interest in bitcoin or blockchain or whatever else is implied - Jeff talks about that part being a module that can be removed - if so what will that mean to the browser
  26. there is a process to ask for certificatation, there are Tools but you cannot change date or self validate your certificate (or for testing locally). Certificates cannot be edited; they are signed and the signature becomes invalid if you changes the slightest bit in them, there is not a single bit that you can flip without breaking the signature. If you want to "modify" a certificate, then you actually need to obtain a new certificate. Certificates are obtained from a Certification Authority if an error message appears that means site owner or admin missed to renew; certificate has been made to validate your site as secure, though there are different certificates. make a search on the web to learn more
  27. Mx6 questions and discussions

    Can Maxthon 6 have a feature known as "SSL Certificate Editor" when users like myself can change the expiration dates of the websites that would be expired and/or have already been expired.
  28. Hi, I hate the expiration date and the error that says "This Site has an invalad Certificate" while pointing at the red locks.I really wish Maxthon has a feature known as the "SSL Certificate editor" feature in which allows others to change expiration dates on the SSL Certificates.Every internet browser needs the same feature as Maxthon...Google Chrome needs it,Internet Explorer needs it,Microsoft Edge needs it and every single browser needs this feature so that way,others won't have to change the time..they can change the expiration date on the SSL Certificate.Please make it happen,Maxthon staff....please. Thanks for reading this message. Warmly regards, Ayla
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