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  2. Passkeeper to LastPass

    all is there :
  3. Google not displaying properly

    Hi Julian, how about
  4. MX5 PC Beta Release

    I downloaded the file, deleted the old file and installed the Clicked on an e-mail link and IE11 opened. When I went to Default Programs, it showed IE11 as the default browser.
  5. MX5 PC Beta Release

    I didn't have this issue on my end... Could you describe the steps caused this issue?
  6. Last week
  7. More informative changelog

    So, nearly July with three beta releases, and no prediction of when the next official version will be released?
  8. Passkeeper to LastPass

    Nope, there's no way to actually export your passwords, you would need to do what I did, type manually all of your passwords, I had over 200 passwords and accounts so you have no reason to cry :v
  9. Everything will be fine .....! :wink::boom:

    Be water my friend ! :wink:


  10. It's not a problem of disabling , just that there's a new option in parameters, and that it could sometime be disabled by default as you upgrade : : so "Allow all Sites to Execute Plugins" as to be checked. In fact the Flash objects were disabled.
  11. MX5 PC Beta Release

    And why did it change my default browser to IE11?
  12. here it is on
  13. V Maxthon account ; Custom Avatar Change Disabled..... why ?
  14. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Hey Maxers, Welcome to having a try of the brand new release! Version For the full release note and changelog: click here Also available on Maxthon's official website Happy browser and leave your comment! Maxthon Team
  15.         V

    + Added the setting for HTTPS non-secure origins - Fixed the issue that some video could not be stopped when the video popping up - Fixed the issue that the cookies could not be saved instantly under some situations - Fixed the issue that the browser suggested you set it as the default browser when opening the HTML file - Fixed the crashes issue in XP system - Fixed the issue that the browser could not be installed the first time - Fixed the issue that the shortcut letters could not be displayed in the international version when right-clicking on a link - Fixed the crashes issues on Skype for web
  16. Maxthon Now Tabs

    Thanks for your interest.......
  17. Is there any way to import my password from MX Passkeeper to Last Pass?
  18. Maxthon Now Tabs

    Thank you for your reply. I have submitted your suggestion to the product team.
  19. Maxthon Now Tabs

    No no, You're doing the wrong test. Not opening a url from a tab, Telling the current displacement of the tabs. Aren't you looking at the picture? Only tabs location change.....
  20. Password problem

    Hi there, could you let me know the version number of your browser and provide the specific URL of this issue?
  21. Hi there, this issue has been fixed, so I recommend you update the browser to the latest version.
  22. Official version changelog.
  23. Two-Step verification !

    I agree 100%. I want two-step verification when I log in to my bank accounts, my social security account, etc. but not when I open or reinstall my browser.
  24. Password problem

    did you mean that you can't change password manually within passkeeper or delete the entry a i said before Save Form is a non safety option voodoo child
  25. Two-Step verification !

    Why ? Although I consider it's important to have security with accounts and emails, I don't see any reason to do things more complicated to install a browser. And then, in a logical approach, I should also remove the automatic log in to my account and so on. I'm probably wrong, but honnestly, I get tired of all these verifications and evaluations.
  26. Why does not maxthon implement "two-step verification"? If someone installs the browser on a new computer, it would be good to ask for the verification. Example below !
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