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  2. How do I re-enable AdBlock Plus? I had to disable it but when I go to the setting and go to addons to re-enable AdBlock..the icon doesn't show in the toolbar and ads are not being blocked. I go to AdBlocks Options and it shows that teh box for "Enable AdBlock Plus" is checked but it is not functional.
  3. I did and it doesn't appear to work. I have however found a workaround for anyone interested, but it requires some additional software called X-Mouse Button Control: 1) Download and install X-Mouse Button Control from this URL: 2) Run the Program and Right click the taskbar icon and click SETUP 3) Under Application / Windows Profiles on the left side click ADD 4) Find and add Maxthon 5 5) Under Layer 1 on the right pane, change Mouse4 and Mouse5's dropdown box to Disable 6) Apply and Close This only disables mouse4 and mouse5 for the Maxthon window so you can still use the buttons to reference other programs while Maxthon is open. Hopefully they add the functionality to disable these mouse buttons in the future so we don't need 3rd party programs...
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  5. Maxthon*s ad-blocker need an update

    Hi there, how about the version Install Version: Version:
  6. have you tried to delete back and forward shortcuts in MX settings, i got a six buttons mouse but 4,5,6 are assigned for adjustements purposes
  7. Hi everyone! From few days i see tis message . Opening page in other browser with ABP, not this message.
  8. Hello, Is there a way to disable the functions of the mouse side buttons in the maxthon browser? They are not listed in the shortcuts in the options menu. I currently use the buttons for push-to-talk in a voice chat client and its annoying to constantly go back and forward when trying to chat with friends. Here is a guide on how it is done in Firefox: Thanks
  9. Hi there, is Maxthon your default browser? Did you still experience the issue in v5.3.8.2100?
  10. Intro post

    Hello! Could you describe the issue in detail? We will be happy to help.
  11. Hi there, thank you for your feedback. It's a bug, and engineers are analyzing it.
  12. Intro post

    Hello, just trying to get some assistance from the forums on some issues i am having with customizing the browser. I'm 24 and from the US, and I've been a loyal maxthon user for a few years now.
  13. Hi. I've just noticed that the UUMail interface now has a URL and could be accessed from any other browser... So I've tried to access it from Google Chrome browser only to find out that I have none of the fake mailboxes (addressess) that I've created and used before, in MX5. Though other settings, including my fake domain name are saved. Is this a bug or what? Can I transfer my old fake mailboxes from MX5 UUMail account, or do I have to create them again in Chrome? (and will they still work as they did before if I do so?). Are they stored in some file on my Hard Drive, instead of my Account on Maxthon's server? (which sounds quite strange for me)
  14. in MS answers, reason of issue stays unknown. that doesnt mean its not mx. Im just reporting my experience that i discover its a mx5 bug. whatever you believe not my business. tested it in 3 different systems. 1- installed mx -> explorer bug appeared 2- uninstalled mx + fix win -> bug gone 3- installed mx -> explorer bug appeared 4- uninstalled mx + fix win -> bug gone ... if you realise that bug was happenning when i quit the game, which is fullscreen. thats how i realize, that its the same bug caused by mx5. i thought its a conflict btw the game and mx because it was the only game i play. i had that explorer bug too, but i didnt know that its caused by mx5 too. . reason why i keep trying mx5 in my systems is, nice pop up option of embedded videos in webpages. uc browser which i like is outdated, and yandex browser's popup which i use as my main is poor compared to mx5.
  15. MX5 PC Beta Release

    I think exactly the same and I totally agree with what you say. With that dynamic (as others already have), you take a lot of work off your shoulders and focus on the "personal" implementations you want to bring to it from that particular vision. Also the cycles of updates and improvements, especially in the security issue would be, I think, shorter and would be on par with the competition (if we consider maxthon as a competition :-) I think that maxthon (that's why I'm still here) does have some things that stand out from the others you mention. Others have screen captures, but as functional as maxthon's (there are some more that are of this type), capturing not only the web screen, but anything on the desktop. In the video theme, as you say, I still like more how maxthon has it implemented, not for the visualization but for the video download. The split screen that maxthon has, I don't know if with some extension you could have it in chromiun's The change of core (yes, it is already mounted by someone else) That's why I put as an example, because it seems to me that it has almost the best of both worlds. It has the chromiun base as we are talking about, but it has left the Pip, very similar to maxthon, the screen capture, the settings page is almost a copy of maxthon, etc. Maxthon lacks that detail, about the addons, flags etc, that the chromiun platform gives him, but leaving in his irterface, his PiP, current screen capture, etc.
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  17. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Yes, but that's exactly what I think MX6 should be; Chromium + whatever the dev's think will make MX unique. There's no need to try and build almost everything from the ground up when you have a perfectly viable base kit to start from. BUT the problem is there's not much left to stand out from the crowd. Chrome is Chrome, Edge is pushing privacy and not being Google, Brave is pushing privacy really hard, Vivaldi is all about customisation & user choice, almost all have screenshot tools, PiP is now a standard feature in chromium (albeit not as good as MX or Opera's implementation). What do you do to make people say "hey this is interesting, i might give it a go instead of Chrome/FF/Opera etc.."
  18. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Well, bitelf, it's another chromiun clone (and to my understanding, because of what I've played with it, quite a lot of crap with the LVT theme) and I think you can't get anything good out of it, apart from the whole addon theme and hopefully the flags By the way, the most updated version is a little newer than maxthon's, but quite old with respect to the rest of the browsers Core Version: Chromium 71.0.3578.80 We'll see how all this ends (if it does ) Yes, I figured your comment was in that direction and it was about those kind of clones
  19. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Except that the way that MX and Vivaldi and the other "clones" work is different. When i say clones, i mean those browsers that build on Chromium, not those that use CEF, which is apparently what MX uses based on comments here previously. Other browsers seem to use more of the chromium base feature set. I don't completely understand the details behind it but i think it's something like this: CEF basically gives you the very basics of chromium to make a browser (or any other program that requires browsing abilities) just work, including the Blink render engine. Then you need to build out the UI, sync, etc. and whatever other customer facing and behind the scenes elements. Others use Chromium as a base including UI which they modify either slightly or considerably, and all the behind the scenes code such as settings/error pages, behind the scenes goodies etc. So while the MX team is less restricted it's also hamstrung working on things that the chromium base already has. It's also a reason why MS Edge has come along way in the last year as they have a very strong base to work from (and probably a decent sized team), and they only need to modify what they feel is important for their browser. They also scrapped much of the Google related code from chromium, so there is much that can be done to make a Chromium clone a more unique clone without being stuck in the current MX style of development with CEF. If someone could confirm or clarify that description it would be nice.
  20. MX5 PC Beta Release

    It would be nice at least haveing proper communications with nevs, not only with BugSir...
  21. MX5 PC Beta Release

    It wiuld be nice to have at least a timeframe...
  22. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Jeff has posted such an entry on the Telegram
  23. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Come on, guys! We know nothing about Maxthon and MX6, absolutely nothing! How many people do work in Maxthon and how many people do work on MX6? This is really important, because sometime it looks like there are only Chen (as developer) and Zhang (as support and promotion). Your expectations from the browser should be relevant to the number of developers. Vivaldi and Brave has several dozens of employees and as I know Vivaldi has 3 special developer who responsible for Chromium updating. Does Maxthon have special developers who will work only with Chromium updates? I don't think so. Chromium update cycle is about 40 days. Small team just can not work on the browser and at the same time try to update Chromium every 40 days.But today for Maxthon this is not so important as for Vivaldi, Brave or Opera. MX has own UI, own extensions, own sync and many other own services. Very often Chromium vulnerabilities aren't relevant to MX. So in this case (before MX6) old Chromium is not so important as own MX vulnerabilities (we already know at least two cases). So updates is important, but it's not so important as we think. If MX updates own code and ignores Chromium updates, this is not so bad as it could be. But... Why not Firefox? Firefox has ESR version - 1 update instead of 7, several months instead of 40 days. Tor, Cliqz (I think) and probably other Firefox-based browsers use ESR versions. Honestly, I hope Brave will be based of Firefox, because we already have too many Chromiums and we don't need another one. Eich chose Chromium, because he had no time to wait for Firefox Quantun. Von Tetzchner chose Chromium, because he just could not realize all there UI changes of Firefox. But Eich and Tetzchner have big enough teams. But what about MX? I think we have too many Chromium-based browsers. Now I try to support Firefox and Firefox-based browsers. I see all potential problems, but... Today Google owns Chromium and it could be a problem. I don't want to live in the world of the only browser and I'm ready to accept some changes. @MaxthonJeff, if you haven't started working on MX6 yet, think about Firefox: less opportunity to change UI, but you still can add popular MX features. Nobody will notice another Chromium, but another Firefox... maybe...
  24. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Customization on the favorites tab in Vivaldi must be in MX6 I prepared a example;
  25. MX5 PC Beta Release

    Well, that most browsers have a chromiun core, does not automatically make them clones, everything depends on how they do other implementations, as is maxthon or even vivaldi itself, quite different from the "father". As for the path it should take, as you say depends on what users want, which will be those who use the browser. I think it has already been commented here, but for example, , has practically the same appearance of mathon (settings included), but supports chrome extensions Now I'm playing with it a little bit. I may have found the browser jump I needed, too bad many things are in Chinese
  26. not sent in a personal
  27. All dead?

    Also, what about the mobile version? It's one year since last update, and randomly stop loading pages needing restart. And if you visit this forum it shows the red chrome security warning, as reported here with no luck...
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